Martin Chino 
United States
Team EnVyUs
Lets previous loss ruin his performance
June 16, 2018
Chino failed to show up in a 3-0 loss to OpTic Gaming on Friday at CWL Anaheim.
Due to a devastating loss to Splyce before this series, Chino's head just wasn't focused enough to take down OpTic Gaming. While Team EnVyUs is more than just Chino, his leadership skills have been a key reason for the team's online success. On LAN, however, his skills haven't translated. In Round 1 Hardpoint, for example, Team EnVyUs quickly began spawning all over the map into the second set of rotations. Chino wasn't able to rally his teammates together to regain control of spawns, a common answer to staggered spawns. Instead, Chino and his teammates kept getting caught in fights, essentially giving OpTic Gaming three perfect hills in a row.
Mostly good in win
May 25, 2018
Chino was solid in the 3-1 win over Echo Fox on Day 3, Week 2 of CWL Global Pro League, Stage 2.
Chino had a hot start to Round 1 Hardpoint, as he and Classic paced Team EnVyUs to an early lead that held for the majority of the round. The duo kept them roughly 30 to 40 points above Echo Fox throughout the majority of the round, though Chino's slaying started to fade as Echo Fox's rose, and the round got very close before Team EnVyUs eked out a win. He ended with a 24/24 KD and a strong 1:59 on the objective. Round 2 Search & Destroy was a much more dominant display from Team EnVyUs, as they coasted to a 6-1 win, never really feeling the pressure from Echo Fox. Chino was a solid cog in the machine in that round. He and Decemate kept them afloat in Round 3 Capture the Flag, as they lost 3-2. The pair had 18 kills apiece, joint-leading the team. They lost with 12 seconds left, however, as Echo Fox forced a fourth round. Round 4 Hardpoint was another dominant win for Team EnVyUs, as they dominated the kill feed, which gave them map control and a relatively easy win. Chino did not do much on the Hardpoint, as his teammates took that role, but he did his fair share of the slaying to give his teammates a cushion. His 24 kills were tied for most in the lobby.
Lags behind the rest of the lobby
May 24, 2018
Chino whiffed important moments with a 49/74 KD in a 3-1 loss to Red Reserve on Wednesday of the CWL Pro League Stage 2.
Chino started out extremely strong, only to drop off slowly over the course of the season. The big changing point was in Round 3 Capture the Flag on Flak Tower. Chino was able to reverse a losing series against Red Reserve thanks to a six killstreak and a flag capture that scored him full Scorestreaks. While this got Team EnVyUs back into the game, Chino failed to use his Scorestreaks effectively in the second half. He burnt most of his streaks in a single push, scoring only one kill between a Glide Bomb and an Artillery Barrage. Chino ended Round 3 Capture the Flag with a KD and one flag capture. He ended Round 4 Hardpoint with a 6/24 KD.
Solid support in sweep win
May 24, 2018
Chino was a solid support player in the sweep win over Team Kaliber on Day 2, Week 2, of CWL Global Pro League, Stage 2.
Chino was solid in this match. He was never in the spotlight for Team EnVyUs, but his solid support play behind the top line for Team EnVyUs was key to their win, especially in Round 2 Search & Destroy, and Round 3 Capture the Flag, both of which were very close rounds (the former went to an 11th game, and the latter was a 2-1 win). Round 1 Hardpoint was his best round, as he went 26/24 with 1:19 on the objective. Round 2 Search & Destroy was a very balanced round, with all four members of Team EnVyUs playing well. The only round he really lagged behind everyone else was Round 3 Capture the Flag, where he went 14/17. He still made some quality defensive plays, but overall he had some struggles to end the sweep.
High highs, low lows in loss
May 18, 2018
Chino ran hot and cold in the 3-2 loss to Evil Geniuses, on Day 3 of Week 1 of CWL Global Pro League, Stage 1.
Chino had quite the slow start, and end, to the match, but had two really good rounds for Team EnVyUs. Round 1 Hardpoint saw him struggle to find his footing, going 17/31 in the round. He and Classic could not hang with the strong slaying from Evil Geniuses, and it cost them. Round 2 Search & Destroy was the same. He struggled to hang with the slaying power of Evil Geniuses, and it hurt them. He came alive in Round 3 Capture the Flag and Round 4 Hardpoint, a pair of wins that forced a Game 5. Round three saw him dominate, leading the lobby in kills (23). Team EnVyUs had map control throughout the round, and he his excellent slaying was a big reason why. Chino was the early leader for Team EnVyUs in round four, helping get them out to an early lead, one they would hold until the end. He played an excellent two-way game in the round, netting 21 kills and a whopping 2:14 on the Hardpoint. He did, however, crash back down to earth with the rest of Team EnVyUs in Round 5 Search & Destroy, as they lost 6-0. He was a big reason why they even got to a fifth round in the first place, but he was inconsistent overall.
Doesn't adapt fast enough
April 22, 2018
Chino led a strong team effort in a 3-0 loss to Evil Geniuses on Saturday of CWL Seattle, dropping into the Loser's Bracket.
Chino may be one of the calmer and smarter leaders in the scene, but he seemed overwhelmed by Evil Geniuses' aggression. Filling the AR role, Chino tried to keep track of Evil Geniuses while making the callouts and managing plays. The only problem was that Team EnVyUs played a much faster game, due to the new unlimited sprinting mechanic, causing Chino to lose track of players. In Round 1 Hardpoint, for example, Assault was able to easily rotate around Hardpoints to obtain Scorestreaks all while Chino and his team struggled to pin him down.
Great in win
April 21, 2018
Chino had a strong performance in the 3-1 win over OpTic Gaming on Day 1 of the CWL Seattle Open.
Chino was plagued by just one bad round in this win, Round 3 Capture the Flag. The team was pretty much dominated by FormaL, and with the rest of OpTic Gaming plugging in the holes behind him, the round loss was inevitable. He stumbled to a 16/19 KD in the round. The rest of his performance was solid, though. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw them run out to a 5-0 lead before winning in eight games, and all four members of the team did their job in the win. The two Hardpoint rounds saw him absolutely dominate. He netted 31 kills and nearly 2:00 of objective time in the first one. He and Huke kept them afloat early on, and once Decemate woke up the flood gates were opened. The last round saw him and Huke dominate in similar fashion, though the round was more one-sided than the first. He had 27 kills and 2:13 on the Hardpoint in this one, helping put away OpTic Gaming.
Teams up with Team EnVyUs
April 12, 2018
Chino will join Team EnVyUs ahead of the CWL Seattle Open, the organization relayed on Thursday.
While losing one of the best ARs in the game is never easy, the sting shouldn't be as painful with the addition of Chino, who was quietly one of the best players on Team Kaliber. While his dominance seems to have lost a bit of its luster with the gentleman's agreement that banned the FG-42, Chino's success on Ardennes Forest alone should give Team EnVyUs a bit more success on the map - a vital part of the addition no doubt given the map's usage rate in Call of Duty: World War II. It'll be very interesting to see how Chino meshes with the rest of Team EnVyUs, as Huke in the past has stated he hopes to field a team with a roster full of teammates he can get along with.
Released from Team Kaliber
April 11, 2018
Chino has been released from Team Kaliber after the organization acquired Ferocitys and Methodz.
In another surprising move, Chino will join Theory as Team Kaliber attempts to reshape its roster. One of the more under the radar ARs in competitive Call of Duty, it appears as if Chino already has another team lined up, the information has not been released at this time.
Does everything he possibly can
April 8, 2018
Chino couldn't squeeze a single win in a 3-0 loss to FaZe Clan on Day 3 of the CWL Stage 1 Playoffs, getting knocked out of the tournament in the process.
Chino was hungry for a win, but he couldn't clutch it in the end. This was mainly because Chino and Kenny failed to slay out on FaZe Clan's defense. Chino was, however, able to box FaZe Clan into bad positions. This was best seen in Round 3 Capture the Flag when Chino ended the first half with a spectacular 17/4 KD, but only one flag pull. While he was able to rally more points in the second half thanks to his Scorestreaks, Chino often failed to score the one or two kills needed to win a map. For example, in the second half of overtime of Round 3, Chino failed to slay in FaZe Clan's base to stop a flag capture.
Support in win
April 7, 2018
Chino fell into a support role in the 3-1 win over FaZe Clan on Day 1 of the CWL Stage 1 Playoffs.
Round 1 Hardpoint was Chino's worst round, and it was their sole round loss. While he had 31 kills, he paired that with a whopping 46 deaths in the round. FaZe Clan slayed like crazy, and Chino fell victim to that often. He was a support character in the rest of the rounds, going from Round 2 Search & Destroy, where he filled in behind Theory and Kenny, to Round 3 Capture the Flag, where his 19 kills gave them a strong support system behind Accuracy's performance, and Round 4 Hardpoint, which saw him fill in the blanks behind his teammates. While his performance will not be the most talked about one, it was important to the win -- it provided key depth for them.
Quiet, but solid in win
March 31, 2018
Chino wasn't the flashiest, but he did what he needed to in Team Kaliber's 3-2 win over FaZe Clan on Day 1 of CWL Birmingham.
Chino was a rock for tK all series long, even if he was popping off like he's known to do at times. While he wasn't too great in the Hardpoint rounds, he did more than enough in the Search & Destroy rounds to help lock up this win. He was the one who stepped up in the end and tallied the final kill that gave his team the 3-2 after getting pushed to the brink in Round 5, Game 11.
Barely breaks Top 8 at CWL Atlanta with TK
March 13, 2018
Chino, along with the rest of Team Kaliber, managed to break into the CWL Atlanta playoffs only to be knocked out of the running within three games, only securing themselves a Top 8 finish.
Team Kaliber clawed their way through a bloody Pool B in the early stages of CWL Atlanta, earning themselves a second-place finish in their pool with a 3-1 series count just behind Luminosity Gaming. During the evening hours of Day 2 of CWL Atlanta, Team Kaliber faced off against Team EnVyUs from Pool D, and unfortunately for Team Kaliber, they were handed a heartbreaking defeat in a tense match that went all the way to deep in Round 5 Search & Destroy. Subsequently, in the losers' bracket of the playoffs, while TK were able to hold off Echo Fox, they met their demise at the hands of European upstart team Red Reserve. Chino himself has said while the loss stung him, "I'm glad that I'm finally playing at a top level again." He's eagerly awaiting playing at Birmingham.
Solid showing in sweep
March 10, 2018
Chino had a nice game in the sweep win over Ghost Gaming on Day 2 of CWL Atlanta.
Chino had three nice rounds, and some key moments, in the win over Ghost Gaming. They started off the match with a easy Round 1 Hardpoint win as one would hope. They won 250-113, and they held Ghost Gaming below the 100-point mark for the majority of the round. Chino was good, but unspectacular, finishing 26/23. He came up clutch in Round 2 Search & Destroy, getting the final kill in Games 1, 7, and 8. He was great, especially in the latter portion of the round. His strong late game play came up again in Round 3 Capture the Flag. He was a solid slayer throughout the round but his big moment came up late. He made a stellar defensive stand as the second half expired to force overtime, which they would win easily.
Huge start to loss
March 10, 2018
Chino had a strong start, but it did not propel Team Kaliber to a win, as they lost 3-2 in a reverse sweep to Luminosity Gaming on Day 1 of CWL Atlanta.
Chino had an unbelievable display in Round 1 Hardpoint, putting up 44 kills in the win. He was more of a support-based player in Round 2 Search & Destroy, but they won all the same. Round 3 Capture the Flag saw the tides turn towards Luminosity Gaming, though Chino had a valiant effort. He help dominate the kill feed, especially in the first half, but stingy defense by Luminosity kept them in it. The second half went Luminosity's way, and they started the reverse sweep. Round 4 Hardpoint was a middling display for Chino. He went 29/33, struggling to string kills together as Luminosity rode their round three momentum into a strong Hardpoint showing. Round 5 Capture the Flag saw Chino fight to keep them alive, winning Game 9 with an excellent time waste to keep them from losing the game, but they ultimately lost the round.
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