Dragon Ball FighterZ: Dekillsage Finally Hands SonicFox a Loss
Dragon Ball FighterZ: Dekillsage Finally Hands SonicFox a Loss

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After what has felt like an eternity, Jon “dekillsage” Coello managed to take down Dominique “SonicFox” McLean at Super TSB 2018. Now, if you only keep track of the major Dragon Ball FighterZ tournaments, you might be a bit confused because last we met our fox-like hero, he was getting another whooping at the hands of Goichi “GO1” Kishida in another first-to-10 exhibition at the grand opening of the Esports Arena in Las Vegas at the end of March. That capped off a rough week for SonicFox as he lost three straight series to Goichi (well, four if you count both sets that Goichi won in the Final Round 2018 grand finals) in the span of a week. SonicFox was clearly tired of losing and went back to the drawing board and has been dominating the local scene ever since. Much to the chagrin of dekillsage (who we'll come back to in a minute).

The first major change that SonicFox made on his road to recovery was switching up his lineup from Android 16, Goku Black, and Hit to Kid Buu, Gotenks, and Cell. The switch has done wonders for Next Level Battle Circuit events and just won Clutch 18 just last weekend, taking out dekillsage, the newest member of Echo Fox (we’ll get back to him in just a minute) in a close 3-2 winners' final and grand finals.

It’s also worth mentioning that he seems to have shed his trademark fox hat, as he hasn’t worn it since that exhibition in Vegas. He has, however, taken to wearing a full-on fox suit.

Yes, he wore that during his matches, too. He won not only the the DBFZ bracket at Clutch, but the Injustice 2 one as well (people really do still play that game, I swear). With that suit in mind, I am so hyped for the Summit of Power this June because you know that he will be up to shenanigans with that thing, given the chill nature of the tournament. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though.

Much of SonicFox’s renewed dominance has come at the expense of one man: dekillsage. This guy has been making quite the name for himself these days, mainly at the local level. You can see him battling it out every week at the NLBC tournaments every Wednesday with the likes of SonicFox and Eduard “HookGangGod” Deno. While SonicFox is almost always the winner, dekillsage always puts up one hell of a fight. So much so that he caught the eye of Echo Fox, who recently signed him to their already ridiculously deep FGC roster.

After weeks of facing off on a weekly basis and becoming teammates, however, dekillsage still couldn’t manage to take a set from SonicFox.

Until Saturday night.

At Super TSB 2018 (which was incredibly stacked from top to bottom), after approximately 3,575,363 tries, dekillsage finally picked up not one, but two wins over SonicFox during his run to the top. Just look at the pop off when he beat SonicFox for the second time to win the entire event.

You can tell that the win meant a lot to him, having finally captured his Moby Dick, if you will. He picked up the win with the tried and true team of Adult Gohan, Android 16, and Goku Black. His pressure throughout the entire tournament was impressive, as he never let up on his opponents at any moment. His continued inclusion of Android 16 has also been doing him a ton of favors, with the oppressive big man dunking characters left and right. With the furry fox finally off his back (see what I did there?), dekillsage can now keep on improving and looking forward to the aforementioned Summit of Power. While he wasn’t one of the invited players, he is trying to make his way to the Summit House by way of the popular vote on Smash.gg.

Above all else, we just keep on piling on the storylines here in the early history of DBFZ and there are no signs of letting up.

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