Dragon Ball FighterZ: HookGangGod Defeats SonicFox, Wins Summit of Power
Dragon Ball FighterZ: HookGangGod Defeats SonicFox, Wins Summit of Power

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HOOK. GANG. GAWD. In a good old-fashioned East Coast grand finals, Eduardo "HookGangGod" Hook and Dominique “SonicFox” McLean faced off in a perfect set to close out Summit of Power. While many thought either SonicFox or Goichi “GO1” Kishida would have walked away with the title, HookGangGod surprised everyone and took home the big win.

HookGangGod exercises his demons against SonicFox

Hook and SonicFox have quite the history, given these two face off on an almost weekly basis at Next Level Battle Circuit. In New York, it’s always SonicFox that ends up with the win. In California, though? Things were much different.

HookGangGod was playing absolutely lights out all weekend as he was locking people down with a level of ease we haven’t really ever seen from him. Just look at this man’s Piccolo.

He had no fear whatsoever, slinging around those long arms of Piccolo’s and taking wins with reckless abandon. It was that Piccolo that ended up being the difference in all of his sets, too.

His (first) biggest win on Sunday came when he became the only person other than SonicFox or Osaka Ryo "Dogura" Nozaki to take down Goichi in a set during a tournament. His team of Piccolo, Cell, and Vegeta seemed to be the direct counter to the Bardock, Cell, Vegeta of Goichi. With that big win in hand, he rolled on into the winners’ final where he beat Sho “Fenritti” Shoji in another close 3-2 set that put him into the grand finals.

His opponent in the grand finals had quite the rough road on his way there though. SonicFox was defeated by Fenritti in the winners’ semifinal, which put both him and Goichi in the losers’ bracket for the first time. For the first time since the game came out, we would not see SonicFox and Goichi in the grand finals. They ended up meeting in the losers’ final, however. It was a classic matchup and SonicFox came out ahead once again. That’s three wins out of the last four sets between the two, with a First to 10 in the works at CEO after SonicFox called Goichi out after the win.

With SonicFox blowing through Fenritti in a grudge match during the losers’ finals, the stage was set for an NLBC-style grand final.

The first set was probably the closest set that these two have played in some time. Hook came out the gate firing first to get the first win before SonicFox won the next two and took a 2-1 lead. Hook tied things up and force a fifth game, but he just couldn’t stop the freight train that was SonicFox and the series was reset.

Down to his last life in the reset grand finals, HookGangGod summoned all the energy that Piccolo could give him and absolutely ran through SonicFox. You could tell that this meant everything to Hook as he made every correct read and won every scramble. SonicFox had some singular moments, but there was nothing he could do to stop the god himself.

With everyone throwing their hands up for one last Spirit Bomb, HookGangGod overcame his NLBC demons and walked away with the Summit of Power crown. This is surely a matchup that we won’t see the last of, and SonicFox will no doubt be out for revenge.

For now, though, Dragon Ball FighterZ is HookGangGod’s world and we’re all just living in it.

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