Shea Sweeney 
United Kingdom
Team Sween
Falls flat with his shots
August 18, 2018
QwiKeR failed to show up in a 3-1 loss to FaZe Clan, falling out of the tournament in the process, on Day 3 of the 2018 Call of Duty World League Championships.
On one of the most important days of his career, QwiKeR just couldn't step up against FaZe Clan. The enemy flanks and map control made it difficult for QwiKeR to stabilize off of spawns, forcing QwiKeR to struggle with his shots. Without QwiKeR assisting Peatie and Weeman, Team Sween couldn't mount the offensive pressure needed to beat FaZe Clan.
Aligns with Vitality
May 15, 2018
QwiKeR will team with Vitality heading into Stage 3 of the CWL National Circuit.
One of two members of the Cyclone team that finished 13th-16th place at the two most recent CWL Open events, QwiKeR will attempt to the right the ship of a Vitality organization that has struggled throughout Call of Duty: World War II.
Struggles in loss
March 31, 2018
QwiKeR could not get into the swing of things in the sweep loss to Echo Fox on Day 2 of the CWL Birmingham Open.
QwiKeR could never get into this match. While he had one of the final kills in Round 2 Search & Destroy (Game 7), and had 21 kills in Round 1 Hardpoint, he saw his fair share of struggles overall. Round 1 Hardpoint saw him die 32 times, as he could not find a way to string his kills together. The second round saw all of Cyclone fall to an incredible 16 kill performance from Aqua. He got the team's only flag cap in Round 3 Capture the Flag but struggled to slay yet again, finishing 16/23. Overall, the slaying was just not there for him, and Echo Fox were in excellent form.
Finds new org prior to CWL Atlanta
March 8, 2018
QwiKeR will join Most Wanted ahead of CWL Atlanta.
QwiKeR didn't stick around on Millenium long, joining Braaain's new after the former respective players were unable to earn a spot into the CWL Pro League on their former rosters. Alongside his new team however, QwiKeR and company were able to win Stage 1 of the UK National Circuit and appear well positioned to make an extended run at CWL Atlanta.
Released from Millenium
October 11, 2017
QwiKeR has been released from Millenium and will be teaming with ShAnE, Alexx and Desire to start the new competitive season.
Millenium failed to make it out of the group stages of the 2017 Call of Duty World Championships, finishing in 17-24th place. As a result, the team opted to make a move, releasing QwiKeR only for the slayer to fall into a potentially better situation with his new roster. While the new roster likely won't make much waves on the international level, they should have enough talent on the roster to earn a spot in the 2018 Call of Duty World Championships, provided the structure remains the same from past years.
Gels with MarkyB in loss
August 10, 2017
QwiKeR stumbled in a tough loss to Splyce in Group G on Day 2 of the CWL Championships.
QwiKeR tired to muscle his way into the playoffs bracket, but Splyce were simply too might a force to break. Despite this, QwiKeR was also the standout player for Millenium, holding his team together in a rough series. Round 1 Hardpoint on Scorch saw him have an uncanny ability to break hills alongside Peatie. However, QwiKeR would also lose the series for his team with a team-kill onto Peatie when QwiKeR's Scarab killed QwiKeR worked with MarkyB to always move the ball towards the goal, making sure to cut Splyce's rallies at ball spawn before moving it towards the goal, such as in the first minute of the first half.
Traded to Millenium
June 26, 2017
QwiKeR has been traded to Millenium, the organization announced on Monday.
QwiKeR will take over for Nolson, who was moved as part of the deal. QwiKeR's fast-paced, high-octane offense should fit Millenium well given the available options. While Millenium failed to qualify for Stage 2 of the CWL Global Pro League, they still figure to have a decent shot at qualifying for Call of Duty World Championship by virtue of placing in the top-six at Europe's Last Chance Qualifier near the end of July.
Falters after hot start
June 25, 2017
QwiKeR was great in the opening rounds, but fell off in the 3-1 defeat to Fnatic that dropped eRa to the Loser's Bracket of CWL Sheffield on Sunday.
QwiKeR was key to the Round 1 Hardpoint victory. While the rest of the team struggled to shake off the cobwebs early in the match, QwiKeR was on fire. He kept his team within striking distance, and they eventually exploded and ran away with the win. He went 21/15 with 1:24 on the objective in the round. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw eRa hapless to do anything against Fnatic, and drop five games in a row before losing 6-1. Fnatic was simply a well-oiled machine. QwiKeR really struggled in a tough Round 3 Uplink that saw eRa lose 8-0. They barely sniffed the opposing team's base, and QwiKeR went 16/28. It was bad all around for eRa. Round 4 Hardpoint continued that trend, as eRa found themselves down 200-90 before they could blink. They fought back to get to 146 points, but it was not enough.
Tears apart with an SMG
June 24, 2017
QwiKeR blasts through Red Reserve on Day 1 of CWL Sheffield.
Despite being only announced a week ago, the European roster of eRa Eternity starts strong by beating Red Reserve, a victory that can largely be attributed to QwiKeR. Acting as the main slaying force behind the team, QwiKeR was able to outgun, or at least match, Red Reserve. Round 1 Hardpoint on Breakout saw QwiKeR begin a minor comeback for his team thanks to a break in second Baseball Field with his Reavtive Armor. Round 3 Uplink was QwiKeR's bigger performance as he was able to slay through Red Reserve's defense and open the map for Zerg to get a game-winning dunk.
Puts together new roster for iGame
March 24, 2017
QwiKeR will join iGame, the player announced on Friday.
Following roster locks for the upcoming CWL Global Pro League Stage 1, teams who failed to qualify for the premier tournament are shaking things up. QwiKeR will join iGame, alongside Zerg and two newcomers to the competitive scene this year, EmigrantChain and Defrag. How the new team fares in competitive situations remains to be seen, but it looks like this roster should hold strong til qualifying for Stage 2 begins in the summer.
Free Agent
Solid showing in tough loss
February 17, 2017
QwiKeR had some solid moments in the tough loss to Red Reserve that saw Team 3G blow a 2-0 round lead at CWL Paris.
Team 3G opened up their CWL Paris showing with a frustrating loss to the newly minted Red Reserve squad, getting reverse swept by the former Orbit team. QwiKeR had some nice moments in the match, however, and that started in Round 1 Hardpoint. He popped a six streak to give 3G a strong lead, getting his team to within 30 points of a victory, a victory they would achieve. He had a quiet Round 2 Search & Destroy, and Round 3 Uplink was an exciting affair that saw the slaying go back and forth. QwiKeR played a solid defensive game in the match. He turned it on in Round 4 Hardpoint, notching a big triple kill to put Team 3G in fighting distance of the Red Reserve lead. He was the best player early, but had little help from his teammates. He started off Round 5 Search & Destroy with a 0/7 KD in the first seven games, but turned it around in Game 9 with an ace. He forced a Game 11, a game they would go on to lose.
Free Agent
Big moments in big win
February 11, 2017
QwiKeR had some big moments in the sweep over The Imperial on Day 2 of MLG Atlanta. He posted a KD ratio of 56/44 in the win.
While QwiKeR was never the star, his role was key to the sweep. He had a huge kill late in Round 1 Hardpoint, ending endurAAA's nice hold of the objective, and really putting Team 3G on the homestretch towards victory. He had another key kill in Round 2 Search & Destroy, winning game three. This was extra important because 3G dropped the first two games, so he stopped the bleeding. They would go on to win the next five games. He did not have the Round 3 Uplink performance that Niall did, but he led his teammates on multiple runs and was a key bodyguard, racking up the kills en route to an easy win.
Free Agent
Late game slayer
January 29, 2017
QwiKeR couldn't compete with an 85/74 KD against eLevate on Day 4 of MLG London.
QwiKeR tried to hold his own against the slaying power of eLevate, but it proved too much to handle. eLevate's Zed and Reedy slayed hard in the early game. QwiKeR, meanwhile, found some very strong footing in the late game. Round 3 Uplink saw QwiKeR post a 31/25 KD that helped clear lanes for Niall to get some nail-biting dunks. Thanks to Niall's movements and QwiKeR's slaying, Team 3G was able to clutch out a great win in Round 3 Uplink. Round 4 Hardpoint was also incredibly close with QwiKeR pulling a 29/18 KD and a 1:13 objective time. An eight killstreak from QwiKeR gave Team 3G the momentum needed to stagger eLevate. QwiKeR called in Bombardments and Trinity Rockets to clear lanes, letting Team 3G tie with eLevate. But in the end, QwiKeR couldn't clutch the final seconds needed to score a win.
Free Agent
Nice showing despite loss
January 29, 2017
QwiKeR had a nice performance despite the disappointing 3-1 loss to Splyce that saw Team 3G's CWL London hopes vanish on championship Sunday. He posted a 81/85 KD in the loss.
QwiKeR had a well-rounded performance in Round 1 Hardpoint, despite Team 3G falling 250-195. The team as a whole struggled to stay on the objective, as Splyce had a strong game. QwiKeR was one of two members of Team 3G to have over 50 seconds on the hill -- he just did not get the support from his teammates. He continued his solid performance in Round 2 Search & Destroy, getting the final kills in game 6, and a key stop of MadCat in game seven to stop a run and keep the game even -- they would eventually win the game and the round. He continued to be a solid player in Round 3 Uplink, but he was the only Team 3G member to do much of anything -- he was consistency getting kills, but did not have the support to move forward with the drone. He was a key member of the 100-point comeback Team 3G staged in Round 4 Hardpoint, alongside Zerg. However, the comeback was quelled and Team 3G were sent home early.
Free Agent
Leads a decisive win
January 28, 2017
QwiKeR led the charge with a 56/35 KD against Aware Gaming on Day 3 of MLG London.
QwiKeR has dealt with some messy roster changes since October, but it seems that Team 3G is none the worse for wear. QwiKeR had a confident, but also close, game that capitalized on the big weakness of Aware Gaming: teamfights. The early game of Round 1 Hardpoint was viciously close as both sides traded the lead within ten points of each other. But as Team 3G found themselves grouping on the Hardpoint, suddenly they were running away with the game. Scoring a KD and a five streak let Team 3G break Aware Gaming. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw QwiKeR outfox Aware Gaming several times, such as Game 5 when QwiKeR forced a gunfight on their flank when Aware Gaming left a site briefly open. Forcing teamfights seemed to be the general strategy for Team 3G. By the end, QwiKeR walked with a triple positive 9/3 KD that round. Round 3 Uplink was QwiKeR's best as he scored an outstanding 35/18 KD and three throws even though he spent most of the first half carrying the ball.
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