Nicholas DiCostanzo 
United States
Luminosity Gaming
Joining LG
October 25, 2018
Classic will join Luminosity Gaming, the organization confirmed earlier last week.
Classic completes the final roster for Luminosity Gaming ahead of the start of the competitive season. It's a drastic turnover from last season, as Gunless and Classic will replace JKap and Octane, essentially yielding the team to the prowess of John and FormaL. Classic will likely reprise his objective role from Team EnVyUs alongside a wide plethora of aggressive slayers, but he could very well help contribute to the callouts, as both John and Gunless tend to shy away from the communication aspect.
Free Agent
Let go from Team EnVyUs
September 23, 2018
Classic has been released from Team EnVyUs, the organization confirmed on Saturday.
Classic earned a 0.96 KD at the 2018 Call of Duty World Championships as EnVyUs finished in 5th-6th place. Despite the solid finish at the pivotal tournament, Classic struggled to find any sort of consistency throughout the World War II season, and as a result, the organization opted to make significant changes by acquiring Evil Geniuses' championship-winning roster. The structure of the Black Ops 4 season suggests Classic, Chino and Decemate would be best served teaming together in order to get a solid standing for the opening tournament of the new season, but it remains to be seen if that will take place.
Slays in early game
August 18, 2018
Classic nearly overtook Evil Geniuses in a 3-2 loss on Day 4 of the 2018 Call of Duty World League Championships.
Classic was key in Team EnVyUs' early success, and key in their late-game struggles. Round 1 Hardpoint saw Classic slowly chip away at Evil Geniuses' defense with steady and consistent shots that eventually saw him with a 21/13 KD by the third set of rotations. However, by Round 3 Capture the Flag Classic's slaying had slowed down considerably, forcing Huke to slay more than he possibly could. In Round 5 Search & Destroy, for example, Classic struggled to protect or scout targets for Huke, leaving Huke in awkward gunfights.
Improved as match went on
August 18, 2018
Classic overcame a slow start to finish strong in the 3-1 win over Ghost Gaming on Day 4 of the 2018 Call of Duty World League Championships, securing a spot in the winner's semifinal.
Round 1 Hardpoint proved to be the only blemish on Team EnVyUs' record in this match. They were outslayed rather easily by Ghost Gaming throughout the round, and Classic was no exception. He went just 26/40, failing to hang with Ghost Gaming from the jump. He did have a quality 1:06 on the objective, however, buoying his production a little bit. Round 2 Search & Destroy was the start of a very good stretch for Team EnVyUs, and Classic was a key part of that. He was their best player as Ghost Gaming ran out to a 3-0 lead, and continued to pace them as they won six games in a row to win 6-3. His teammates picked it up around him, but he was the stable force for Team EnVyUs in the round. Classic had an interesting Round 3 Capture the Flag, as he was their best player in the first half of the round, and faded a bit after he notched a flag cap in the second half (which turned out to be the game winner). He went just 15/16 in the round. Round 4 Hardpoint saw Classic shy away from the objective, notching just 17 seconds there, but saw him slay everything in front of him. He led the lobby in kills with 39, however. He kept his solid slaying up even as Ghost Gaming turned a 150-point deficit into a close game, and he helped finish them off despite the impressive comeback attempt.
Inconsistent in reverse sweep win
August 17, 2018
Classic never found consistency, but Team EnVyUs still pulled off a reverse sweep of FaZe Clan on Day 3 of the 2018 Call of Duty World League Championships.
Classic had his up and down moments in this match. Round 1 Hardpoint was a down moment, as he earned a paltry 19/27 KD with 17 seconds on the objective in the loss. He, just like most of Team EnVyUs, looked lost against FaZe Clan. Round 5 Search & Destroy saw him have a huge moment. He notched the final kill in Game 9, which completed the reverse sweep, but he was rather invisible outside of that moment, as Huke and Decemate did the heavy lifting. He even had a round where he was pretty average, going 25/25 with 58 seconds on the objective in Round 4 Hardpoint; he was not good, nor was he bad, he was just simply a solid support player behind his teammates. Round 2 Search & Destroy was by far the high point, as he played extremely well even as they fell behind 4-0. He ended up getting them on the board with a final kill in Game 5, and played well after, but he did not have the support to hang with FaZe in the 6-3 loss. Round 3 Capture the Flag was a good one too, as he was good with the flag in his hands, notching two caps on the round. He was a good slayer too, hitting the 20-kill mark, tied for first in the lobby.
Solid Search & Destroy in loss
August 16, 2018
Classic did some work in the Search & Destroy round of the sweep loss to UNILAD Esports on on Day 2 of the 2018 Call of Duty World League Championships.
Round 2 Search & Destroy was Classic's best round. He was a solid third wheel behind strong games from Chino and Huke, as the trio helped get them five wins. They would eventually lose the round in 11 games, but it easily the best round Team EnVyUs had, and it was the only competitive round as well. Round 1 Hardpoint saw them sit below 90 points in the loss, and Classic struggled to do much, going 18/25 with a team-leading 41 seconds on the objective. He simply did not do enough to withstand a dominating game from UNILAD. Round 3 Capture the Flag was more of the same, as Classic did not slay well (15/21), and they were blown out (3-0).
Lags behind his teammates
July 5, 2018
Classic faded into the background in a 3-2 loss to Red Reserve on Thursday of the CWL Global Pro League Stage 2.
Classic committed to his anchor role despite his weak shots. While he was far from sacking his team, he didn't step up when needed, especially during Hardpoint. Red Reserve's mastery of map control made Classic's anchor role extraordinarily important, as he needed to hold spawns against a coordinated opponent. Classic, however, failed to keep track of his team's flanks and allowed Red Reserve an opening to take spawns. This was seen early on in Round 2 Search & Destroy, in Game 1 and Game 3, and also during the second set of rotations in Round 4 Hardpoint.
Fills in the anchor role
July 3, 2018
Classic played solid backup in a 3-0 loss to Team Kaliber on Tuesday of the CWL Global Pro League Stage 2.
The sheer aggression from Team Kaliber put Classic in an awkward position. The general lack of early game presence meant that Classic needed to help lock-down his team's spawns, but at the same time, Classic is a player that thrives by playing aggressively. Despite his conflicting roles, Classic was still able to help fill for his teammates. Classic played a solid defense in Round 3 Capture the Flag, stopping several of Team Kaliber's pushes dead in their tracks by holding corners near the flag. The only time he slipped was in Round 1 Hardpoint where Classic, in an attempt to win a Hardpoint, fell to Team Kaliber and lost his team's spawns.
Saves best for last in tough loss
June 29, 2018
Classic had his best round in the last round of the 3-2 loss to Echo Fox on Day 3, Week 3 of Division A of CWL Global Pro League Stage 2.
Round 1 Hardpoint was a struggle more often than not for Team EnVyUs (and for Classic) as they trailed for the vast majority of the round, and it looked as though it was a surefire loss. They made a huge push to come back a steal a win away from Echo Fox, overcoming multiple 70 point deficits. Classic had a 34/43 KD and 1:06 on the objective, though he was a key support player during the comeback. The next two rounds--Round 2 Search & Destroy and Round 3 Capture the Flag--were both bad losses. They lost the former 6-0, and the latter 5-1, getting outslayed in each. No one on Team EnVyUs played well, Classic included. Round 4 Hardpoint was a carbon copy of the first round, though Classic was more directly involved in their late comeback. He struggled to start the round, but made a huge hold of the objective to turn a 70 point deficit into a lead. Round 5 Search & Destroy was his best round, as he put up incredible slaying numbers in the early going (he had 12 kills through six games). Despite his excellent performance, they lost the round in 10 games.
Solid in respawn rounds
June 27, 2018
Classic did well in the respawn rounds of Team EnVyUs' 3-1 win over FaZe Clan on Day 1, Week 3 of Division A of CWL Global Pro League Stage 2.
Classic had a rather slow start to Round 1 Hardpoint, as he lagged behind his teammates in the early portion of the round. He ended up putting together a solid objective-based performance despite that slow start, netting 1:03 on the objective, alongside an 18/22 KD. Round 2 Search & Destroy was their only loss, and it was a struggle for virtually everyone on Team EnVyUs. Outside of the first game, and a two-game stretch in Games 5 and 6, they could not do much of anything against FaZe Clan, and Classic was very much included in those struggles. Round 3 Capture the Flag saw he, Decemate, and Huke lead their team with a dominating three-headed monster. They only managed to win 3-2, but the three of them dominated the killfeed and frustrated the offense for FaZe on more than one occasion. Round 4 Hardpoint saw him follow the Round 1 Hardpoint gameplan, where he fell into a support role. Team EnVyUs lead this round for the majority of it, fighting back FaZe Clan pushes on multiple occasions to keep their lead.
Loses map control
June 16, 2018
Classic struggled to take control in a 3-0 loss to OpTic Gaming on Friday at CWL Anaheim.
Playing the support role, Classic was in charge of holding flanks and spawns for his team. However, the weak shots from Classic and his teammates made that role impossible to fill. Earlier into Round 1 Hardpoint, around the first Turret Hardpoint, Classic lost control of spawns to OpTic Gaming. He struggled to regain any semblance of map control after that hill as his teammates were scattered across the map. Instead of slowing down and regrouping, Classic kept rushing to the Hardpoint and attempting to score kills. It wasn't until the second Castle Hill that he found any map control, but by then it was too late for Team EnVyUs to rebound a win.
Nice start to win
May 25, 2018
Classic came out of the gates flying in the 3-1 win over Echo Fox on Day 3, Week 2, of CWL Global Pro League, Stage 2.
Classic was one of the leaders for Team EnVyUs in their close Round 1 Hardpoint win. He was good from beginning to end, providing them with consistent slaying and a decent amount of Hardpoint time (27 kills, 59 seconds on the objective). Round 2 Search & Destroy was another solid round for Classic, though this one was much more dominant for Team EnVyUs. They lost only Game 6, a nearly flawless round. Round 3 Capture the Flag was his worst round, and their only round loss. He went just 18/20, failing to keep up with a strong slaying performance from Echo Fox, especially Aqua. They were edged out with just 12 seconds left on the clock, as they lost 3-2. Round 4 Hardpoint was a return to dominance for Team EnVyUs, as the very balanced attack from all four players resulted in map control, and a rather easy win. Classic was not the leader he was in the previous Hardpoint round, but his 21/18 KD and 55 seconds of Hardpoint time were solid nonetheless.
Builds up his team
May 24, 2018
Classic heated up in the late game with a 65/59 KD in a 3-1 loss to Red Reserve on Wednesday of the CWL Pro League Stage 2.
Classic tired to save a losing series by making bold and aggressive plays against the defensive Red Reserve. Unfortunately, this only worked in Round 2 Search & Destroy and Round 3 Capture the Flag. In Round 2 Search & Destroy, Classic was surprisingly strong as he was able to tear players out of cover with his frag grenades, even scoring a triple kill in Game 5 and Game 9, as he took advantage of Red Reserve's defense. In Round 3 Capture the Flag, Classic broke a tie at the last second thanks to a double kill as he pushed straight into Red Reserve to make a bold play.
Consistently good in win
May 24, 2018
Classic had a great showing in the sweep win over Team Kaliber on Day 2, Week 2, of CWL Global Pro League, Stage 2.
Classic did a lot of good things in the sweep win over Team Kaliber. Round 1 Hardpoint proved to be an excellent start for both him and Team EnVyUs. They won the round, and Classic was dominant. He started to pick his game up in the middle of the round, as teammate Decemate began to falter a bit from his hot start. He ended up netting a lobby-high 33 kills, as well as a strong 1:42 on the objective. He was a versatile contributor in this round, and was a key to the win. Round 2 Search & Destroy was a tight 11-game win, and Classic did a lot to get them there. He had three final kills in the round win, in Games 1, 5, and 6. His clutch kills helped keep them alive as Fero and Kenny put in great games on the other side. Round 3 Capture the Flag was the worst round for him. He fell into a support role, going just 17/18, though he had the second flag cap for his team, one that would prove to be the game winner. He was solid at his worst, and played excellently at his best.
Inconsistent in close loss
May 18, 2018
Classic never found his footing in the 3-2 loss to Evil Geniuses on Day 3 of Week 1 of CWL Global Pro League, Stage 2.
Classic had an up and down showing in this match. His two best rounds were the two rounds they won: Round 3 Capture the Flag and Round 4 Hardpoint. Round three saw him have a huge first half, and turned that into a 21 kill showing--second best in the lobby--that got them their first win of the match. Round 4 Hardpoint saw him regress a little, going 20/20, but he was a key support slayer in the round. They kept Evil Geniuses' offense stifled, and his secondary slaying helped on that end. The rest of his performance was rough, however. Round 1 Hardpoint saw him get overrun by the excellent slaying performance from Evil Geniuses, as he went 18/31 in the round. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw him struggle to play consistently after netting the final kill in the first game, and Round 5 Search & Destroy saw them lose the round 6-0.
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