John Cookson 
United States
Free Agent
Finds organization in the form of Lethal Gaming
April 14, 2018
Johnny has joined Lethal Gaming, the organization confirmed on Thursday.
The former GGEA Blue slayer has found a new home in the form of Lethal Gaming, who released their roster which after a third straight open in which the team failed to earn a pool play spot. It'll be Johnny's third stint with the fledgling organization. You could argue that Johnny has had the most success in Call of Duty: World War II compared to any of his teammates, but back-to-back dismal open bracket finishes likely have this team on the outside looking in at pool play come the CWL Seattle Open.
Released from GGEA Blue
April 4, 2018
Johnny has been released from GGEA Blue, the organization relayed on Tuesday.
Perhaps the most well known name left on GGEA Blue after FA5TBALLA jumped to Morituri Esports, Johnny helped Rogue finish with a respectable 17-24th place finish at the 2017 Call of Duty World Championships, but struggled to find an organization entering Call of Duty: World War II. The former 2016 Stage 2 participant (100 Thieves), Johnny preceded to place 21-24th in the first two major Open events of the competitive season despite coming from the open bracket, but dismal finishes at CWL Atlanta Open and CWL Birmingham Open opened the door for his release. Johnny will team with SupremeAgility for Stage 2 Relegation, with the opportunity to return to the CWL Pro League looming heading into CWL Seattle.
S&D Star in sweep loss
January 13, 2018
Johnny had one truly excellent round in the 0-3 loss to compLexity Gaming on Day 2 at CWL New Orleans.
Round 1 Hardpoint and Round 3 Capture the Flag were nothing more than average for Johnny -- he was at or around an even KD in both, and he hardly impacted either round. The first round nearly went GGEA Blue's way, as they took multiple leads and played a strong game, but they did not have the firepower to keep up. The third round was tough for EEGA Blue -- they got stifled at every turn, and could not push the envelope enough. Round 2 Search & Destroy, however, was a different story for Johnny. After a rather slow start, he went off with 11 kills off in a row. He put them on his back, and carried them to a 5-4 round lead that they ended up blowing after 11 rounds.
Free Agent
Playing for GGEA
January 7, 2018
Johnny will be playing under the organization GGEA, the second team signed by the group in recent days.
Johnny's team, which consists of FA5TBALLA, SupremeAgility and Stamino may struggle to make it out of the open bracket at CWL New Orleans. However, given the team has been consistently in the top half of tournaments thus far this year, there's a chance this roster as currently constructed could make its way into the World Championships at the end of the year.
Free Agent
Released from Team SiNister
December 14, 2017
Johnny has been released from Team SiNister, the player announced on Wednesday.
One of the leaders of Team SiNister, it was a bit surprising to see Johnny hit free agency, especially considering the team did make it to the championship bracket at CWL Dallas, finishing in 21st-24th place.
Free Agent
Playing under Team SiNister
December 6, 2017
While it's not clear why his former organization, Rogue, was forced to drop the roster, Johnny and the rest of his team will enter CWL Dallas under Team SiNister, a relatively small organization in the Call of Duty scene, but an org nevertheless. Team SiNister will compete in the open bracket portion of the event this weekend.
Remains on Rogue
November 20, 2017
Johnny and the rest of the Rogue roster will be returning to the organization to begin the Call of Duty: World War II season.
This felt like a formality, given Johnny and GodRx had remained tight-lipped about their roster/organization prior to the start of Call of Duty: World War II. As a result, Rogue will be one of only a handful of rosters who qualified for the 2017 World Championships to stay the same.
May be released from Rogue
November 1, 2017
Johnny and the rest of the Rogue roster may be released, the player suggested in a tweet on Tuesday.
While Johnny made sure to say "may be exploring new options" in his initial tweet, it sure appeared to be all but confirmed in this Reddit thread, which suggested Rogue would be picking up Mboze's new team in replace of Johnny and company. While an announcement hasn't been made one way or another, expect a roster change to come soon from Rogue.
Hardpoint master despite loss
August 10, 2017
Johnny managed just a 68/80 KD when Rogue was eliminated from Pool H Call of Duty Champs 2017 after a rough loss to Enigma6 on Thursday.
Johnny's claim to fame in this series was his ridiculous 2:20 in Hardpoint time in Round 1. He was absolutely electric with his rotations in the match, as Enigma6 couldn't do anything at all to stop him. That was just one round, however. From then on, Rogue forgot how to close out maps in what ended as a 3-1 loss. Despite having a sizeable lead in Rounds 2, 3, and 4, they were picked apart by E6 in the late stages of each round. Johnny was a horrendous 45/64 in those rounds during the loss.
Qualifies for 2017 CoD World Champs
July 28, 2017
Johnny and the rest of Rogue have qualified for the 2017 Call of Duty World Championship after finishing in the top eight of the North America Last Chance Qualifier.
The only team to not have a single player with previous World Championship experience, Rogue will certainly have their work cut out for them as they attempt to climb up the ranks. Johnny is likely the most well-known name on the team, having previously played for KingPapey and *gulp* 100 Thieves in 2016.
Signs on with Apotheon Esports
September 28, 2016
Johnny has joined Apotheon Esports and will compete at UMG Orlando, the team announced on Friday.
A former player on the 100 Thieves team that went 4-18 during the Stage 2 season, Johnny will be joining fellow 100 Thieves teammate, Nelson, as well as surprise additions Maux and DraMa on a new-look Apotheon team that managed to place 17th-24th at Call of Duty XP. Depending on which teams wind up attending the last event of the Call of Duty: Black Ops III season, Apotheon could be poised for a decent run in the tournament.
Free Agent
Johnny: Let go from 100 Thieves
May 24, 2016
Johnny was released from 100 Thieves on Monday.
After the team opted to pick up Aches in favor of Nelson, it appeared another roster domino was likely to fall in the near future. However, no one could have predicted that it involved bringing back Nelson after he appeared to smear the team on his way out. Putting Nelson in the substitute roll allowed 100 Thieves to bring him back onto the roster if necessary--a move that, in hindsight, should have put the rest of the roster on notice. There still could be more drama that plays out with Johnny's former team as Stage 2 progresses, but it seems unlikely that the slayer will find his way back onto a CWL roster in the near future.
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