Dragon Ball FighterZ: Can Anyone Beat Goichi?
Dragon Ball FighterZ: Can Anyone Beat Goichi?

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Another weekend, another Dragon Ball Fighterz tournament, another win for the inimitable Goichi “GO1” Kishida. Since dropping a set to Dogura in the winners’ quarters of Final Round 2018 back in March, he hasn’t lost a single series. He went undefeated at NorCal Regionals, Brussels Challenge, and now Canada Cup Master Series 2018. And that’s not even counting the three exhibition first-to-10 sets that he’s won (two against Dominique “SonicFox” McLean and Teemo) or the local tournaments that he wins so frequently that people have deemed them “not fun” when he competes. He may not have Beerus in his team, but he certainly plays like a god of destruction.

It feels as though there is simply nothing that can stop the way Goichi plays this game. Despite having to move on from Adult Gohan due to the recent balance patch, he hasn’t missed a beat. He inserted Bardock into the top of his lineup and continues to pick people apart like a surgeon.



That last clip is perhaps the best example of what makes Goichi such a formidable force. He doesn’t win his games through outright offense. Sure, he will punish you into oblivion once he opens you up, but he’s so damn hard to beat because of his defense.

With just a sliver of health, many players surely would have tried to go for a Vanish or something to try and get out of the sticky situation. Not Goichi. He stood there and blocked for 17 seconds straight before finally creating some space after teching the Dragon Rush. Then he blocked for another few seconds until he found the tiniest of openings to hit Teemo with a Solar Kamehameha to win the game. I guess patience truly is virtue in DBFZ.

One other thing to note in that clip is that it put Goichi up 9-1 in the FT10 set that he ended up winning 10-1. Teemo was supposed to be Canada’s champion, but it quickly became apparent that would not be the case as he got beat worse than SonicFox did in the Final Round and Esports Arena exhibitions.

The dominance of Goichi will certainly be the biggest storyline going into the Summit of Power next month. This will likely be the best chance for someone to take him down. Granted, he’s already beaten three of the “best” players there in SonicFox, Chris “NYChrisG” Gonzalez, and William “Leffen” Hjelte (I put that in quotes because all eight of the invited players and a lot of the ones who have since qualified are incredibly good). Not to mention the fact that Goichi’s talent is on a different level than anything that most players have ever faced. Maybe the cozy nature of the Summit House will be enough to give someone the power to beat him.

Until then, Goichi will continue to be the undisputed best player in the world. Everyone start gathering your power for that Spirit Bomb that someone can use on Goichi on June 10 when the grand finals of the Summit of Power will take place.

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