Personal Playthrough: Destiny 2 Just Got Even Better
Personal Playthrough: Destiny 2 Just Got Even Better

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The other day I waxed poetic about Destiny 2 and told any PC owner they should absolutely buy the game this week. I made this proclamation in the face of many problems that the game had, mainly that there wasn’t much to do when you hit a proverbial wall at the power level cap. Today, however, that all changed.

For the new Destiny fans out there, every Thursday we have the TWAB (This Week at Bungie) to look forward to. This is the time for the developers to give us the rundown on the state of the game. Most big announcements on new features come from this holy document. Sometimes it’s hit and miss as far as how much information we get. Not this week! Feast your eyes on this beauty.

Yeah, that is basically all complaints or reservations that fans had distilled into one list put together by Bungie. Never say they aren’t listening!

First and foremost, you’ve got more incentives to do stuff. The first three bullet points have pinpointed this exact issue many had with the game. Not only will there be brand new systems and rewards for the die-hard players, but there are more incentives for just about every PvE activity. More rewards for Prestige activities (i.e. Nightfalls and the Leviathan raid), strikes (which were pretty much pointless without strike-specific loot), adventures (good while leveling, but mostly just there for lore buffs right now), and Lost Sectors (which were basically cakewalks with subpar loot). This should keep players satisfied for quite some time, to say the least.

It didn’t stop there, however. Big crucible changes are coming as well! Better spawning rules, private matches (esports anyone?), better scoring for all modes to make it less of a slog, and more incentives to play Crucible period. Right now, there isn’t much reason to play Crucible outside of the weekly Call to Arms Milestone. Some of the modes are subpar (I’m looking at you, Supremacy) and the loot isn’t very good to boot. Bungie listened and gave a huge buff here.

While some of the other changes outlined in this TWAB are more Quality of Life changes than anything else, it doesn’t make them any less awesome. Less duplicate exotics! Mods that actually do something other than give you extra level! New ways to spend Legendary Shards (which, by the way, I have over 1000 of on console)! An emote wheel! This was all what the community has been asking for, and boy did Bungie deliver.

Bungie couldn’t have picked a better time to come out with this update. While many were certainly happy about the PC release, there was still a vocal minority in Twitch chat and on Reddit that were out for blood. This TWAB was enough that should appease that minority to allow everyone to enjoy what is already a very good game.

Destiny 2 is only getting better, folks. Time to buckle up and enjoy the ride.

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