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Teaming with Lethal Gaming
April 14, 2018
Nelson will align with Lethal Gaming, the organization confirmed on Thursday.
Neither organization nor player have been in the spotlight much recently, as the former Pro League player in Black Ops III did make it into pool play during the CWL Dallas Open, but has failed to achieve a similar mark in the next three open events. He'll team with SupremeAgility, Mochila, and Johnny heading into the CWL Seattle Open.
Finds new organization before CWL Atlanta
January 29, 2018
Nelson will team with InControl Gaming, the organization relayed over the weekend.
Nelson continues to jump between different organizations, never catching on with anyone for very long. He's expected to team with Riviction, Demise, and former Enigma6 slayer MRuiz heading into CWL Atlanta.
Leaves Rocket Esports
January 18, 2018
Nelson is no longer on Rocket Esports and will be looking for a new team to qualify for Stage 2 of the CWL Pro League.
It's tough to keep track of which roster Nelson is on at any given week, as the slayer has bounced between a variety of different clubs since the start of the new competitive season. With a bevy of Pro Points under his name, it's likely Nelson will catch on with another organization prior to Stage 2.
Leaves for Gosu Crew
January 4, 2017
After being released by Trigger Happy, Nelson is expected to join Gosu Crew for MLG Atlanta.
Nelson has been a part of variety of squads since gaining notoriety on 100 Thieves back in the CWL Stage 2 season, but each of his teams have failed to live up to their expectations, Trigger Happy being the latest example. While we await the rest of the Gosu Crew roster reveal, the team will likely compete at MLG Atlanta, either in the group stage portion, or more than likely, the open bracket portion of the event.
Free Agent
Picks up new roster for 2017
November 2, 2016
Nelson will lead a new roster for MLG Las Vegas consisting of himself, ProoFy, Sinful, and Twizz.
It's important to note this team does not have an organization, but that should change as we approach the start of the CWL season. Nelson has struggled to find a consistent team throughout the better part of last year, bouncing between a handful of organizations after the conclusion of each event. Given the team's expected skill level, as well as Nelson's history, it seems likely the roster could switch around after the start of the Call of Duty World League. For now though, this roster shapes up to be a potential contender in MLG Las Vegas, but likely not one of the top-tier teams overall.
Likely to join Apotheon Esports
September 28, 2016
Nelson has allegedly signed with Apotheon Esports, and the team is expected to compete at UMG Orlando.
In a since-deleted tweet, Nelson suggested he was looking for another team heading into UMG Orlando, which means this team consisting of Johnny, Maux and DraMa is by no means set in stone. A divisive personality within the Call of Duty community, Nelson is arguably the most talented player on the announced Apotheon roster, but his skill might not be enough to carry the team to a solid finish at UMG Orlando, should the group stick together.
Free Agent
Will become free agent
September 8, 2016
Nelson announced his free agency in a tweet on Wednesday.
Arguably one of the best players on PNDA Gaming during the team's run through the World Championship, it seemed likely that Nelson would opt to move onto another team after TuQuick announced his retirement from the scene. Considering Nelson's less-than-sterling reputation after a disappointing stint with 100 Thieves, it remains to be seen whether he can make it back onto a CWL team in time for the newest iteration of the game.
Tries to compete with the best
September 2, 2016
Nelson was a top-tier player for PNDA Gaming, but had trouble competing with OpTic Gaming on Day 2 of Call of Duty XP.
There was a shining light for PNDA Gaming, and it was Nelson. While he was battered by OpTic Gaming in most rounds, Round 2 Search & Destroy saw Nelson basically solo all of OpTic Gaming with an unbelievable 12/2 KD. He carried his team for a round victory with snappy kills. This was no best seen in game eight of Round 2 where Nelson was able to clutch a kill on Crimsix, and in game five when Nelson used his Glitch to lure out half of OpTic Gaming from the bomb plant as his partner, TuQuick, cleaned house. But Nelson couldn't copy his success in the other rounds, where OpTic Gaming stomped PNDA Gaming. Nelson ended Round 4 Capture the Flag with an 11/22 KD.
Free Agent
Let go by 100 Thieves
July 8, 2016
Nelson has been released from 100 Thieves, the team reported on Thursday.
In one of the least-surprising moves of the year, 100 Thieves didn't even wait one day to announce the release of their entire roster following the conclusion of Season 2, in which the team finished in last place with a 4-18 record. Nelson, in particular, has had a checkered history with the new organization, reportedly walking away from the team in May, only to come back on after a flurry of other roster moves. Of the starting four members to end the season with 100 Thieves, Nelson posted the worst KD ratio (0.83) and generally looked out of sorts during games. He'll likely be forced to rehabilitate his reputation on an up-and-coming unit before making it back into the CWL.
Nelson: Listed as starter despite controversy
May 24, 2016
After reportedly walking away from 100 Thieves, Nelson is expected to rejoin the team, team owner Nadeshot reported Monday.
While the situation surrounding the 100 Thieves roster seems to get more bizarre by the minute, it appears at the very least that Nelson will likely keep his spot on the team, if only because the team burned through both of its allotted transaction moves, picking up both Aches and Remy in the last two weeks. Nelson's struggles are well documented at this point, but he could be a candidate to rebound upon his poor numbers with the leadership of the aforementioned Aches and Remy.
Free Agent
Nelson: Leaves team after 2-6 start
May 19, 2016
In an inpromptu tell-all message, Nelson announced his leave from 100 Thieves, proceeding to knock his team's performance while building up his own. If you look at just his KD numbers (0.81), though, the statistics would say he also factored in the team's lack of success. While Nelson has been one of the main slaying presences for 100 Thieves thus far, that isn't saying much, as the team has managed to win just two of their eight contests this season. 100 Thieves will now be forced to use one of their two roster moves available to them during the season. However, with the market potentially drying up thanks to multiple former pro players joining teams in an effort to compete at MLG Anaheim, it will be interesting to see who the team may be able to pick up to replace Nelson.
Nelson: Struggles during loss
May 11, 2016
Nelson struggled during Tuesday's loss to Dream Team, finishing with a 59/79 KD.
Not much has went right for the newest team to join Stage Two, as 100 Thieves has rarely been able to put up much of a fight, only winning their first contest of the season. The trend certainly continued on Tuesday, with Nelson in particular failing to make the necessary plays. In the deciding Round 4 Capture the Flag, Nelson tried to turn the contest around, scoring the second flag capture for his team, a pivotal move considering time was beginning to tick down in the game. However, a poor use of his Heat Wave specialist during a failed flag steal set the stage for a productive Dream Team counterattack, as 100 Thieves would drop Round 4 and game.
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