DraftKings LoL: Thursday LCK/LPL Cheat Sheet:
DraftKings LoL: Thursday LCK/LPL Cheat Sheet:

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  • 2:00 a.m: Afreeca Freecs vs. SANDBOX Gaming (LCK)
  • 2:00 a.m: Rogue Warriors vs. Dominus eSports (LPL)
  • 4:00 a.m: T1 vs. APK Prince (LCK)
  • 4:00 a.m: Suning vs. Team WE (LPL)
  • 6:00 a.m: Gen.G vs. Damwon Gaming (LCK)
  • 6:00 a.m: Vici Gaming vs. LGD Gaming (LPL)

LPL - RW (3-5) vs. DMO (1-6)

Well, what a turn of events for RW after throwing away Tuesday's game to WE, even though I believe WE is still a better team. WeiYan admitted to fixing matches because he owed some people money, and it was very evident that he was throwing it. Haro is their next jungler and has been criticized a lot over the last two years. Formerly on EDG, he use to be very good and then a mental block set in and he looked really bad on the last half of EDG and RW. Maybe this gives the team and Haro more motivation to play, and this is a sick spot because originally I was on DMO but they have just been playing so badly lately. DMO have lost to a lot of good teams, but the switching of players makes me not trust them. This could be closer than what the books have them at, but I'll be on RW and should be a solid game for DFS.

Prediction: RW 2-1

Bets: None

LPL - SN (4-3) vs. WE (4-3)

The books are heavily leaning to Suning in the second LPL game of the slate. I have been on both sides with Suning, but they are getting so lucky with drafts, team fights and teams not punishing their bot lane. This is another IG case where they play through side lanes to get Huanfeng way ahead to carry late game. WE are the same way except they play through Teacherma and Beishang, who make a really strong duo. Morgan has been on point as their new top laner, and he can play weakside, carry and tanks, excelling at each other than a few matchups. Both teams' KP% are around 70-80 percent, with Suning higher because they have a five-man bot dive to get Huanfeng ahead. Both teams like to fight, but I like WE better because every player can carry during team fights, unlike SN who have to rely on feeding resources into one player (Huanfeng). That being said, you also can't knock on SN with how they are playing right now!

Prediction: WE-2-1 or SN 2-1

Bets: WE ML (+125)

LPL - VG (2-5) vs. LGD (1-6)

This is one of the toilet bowl games even though VG has looked amazingly better with their new style. VG is finally sticking to a roster that works instead of messing around with it every other day. On the other hand, LGD is not that good, and their maps win/lose ratio is a little flawed because they haven't really faced anyone good besides IG, TES (and they beat a broken TES) and cheesed a trolling IG. They almost beat SN, lost to a horrible DMO, a horrible LNG.... the list goes on and on. The only bright spots on that team are peanut and Kramer; other than that, this team just plays way out of sync. VG are finally controlling games at their pace, they just need to win a couple of team fights and be more decisive to take down the better teams. I rate VG a playoff team in the summer, as they will continue to get better.

Predictions: VG 2-1

Bets: None

LCK - AFS (6-3) vs. SB (2-7)

LCK didn't go as planned Tuesday because all the dogs beat the better teams in the region. Maybe this is lack of practice for some teams, but I am not too worried about any more upsets in this region because usually the better teams will stay good. AFS are a good team and have solo laners who can carry the game anytime. Mystic, who was on WE but moved to Korea to be with his wife, has not disappointed. He is tearing teams apart because there are only a select few who can handle his play style coming from the LPL. I had SB rated pretty highly, but they seem to lack upside because they are all young players. Teams have finally figured them out, and I will continue to go against them unless they show me something new. This could be a really bloody game, but  AFS are like IG where they will troll a game and then dominate Game 3.

Prediction: AFS 2-1; they should 2-0 but who knows if they will troll

Bets: None

LCK - T1 (7-2) vs. APK (2-7)

We got burned by some top dogs losing this week, but APK are actually bad and have no upside compared to KT and HLE. SKT are still a dominant team and are carried through Teddy, Faker and Cuzz, and this game might be bloody like the first time they met. I would only target Teddy and Cuzz in this matchup just because of how APk wants to play and how easily they can be punished in the bot lane. Faker is a god and can hold his own by anyone; he is no. 1 in the Hall of Fame for League of Legends and an ambassador for the league.

Prediction: T1 2-0

Bets: None

LCK - GenG (9-1) vs. Damwon (4-6)

This should be a one-sided match because GenG are the best team in the region and they take care of business. Damwon lost the game against KT on Wednesday, a series I expected to be close. Damwon has a lot of problems. and I can definitely see a sub in the ADC and Top lane, which suits well for GenG. This could be a bloody game depending on who starts for Damwon, so this is a perfect GPP spot for GenG, including the team slot.

Prediction: GenG 2-0

Bets: None

Players to Target

Morgan$5,200Beishang$6,000Teacherma$5,600Ruler$7,600  Suning$5,000
      iBoy$7,400  WE$4,800


  • Cash: VG/SN, VG/RW, GenG/VG, GenG/SN
  • GPP: WE/RW, WE/VG, WE/GenG, WE/T1
  • My Stacks: SN/RW, SN/VG, WE/RW

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