Kade Jones 
United States
Enigma6 Group
Joining Enigma6 Group
October 25, 2018
Kade will join Enigma6 Group ahead of the upcoming competitive season.
Kade will return to Enigma6 after a successful competitive season with the organization during Infinite Warfare in which the slayer helped them finish 9th-12th place at the 2017 World Championships. While Kade failed to qualify for this past year's World Championships, he did post multiple top-24 finishes with Morituri eSports and EZG eSports at open events during World War II.
Teaming with EZG eSports
May 14, 2018
Kade will team with EZG eSports for the CWL Anaheim Open.
Kade was previously on Morituri eSports, but he'll align with EZG eSports ahead of the final Open event of the competitive season. There's certainly a chance Kade and company could earn a trip to the Call of Duty World Championships, but their new roster will need to gel quickly in order for that to happen.
Finds new roster
February 21, 2018
Kade will join Morituri eSports, the organization announced on Tuesday.
The roster is expected to compete at CWL Atlanta, but it remains to be seen whether or not the team can make it through the open bracket. It's been a long tumble for Kade since leaving Enigma6, spending stints with FLARE eSports and HavoK eSports to little success. He'll have to hope this new roster will have what it takes to make an extended run,
Free Agent
Reunites with MRuiz
October 2, 2017
Kade will be reunited with former Enigma6 teammate, MRuiz, on his new roster for Call of Duty: World War II.
Kade was the only member to not play with Projekt Evil during the 2017 Call of Duty World Championships, at the time aligning with Enigma6. However, Kade quickly became a free agent after the organization opted for an entirely different roster full of Search and Destroy standouts, Dashy, Bevils, and Decemate. Kade represents a solid upgrade on the roster, as he's expected to replace Tempo, but it's unclear how far this team might go in a tournament setting.
Free Agent
Released by Enigma6
September 23, 2017
Kade will hit free agency after Enigma6 Group announced their new lineup for Call of Duty: World War II.
This move shouldn't really come as a surprise given team captain, General, suggested in a Reddit thread that he would be working with an entirely new team heading into CoD: World War II. Still, Kade played fairly with Enigma6 last year and should be in prime position to find a different team before the start of the new season.
Struggles in series loss
August 12, 2017
Kade finished with a 73/85 KD during the team's 3-1 loss to Ghost Gaming on Saturday at the 2017 CWL Championship.
Kade's struggles began early in the series, when he posted a 16/28 KD and just 11 seconds of hill time during Round 1 Hardpoint, failing his team as they dropped behind 1-0. He played his best in Round 2 Search & Destroy, leading Enigma6 with 13/8 KD and three bomb plants. His biggest highlight came during the first round of Search, when he collected a nice three-piece soon after planting the bomb. He began the round 5/1, finishing 13/8 overall as Enigma evened up the series. Unfortunately, that was about it for him on the day, as he finished each of the last two rounds slightly below even and the team dropped both, leading to its elimination from the Championship.
Smooth operator as team rolls
August 11, 2017
Kade finished Friday's CWL Championship series victory against Mindfreak Black with a 62/52 KD.
While Kade's best round was likely Round 3 Uplink, he was a solid contributor across the board for Enigma6 in the series. He provided a 24/21 KD and 1:56 of hill time during the hard fought Round 1 Hardpoint victory. While his 4/5 KD during Search & Destroy doesn't bode well, he also served as the designated bomb carrier and recorded two bomb plants in the round as the team rolled to a 6-0 sweep and a 2-0 series lead. Kade exploded in Round 3 Uplink on the slaying front, posting a 34/26 KD -- the best mark on the team -- and providing a two point dunk on a slick use of his overdrive. He and Enigma6 avoided elimination from the Championship with a resounding 3-0 win over Mindfreak in the series.
Lackluster effort in series defeat
July 29, 2017
Kade completed Saturday's CWL Stage 2 Playoff defeat against Fnatics with an 80/85 KD.
Kade didn't play very well during the series, finishing with a positive round just once out of four maps. That came in Round 1 Hardpoint, when he compiled a 36/33 KD with 1:26 second of hill time. While he did plant the bomb twice during Round 2 Search & Destroy, his lack of slaying (5/8 KD) was a deterrent for Enigma6 as they surrendered an early 2-0 series lead to Fnatic. Despite a dominating showing in Round 3 Uplink by Enigma6, Kade struggled to the tune of a 21/22 KD and followed that up with another negative KD showing in Round 4 Hardpoint in a disappointing showing as the team dropped the series by a 3-1 score.
Falls behind
July 29, 2017
Kade lags behind his team with a 72/85 KD in a loss to eUnited on Day 1 of the Stage 2 CWL Playoffs.
While Kade is Enigma6's support player, and supports don't drop big KDs, Enigma6's scrappy playstyle demands excellent slaying. Kade wasn't able to provide that. Round 1 Hardpoint saw Kade drop a 22/22 KD, his best score in this series. Kade dipped to a 4/8 KD in Round 2 Search & Destroy as Enigma6 spread themselves thing trying to find picks instead of teamfighting. When Kade did try to go on the defense such as in Round 3 Uplink, he and Enigma6 looked out of place. Kade couldn't score critical kills at crucial moments, such as the beginning of the second half when eUnited's Prestinni scored an uncontested dunk. He closed Round 3 Uplink with a 24/29 KD.
Strong play in win
July 9, 2017
Kade had a great showing in the sweep over eLevate on Day 3 of Group Blue.
Kade had a great match, and it started from Round 1 Hardpoint. He went 24/13, with 1:28 on the objective in the dominant round performance that saw Enigma6 run out to a 180-54 lead, before capping off a 250-68 round win. Kade played a support role in Round 2 Search & Destroy, and chipped in a bomb defuse to win Game 7. This round was much closer, going 6-4 in Enigma6's favor. Kade had an excellent two-way game in the 15-5 win in Round 3 Uplink. He had 29 kills, and played some solid defense. He also got four of his team's points, en route to a sweep.
Demoralized by decisive Search & Destroy loss
July 9, 2017
Kade played solidly in the first couple of games against Ghost Gaming on Day 2 of Group Blue, but after a hard loss in Search & Destroy, Kade clearly lost steam, only notching an overall KD of 70/84.
When you're fighting an underdog team like Ghost Gaming, you can't let your guard down, even for a second, because they will take advantage of it. They clearly took advantage of Kade's mistakes, and Kade's morale suffered for it later in the series. In Round 1 Hardpoint, which Enigma6 won, Kade was on point with a 27/23 KD. But Round 2 Search & Destroy was where Kade made his costly mistakes, especially with two of his bomb plants which Ghost Gaming were able to defuse before Enigma6 was able to mount a response (although the bright side was Kade's positive 7/6 KD). Following that lesson in humility, Kade clearly suffered in the last two rounds which Ghost Gaming handily won, as evidenced by his Round 3 Uplink KD of 18/27 and his Round 4 Hardpoint KD of 17/28.
Below average in loss
July 8, 2017
Kade did not do much of anything in the sweep defeat to FaZe Clan on Day 1 of Group Blue.
Kade really struggled to get going in this one, and it stuck with him throughout the match. Round 1 Hardpoint was frustrating for Enigma6, as they got as close as eleven points down only to see FaZe Clan regroup and go on big runs. Once they were down 200-94, it was all but over. Kade went 20/26 with 43 seconds on the objective in the round. He did not move the needle at all in the 6-3 defeat in Round 2 Search & Destroy, struggling through it. Round 3 Uplink saw Kade's struggles continue, and they could not get over the hump in the 10-7 round loss. Kade went 21/26 with one point.
An exemplary S&D performance still couldn't stop OpTic Gaming
May 29, 2017
Like MRuiz on his team, Kade was solid during Search & Destroy, but he needs to step up his respawn game as he only notched an overall KD of 49/63 in Losers Round 2 of the CWL Global Pro League Stage 1 Playoffs.
There seems to be a pattern emerging with Enigma6 Group as of late - each player is good at a particular game mode, but their whole is less than the sum of their parts as they lack coordination. Kade is no exception, as like MRuiz, he needs to work on his Hardpoint to stay alive, as Round 1 Hardpoint for this series indicated. In that round, Kade only got a KD of 15/28. Round 2 Search & Destroy turned into Kade's best game mode, with a KD of 11/7, impressive considering OpTic Gaming still defeated his team that round. Round 3 Uplink saw Kade go negative again with a 23/28 KD, and he was only able to put a single point on the board, not enough to stop OpTic Gaming from ultimately flattening Enigma6 Group in a 3-0 loss.
Monster in the mid-game
May 27, 2017
Kade finds some uneven success with an 82/98 KD in a loss to Splyce on Day 2 of the CWL Pro League Playoffs.
After losing Round 1 Hardpoint and Round 2 Search & Destroy, Kade found a sudden burst of energy in Round 4 Hardpoint on Breakout. Scoring a 33/23 KD and 1:51 of objective time, Kade simply dominated Round 4 Hardpoint thanks to some excellent defense. While Proto secured the rotations, Kade defended the hills alongside his teammates. However, every point was a bloodbath as the game closed with an absurdly close 234-250 win. The biggest problem in the series was Kade's general lack of presence in other rounds. Despite scoring a round win, he needed to give a more consistent game in the face of titans like Splyce. Kade closed Round 5 Search & Destroy with a 4/7 KD.
Finds his momentum
May 27, 2017
Kade gave his team space with a 97/100 KD in a win over eUnited on Day 1 of the CWL Pro League Playoffs.
Much like Proto, Kade was much better in the late-game than the early-game. This was largely due to some freak incidents that lost Kade Round 2 Search & Destroy and Round 3 Uplink. In particular, Round 3 Uplink saw Enigma6 spawn-trapped by eUnited for close to a minute. Scorestreaks rained down on Enigma6's spawns and there was simply nothing Kade could do to break out of spawn. But in Round 4 Hardpoint on Retaliation, Kade did begin to break out. He didn't streak like Proto or MRuiz, but was able to hold points long enough for his team to rotate, such as the second Cathedral hill. Kade closed Round 4 Hardpoint with a KD.
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