Mikhail Glushenok 
United States
Free Agent
Free Agent
Leaving coaching job with Team Prismatic
September 20, 2018
Blfire is a free agent for the start of the 2018 competitive season
Blfire was coaching for Team Prismatic previously, but it appears as if the player is prepared to enter the competitive scene once more. Blfire previously teamed with GAS Gaming, Gone Gaming, InControl Gaming and SoaR Gaming throughout the Call of Duty: World War II season.
Earns best placement during World War II
June 19, 2018
Blfire teamed with eLevate throughout the CWL Anaheim Open where he finished 21st-24th.
Blfire had been without a team since April, as the slayer aligned with InControl Gaming and Gone Gaming to begin the new year. The 21st-24th place finish was the best placement Blfire has earned throughout Call of Duty: World War II.
Free Agent
Teaming with MiRx and SinfuL
November 29, 2017
Blfire will be teaming with MiRx, Mochila and Sinful for CWL Dallas, his new teammate announced on Tuesday.
While the unit does not yet have an organization, it makes sense to see the foursome team together, given Methodz and Nagafen left Blfire high and dry. They'll join a number of teams competing in the open bracket at CWL Dallas, with the hope of earning a spot in pool play.
Free Agent
Signs on with Nagafen's team
November 2, 2017
Blfire will join Nagafen, StuDyy and Methodz on their new team for the start of Call of Duty: World War II.
Blfire appears to have fallen into a comfy situation after leaving the Killa/Sender/Swarley team that he was scheduled to join earlier last month. While his new trio hasn't had consistent success as of late, each one has shined in moments throughout their career, with Methodz likely putting together the most recent dominant performance during his time with Echo Fox. With so many other superstar teams coming together during the offseason, it seems unlikely this unit will be able to scratch the upper echelons of competitive play in North America, but it wouldn't exactly be a surprise to see Blfire and company still find a way to make waves in an open-bracket event during 2017-18 season.
Free Agent
Finds new team for Call of Duty: World War II
October 2, 2017
Blfire will team with Sender and Swarley for Call of Duty: World War II.
While we wait to see who this team brings on as a fourth, it's an interesting lineup on the surface as each of them had in success in Black Ops III before petering out of the competitive scene during Infinite Warfare. If this trio can wrangle in a well-known fourth member, this could be an intriguing under-the-radar lineup to begin the competitive season.
Nothing but food for enemy team
September 2, 2016
Little more than food for FaZe Clan, Blfire looked outclassed with a 44/61 KD on Day 1 of Call of Duty XP.
Blfire really struggled against FaZe Clan, ending every round with a negative KD and whiffing plays. His worst round was Round 2 Search & Destroy, where he got a 3/7 KD. The poor score was largely due to Blfire not winning gunfights, since FaZe Clan would attack Most Wanted from multiple angles. Game six in Round 2 Search & Destroy was an excellent example of Blfire's poor plays. Most Wanted secured kills on FaZe Clan to pull a 3-vs-1 scenario, but even with only one person to challenge them, Blfire and Most Wanted couldn't decide where to plant the bomb. The agonizingly slow play allowed Attach to wrap around Blfire and pick him off while he was planting the bomb. One good play from Blfire came in Round 1 Hardpoint, where he got a great kill on a Camo'd Clayster but then couldn't secure the kill on Attach.
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