Eddy Maillard 
Free Agent
Leaving Team Prismatic behind
September 24, 2018
Malls is a free agent entering the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 season.
It's not a surprise to see Team Prismatic fall apart, as the majority of the roster came together out of necessity in an effort to qualify for the 2018 Call of Duty World Championships. Malls finished the pivotal tournament with a 0.89 KD across 10 maps, with his best individual map coming against eUnited where he earned a 25/13 KD in Capture the Flag.
Free Agent
Not listed as a part of Vitality
May 15, 2018
Malls is no longer on Vitality, the organization confirmed last week.
It's not a stunning development given Vitality felt out of the CWL Pro League thanks to a series of relegation losses. While it's unclear where Malls may be headed next, the new Vitality roster certainly appears to be formidable with the likes of QwiKeR and Tommey in tow.
Chokes when it counts
March 1, 2018
Malls made some big plays for Vitality during the start of their series against Red Reserve, but he ends up falling short at the end as they were reverse swept 3-2 on Tuesday in the CWL Pro League Division A.
Malls had a strong initial showing when Vitality clutched a victory against Red Reserve in Round 1 Hardpoint, where Malls scored an impressive 30/24 KD and 1:33 of hardpoint control time. Malls's best performance was yet to come, however, and in Round 2 Search & Destroy it came, where Malls walloped an off-guard Red Reserve with a monstrous triple-positive 10/3 KD, including two bomb plants and a defuse to boot. Unfortunately, from here it was a downward spiral for Malls, as in Round 3 Capture the Flag, no one on Vitality was able to score a single flag capture, as Malls fell with a negative KD of 13/17. Malls attempted to rebound in Round 4 Hardpoint with a break-even KD of 23/23, but Red Reserve were able to clutch their victory over Vitality by less than 20 seconds. Malls' Round 5 Search & Destroy performance was the polar opposite of Round 2, as there he only scored a 4/7 KD, bringing a disappointing end to what might have been a Vitality victory but ended in a choke.
Inconsistency derails chance of an upset against Team Kaliber
February 22, 2018
Malls had the potential to help Vitality gain ground against Team Kaliber, but an uneven performance sinks Vitality 3-2 to team Kaliber on Day 8 of the CWL Pro League Division A
Malls had some vigor to his play during this series, but you wouldn't know it during Round 1 Hardpoint, where he and the rest of Vitality were thoroughly schooled by Team Kaliber, Malls only ending up with a 9/21 KD. The vigor came out during Round 2 Search & Destroy, where Vitality's renewed focus took Team Kaliber by surprise, and Malls' impressive KD of 8/5 helped them claim a round victory. The momentum didn't last, though, as Vitality were educated again by Team Kaliber in how to win Round 3 Capture the Flag,. Malls attempted to strike back at Team Kaliber that round with a flag capture to his name, but his KD of 15/23 didn't help things. Malls had another solid round in Round 4 Hardpoint with a KD of 22/20, and the second-most hardpoint control time of his team at 1:34. Malls ultimately couldn't clutch the victory against Team Kaliber, however, in Round 5 Search & Destroy, where he put up one final negative KD total of 4/5.
Mauled by a rabid Echo Fox
February 21, 2018
Malls was simply powerless to stop Echo Fox from steamrolling Vitality 3-0 on Day 7 of the CWL Pro League Division A.
Malls simply did not keep up with the pace Echo Fox were setting for the series, and it cost him and his team dearly. Malls fell as easy prey to the guns of Echo Fox during Round 1 Hardpoint, where he only managed a negative KD of 29/37. Surprisingly, Malls did get some decent kills during Round 2 Search & Destroy, but he was only able to break even in KD with 7/7. Finally, in Round 3 Capture the Flag, Malls was flattened by Echo Fox, as he scored the worst KD of Vitality with a mere 13/22, and didn't even get any flag captures, as Echo Fox easily smacked Vitality aside to sweep the series 3-0.
Makes an valiant effort
January 30, 2018
Malls tried in vain to strike down OpTic Gaming in a 3-0 loss on Day 4 of Stage 1 CWL Pro League.
Malls had the makings of a decent game here, at least for himself. He was, in a couple of instances, able to clutch fights against the titans of Call of Duty only to lose due to a lack of support. This was perhaps most evident in Round 2 Search & Destroy and Round 3 Capture the Flag. In Game 3 of Round 2, he made a long flank behind OpTic Gaming only for the rest of his team to lose the fight. Then, in Round 3, Malls secured a five killstreak, but again, due to his teammates dropping in mid-lane, he couldn't build on his momentum.
Utterly destroyed by Rise Nation
January 24, 2018
Malls faltered heavily in a 3-0 sweep at the hands of Rise Nation on Tuesday in Stage 1 of the CWL Pro League.
Day 1 of the Stage 1 CWL Pro League was not a good day for Malls, as he was pushed around all series long. His one bright spot was Round 1 Hardpoint, where he did the best of his team, finishing with a 24/25 KD and 55 seconds of hardpoint control time. Malls was obliterated by Rise Nation in Round 2 Search & Destroy as he only got a single kill the entire round on his way to a weak KD of 1/8. Malls did score a flag capture for Vitality in Round 3 Capture the Flag, but it was his only moment to shine as Vitality was bounced in 3-0 fashion.
Signs on with Vitality
November 5, 2017
Malls will be joining Vitality for the new competitive season, the organization announced on the weekend.
Malls was released from Supremacy in September after a nearly two-year stint with the organization, setting the stage for him to join Wailers on the new Vitality roster. While neither Wailers nor Malls had a consistent level of success in 2016-17, both managed to qualify for the 2017 World Championships and will be looking to do the same this season as well.
Let go from Supremacy
September 27, 2017
Malls has been released from Supremacy, the organization announced on Monday.
Malls and Supremacy qualified for the 2017 Call of Duty World Championships by virtue of the European Last Chance Qualifier, and predictably failed to make it out of the group stages, despite falling into a relatively easy pool. That being said, an extended run at CoD Champs likely wouldn't have been enough for Malls to stick around on Supremacy long term, simply because his time with the organization may have run dry, having partnered with them for the better part of two years prior (save for a small stint with Millenium).
Qualifies for 2017 CoD World Champs
July 3, 2017
Malls and the rest of Supremacy qualified for the Call of Duty World Championships by navigating the European Last Chance Qualifiers.
Supremacy was always expected to make it through the European Last Chance Qualifiers, winning both series 3-0 to qualify for the August tournament. They'll have a tough time knocking off many of the North American elite, but there is a chance the roster could make a run into the top-16.
Held together Hardpoint rounds
June 24, 2017
Malls has strong Hardpoint maps in a loss to Red Reserve on Day 1 of CWL Sheffield.
Malls was a strong force for his team only the Hardpoint maps, which was a boon and a bane for Supremacy. Malls' performance in Round 1 and Round 4 Hardpoint helped Supremacy pull a comeback in Red Reserve's best game mode. It also meant that Malls didn't have much presence in the other two maps. In both Hardpoint rounds, Malls had an interesting turn-around during the second set of rotations. In Round 1 Hardpoint on Throwback, it was a break into the second Barn hill while roaming to hurt spawns. In Round 4 Hardpoint on Retaliation, it was with an excellent solo defense of the Destroyed Building point that allowed Supremacy to catch up to Red Reserve.
Solid start fades
June 16, 2017
Malls had a nice first round, but that's all, as Supremacy were swept by Fnatic on Thursday and eliminated from the Regulation tournament.
Malls was a huge reason why Supremacy was close in Round 1 Hardpoint. His 27/26 KD did not stand out, but he had 2:00 on the objective -- no one else on Supremacy had above 58 seconds on the hill. The lack of objective support by his teammates was Fnatic took the round. It would go downhill for Malls after that, however. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw Supremacy lose 6-0, and they only came close to winning in one game. Round 3 Uplink was poor for Malls. He had a throw-in to give them an early lead, but they would quickly squander it by giving up five unanswered points by wuskin. After that early throw-in, Malls had a 15/28 KD in the round. It was a tough match for him and Supremacy.
Dominant in win
April 15, 2017
Malls was a dominant force in Supremacy's sweep of Zealous eSports on Saturday at CWL Birmingham.
Malls went ballistic in the match against Zealous eSports, and it started right away. He had an impressive 34/20 KD in Round 1 Hardpoint, and tilted the map in Supremacy's favor often. He did not focus on the objective -- only 26 seconds -- but strong showings from teammates Eazy and Toto allowed for his focus to stay on the offensive. He continued the hot shooting in Round 2 Search & Destroy, getting the final kill in Games 2, 4 and 6. He had two early points in Round 3 Uplink, and Supremacy ran away with the round from there.
Tries to break the late game
February 17, 2017
Malls couldn't carry his streaks long enough in loss against Team Infused on Day 1 of CWL Paris.
Malls had a series full of clutches and whiffs that lost him the series. Malls clutched out Round 2 Search & Destroy with an 8/3 KD. The whole team was great at stacking and using cover to pepper Infused. Game 7 was a great example, where Malls set up by the tunnel and behind the van, where he was able to fire down MarkyB. Just around the corner was the rest of Supremacy. If Malls did lose the gunfight, then Infused would be weak, easy picks. Malls limped around in Round 3 Uplink on Frost, whiffing a huge play by falling off the map just before a push from MarkyB. Infused was able to get a dunk since Malls, who was holding submarine bay, was gone. Malls found some ground again in Round 4 Hardpoint on Throwback with a late-game seven-kill streak, but he whiffed his streaks and Payloads. On the third Barn Hardpoint, Malls dropped his Centurion, but it didn't find much use since he placed it too far from the middle of the point.
Joins Supremacy
February 1, 2017
Malls is expected to join Supremacy in replace of Hosterz, his former Millenium teammate mAxxie confirmed on Tuesday.
Malls finished with a 1.01 KD through 10 games at CWL London, as Millenium failed to make much of an impact at the tournament. The move certainly has created some animosity between the two French teams, but it remains to be seen how Malls will fit in with the new team, considering both appear to be far behind the other European elites.
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