About Us

Welcome to eGamernews. While we're a new site, we're not a new organization. eGamernews is a product of Roto Sports, Inc., which operates RotoWire.com, a leading fantasy sports content web site. When esports took off, RotoWire intended to cover the new hobby just like every other sport. However, we soon realized that esports needed its own web site and focus.

While eGamerNews is a new web site, we're powered by the same leading content team and management that has led RotoWire to win more industry awards for content then any other organization. We also provide the fantasy news used in fantasy sports contests such as ESPN, Yahoo! Sports, NFL.com, FanDuel, DraftKings and more.

eGamerNews contributes content to ESPN, Dexerto and Score Mobile. We're expanding our areas of coverage and adding content for more games. And we're always looking for talented writers. If you want to write about esports, please contact us at joebartel@rotowire.com.