Renato Forza 
United States
Echo Fox
Lots of good in loss
May 16, 2018
Saints played well but could not stop the 3-2 loss to Team Kaliber on Day 1 of CWL Global Pro League, Stage 2.
Saints had a rather slow start in this one, especially in terms of slaying. He went 23/36 in the round, but he had a nice performance on the Hardpoint early on. While he ended with just 52 seconds there, his early Hardpoint performance helped get them out to an early lead, albeit one they would not hold. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw Saints do his best work late in the round. He picked up where Aqua left off, carrying Echo Fox through the last few games of the round win. Saints had a nice showing in the Round 3 Capture the Flag win. He had 18 kills and the game-winning flag cap in the 2-1 game. Saints' best round came in Round 4 Hardpoint, as he easily was the best player on the team, leading them in kills (36) and leading the lobby in objective time (1:55). He was excellent in every facet, but it still was not enough to stave off a late comeback by Team Kaliber. He was fine in Round 5 Hardpoint, as Team Kaliber won the round and the match.
Anchors his team down
April 22, 2018
Saints stuck to spawn control in a 3-2 win over Team Kaliber on Sunday of CWL Seattle.
Echo Fox came in with a clear plan to defeat Team Kaliber: stick together. Saints was key in making this simple strategy work as he had to hold spawns for his team to allow them to whether the enemy's assault. Saints was solid in this role in respawn rounds as Team Kaliber's flanks made it easy for Saints to plan his team's spawns. For example, in Round 1 Hardpoint on Gibraltar, Kenny attempted to flank Echo Fox on rotations to the Castle Road hill. Saints and his team's early rotations to this hill allowed them to hold sticky spawns near the Hardpoint, making it hard for Team Kaliber to crack the point.
Backs up his aggressive teammates
April 21, 2018
Saints stuck close to his team in a 3-2 win over Rise Nation on Friday of CWL Seattle.
Alongside Faccento, Saints played a more defensive game to secure the spawns for his team, often backing up either Temp or Aqua on a whim. This versatility helped Echo Fox secure key fights against Rise Nation. For example, in Round 4 Hardpoint on Valkyrie Saints coordinated with his team to stagger the objective by rotating in and out of the hill. In the final seconds of the round Saints jumped into the Ventilation Room to allow Temp to get out of the hill and challenge Rise Nation. Split-second decision making is what allowed Echo Fox to steal the series from Rise Nation.
Three solid rounds in win
March 1, 2018
Saints did not put together a full five rounds, but he was good in three of them in the 3-2 win over Team Kaliber on Wednesday, during the Sixth Week of the CWL Global Pro League, Stage 1.
Echo Fox got off to an abysmal start in Round 1 Hardpoint. The team hardly got to the 100-point mark, finishing with 106. Not one member of Echo Fox hit the 1.00 KD mark, either. They could not slay, could not get map control, and could not be competitive in the round. Saints picked it up for Round 2 Search & Destroy, however. He had a hot start, finishing off Game 1, and he added the final kills in Games 5 and 10 as well. He was the third wheel in Round 3 Capture the Flag, notching 13 kills, behind the 20-kill performances from Assault and Faccento. The three of them put together a perfect defensive display, and totally stifled Team Kaliber's offense. Saints was middling in Round 4 Hardpoint, though a lot of that had to do with how strong Team Kaliber was from the middle of the round on. He was a key part in giving them a slight lead, but they fell apart immediately after that. Saints went 30/32 in the round, despite his strong mid-round performance. Round 5 Hardpoint saw Saints put together strong early performance. He had four kills, and the final kills, of Games 1 and 2. With Assault doing the heavy lifting, his early support play was a key to the win.
Gets the job done against Vitality
February 21, 2018
Saints may not have had the most stellar of performances against Vitality, but he did well enough to help his team Echo Fox sweep aside Vitality 3-0 on Day 7 of the CWL Pro League, Division A.
In Round 1 Hardpoint, Saints was Echo Fox's savior on the hardpoints, getting a whopping 1:40 of hardpoint control time, even if his KD wasn't the best of Echo Fox at 32/30. Saints did not do nearly as well in Round 2 Hardpoint, where he scored a mere KD of 4/7, as his teammates Aqua and Assault stole the show. However, Saints would go on to get the best KD of his team during Round 3 Capture the Flag, notching an impressive 25/14, and even captured the flag a couple of times, easily outdoing Vitality as Echo Fox swept them aside 3-0.
One good round in loss
February 1, 2018
Saints saw a ton of struggles in the sweep loss to Rise Nation, on the Wednesday of the CWL Global Pro League Stage 1 season.
Round 1 Hardpoint and Round 2 Search & Destroy were absolutely forgettable rounds for Saints. In the former, Saints was woefully outslayed, finishing the round with a 27/34 KD. He did not contribute much on the objective, either, notching just 39 seconds there. He struggled to play with an excellent Rise Nation team, and it showed in his stats. The second round was worse. He had just one kill through the first five games, and did not have a late-game push to alleviate that. He, simply put, did not contribute enough for Echo Fox to make Rise Nation sweat. He did, however, play well in Round 3 Capture the Flag, which was their best round as a team. It went into overtime before they lost, and Saints ended with the joint lead in kills with 22. If he performed as well as he did in Round 3 in the other rounds, the match may have been closer.
Makes big plays in vain
January 31, 2018
Saints certainly had his moments during Echo Fox's series against OpTic Gaming on Tuesday during Stage 1 of the CWL Pro League, but he ultimately couldn't stop OpTic taking the 3-1 win.
Saints certainly tried his best, and the stats for this series prove that, but ultimately it was for nothing as he got little backup from his team. He started off strong in Round 1 Hardpoint with a positive KD of 27/25 and the most hardpoint control time of his team at 52 seconds, but OpTic still had no trouble putting Echo Fox into the 100-point club. Saints had no issues taking advantage of weak plays from OpTic during Round 2 Search & Destroy, where dropped a nasty double-positive KD of 12/6. Saints tried to carry that momentum into Round 3 Capture the Flag with two flag captures and a positive KD of 20/19, but even then OpTic were still able to clutch one more capture under the noses of Echo Fox. History repeated itself during Round 4 Hardpoint, where again despite Saints's efforts, which resulted in a 29/27 KD and the most hardpoint control time of his team at 1:21, OpTic won anyway.
Fights valiantly but fruitlessly against Team Kaliber
January 25, 2018
Saints was the one bright spot in Echo Fox's loss against Team Kaliber on Wednesday during Stage 1 of the CWL Pro League.
Saints tried to carry the team on his back when they fought against Team Kaliber, but even Saints had to give out sometime. Saints scored the most kills of his team during Round 1 Hardpoint, but ultimately went negative with a KD of 39/43. He'd help clutch a Game 11 victory during Round 2 Search & Destroy with a final kill against Accuracy and an overall KD of 7/8. Saints was instrumental to Echo Fox's comeback against TK during Round 3 Capture the Flag with his flag capture, even as his KD suffered with 15/18. But Saints saw the series slip away from Echo Fox during Round 4 Hardpoint, where despite Saints's positive KD of 28/23, Team Kaliber won that round by almost 100 points. Saints closed out the round against Team Kaliber during Round 5 Search & Destroy with a positive 7/6 KD, but by then all he could do was watch Team Kaliber walk away with a clutch victory.
Big S&D moments in win
January 24, 2018
Saints had a good game, and came up huge in some moments, as Echo Fox took the CWL Global Pro League Stage 1, Division A, match from eRa Eternity 3-1.
After a rather average start to Round 1 Hardpoint, Saints caught fire in the latter stages of the round to be a key cog in the round win. He was all over the map in the second half of the round, and ended leading the lobby with 31 kills. He provided a nice two-way performance as well, adding 48 seconds on the objective as they went out to a 1-0 lead. Saints' Round 2 Search & Destroy performance was a strange one. He went kill-less through the first eight games, which is about as bad as one player can perform in a Search & Destroy map. However, he had a two kill streak spread out over Games 9 and 10, including the final kill in Game 10 to win the round. While his terrible performance in the first eight rounds likely made it that close, his four-kill streak during the final two games swung the map in their favor; they simply do not win that round without that performance in the final two maps. Round 3 Capture the Flag saw him be merely okay, as Echo Fox were dominated by eRa Eternity. They could not make any runs, as they offense was totally stonewalled by an excellent eRa Eternity performance. Round 4 Hardpoint was the exact opposite: Echo Fox dominated eRa Eternity, and Saints had a big hand in that. Saints was unstoppable in the round, compiling 30 kills and 1:09 on the objective. He, Assault, and Aqua all ended above the 27-kill mark, as they made up for their Capture the Flag performance with a flawless three-person effort that saw eRa Eternity have no answer for them.
Excellent start in semifinal upper bracket series dashed in reverse sweep
January 14, 2018
Saints and company couldn't stave off a reverse sweep by Luminosity Gaming in the upper bracket semifinals at CWL New Orleans.
It certainly looked as if Saints was shaping up to have one of his best series of CWL New Orleans, as the in-game leader opened up Round 1 Hardpoint with a 1.16 KD, and a team-leading amount of time in the hill. Despite Faccento posting a double positive KD in Round 2 Search and Destroy, Saints still had a positive role, trading out multiple kills, including at least two round-ending daggers. However, the wheels simply fell off from there, as a brutal performance in Round 3 Capture the Flag was followed by an even uglier Round 4 Hardpoint, in which Saints finished with the worst KD of the game.
Key late game contributions secures win
January 13, 2018
Saints came up big for his team in the clutch to give Echo Fox a big win over OpTic Gaming on Saturday in the Winners Bracket.
Saints played the objective very well in his team's big win over the Green Wall on Saturday night. This was a huge boon to his team during the two Hardpoint rounds, the final of which Echo Fox used to finish out the 3-1 win. He wasn't a one-trick pony who only focused on the objective, however. He slayed incredibly well in Search & Destroy to kickstart his team's three-round streak that earned them a 3-1 that knocked OpTic into the Losers Bracket.
Mostly good in loss
January 12, 2018
Echo Fox lost 3-1 to eUnited pretty easily, but Saints had multiple strong showings despite the result. The match took place on the first day of the CWL New Orleans Open.
Saints had a strong start to the match, as did Echo Fox as a team. They won Round 1 Hardpoint handily, taking it 250-96, and Saints was an integral part of that. While Echo Fox faltered quickly after their hot start, Saints continued to play well. He had 11 kills in Round 2 Search & Destroy, but the rest of his teammates had five apiece. He just did not get enough support to stand up to a motivated eUnited squad. eUnited rolled Echo Fox again in Round 3 Capture the Flag, and Saints yet again led his team in kills. The same exact thing happened in Round 4 Hardpoint. Overall, Saints played a strong individual game. If his teammates pick up their end of the bargain, Echo Fox can make some noise despite the tough result against eUnited.
Unable to play in Northern Arena Showdown
December 14, 2017
Saints will not be able to participate with Echo Fox at the Northern Arena Showdown this weekend, the organization announced on Wednesday.
Saints' inability to play at the Northern Arena Showdown likely stems from an issue with a travel visa. Canadian native Goonjar is expected to temporary fill in Saints' stead.
Sprints to victory
December 9, 2017
Saints rampaged through the series in a well-earned win against Team EnVyUs on Day 2 of CWL Dallas.
Saints never stopped sprinting this series. Assigned the role of forward scout, he roamed the map with an SMG with one simple goal: harass Team EnVyUs. Saints filled this role with ease. In respawn rounds, Saints showed some brilliant movement tech, making boots-on-the-ground look like the jetpack era again. In Round 3 Capture the Flag and Round 4 Hardpoint on Ardennes Forest, Saints had the uncanny ability to get across the map in an instant while picking up kills. This was vital in Round 3 Capture the Flag as it boxed Team EnVyUs into their base or stealthy steal the flag. In Round 4 Hardpoint, Saints became a furious typhoon of bullets and speed picking kills and Scorestreaks as he flew across the map.
Solid underneath in win
December 9, 2017
Saints was a solid support member in the sweep win over Millenium on Day 2 of CWL Dallas to secure a spot in Pool Play.
Saints' performance won't wow anyone, but he was a very stable and consistent presence for Echo Fox. He kept them afloat in Round 1 Hardpoint, starting strong when no one else did. His strong play early allowed for the comeback his teammates put on to happen in the first place -- if he struggled, it was likely to be a blow out in the other direction. Saints stayed in that role in Round 2 Search & Destroy, though his teammates did not need time to heat up in the round as they won 6-1. Round 3 Capture the Flag saw Saints lag behind the strong slaying of his teammates, but an incredible solo run made it 4-0, and gave him his third flag pull of the game.
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