Just Announced: Red Bull Partners with Cloud9
Just Announced: Red Bull Partners with Cloud9

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Cloud9 just grew wings, everyone.

Cloud9 has announced a brand-new comprehensive partnership with Red Bull. Not only will Red Bull be the official energy drink sponsor for Cloud9 teams, but the Red Bull logo will appear on the jerseys for all 14 Cloud9 teams. Additionally, Cloud9 players will receive support from Red Bull in the form of fitness training, sleep analysis, and other programs.

“We love what Red Bull brings to the table as partners and are sure they’re going to help us take our game to the next level,” said Jack Etienne, CEO and founder of Cloud9.

Fans won’t have to wait long to see the jerseys in action, as Cloud9’s League of Legends team will be sporting the new threads this weekend during the first week of the NA LCS Summer Split. No word yet on when these will be available for purchase, however.

The partnership doesn’t just stop with jerseys and lifestyle training for the players, though, as the players will also participate in Red Bull’s High Performance Athlete Program and be active in the high-level video content in collaboration between Cloud9 and Red Bull.

Cloud9 promises that this is just the beginning of this partnership and fans can expect more to be announced in the future. You see all the details on Cloud9’s website.

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