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Luminosity Gaming
Joins LG
October 12, 2018
Gunless will join Luminosity Gaming for the start of the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 season the organization confirmed on Wednesday.
One of the long-standing rumors of the 2018 offseason has finally been released, as Gunless will leave Rise Nation in order to join Luminosity Gaming. Gunless' rise has been immediate, as it was only two years ago that the slayer was making waves with the first iteration of eUnited at CWL Atlanta. Easily regarded as one of the most dominant submachine gun slayers in the game at the moment, Gunless' decision to join Luminosity Gaming pairs him with arguably one of the most dynamic core of players in the game, as John and FormaL are also two of the best at their given positions. It remains to be seen who will round out LG's five-man roster, as JKap is expected to leave the organization in favor of eUnited, but no matter who it is, it's difficult to argue that this iteration of LG is not one of the organization's best iterations ever.
Lets his emotions get to him
August 18, 2018
Gunless fell apart in a 3-2 loss to Luminosity Gaming, getting knocked out of the tournament on Day 3 of the 2018 Call of Duty World League Championships.
Tempers could be seen flaring on stage as Luminosity Gaming pulled a stunning reverse-sweep on Gunless. Gunless was able to take control of the first half of the series, thanks once again to his flexible role. In Round 1 Hardpoint on Valkyrie, for example, saw Gunless slowly warm up across the map thanks to SlasheR opening lanes. Both Gunless and SlasheR rotated around the slow Luminosity Gaming in Round 2 Search & Destroy thanks to their hot shots. However, by Round 3 Capture the Flag Gunless and SlasheR heavily slowed down and were defeated.
On fire in big win
August 15, 2018
Gunless was living right from start to finish during Rise Nation's 3-1 win over Tainted Minds on Day 1 of CWL Champs.
Gunless looked to pick right back up where he left off at CWL Anaheim with a blistering performance in this series. Starting in Round 1 Hardpoint and continuing all the way to Round 4 Hardpoint, he was the lifeblood of this team. His best moment came in that opening round when he mowed through Tainted Minds for six kills in a span of just 30 seconds. He might have had some moments where he took his foot off the gas a bit later on in the series, but he was a dominant force for the most part and the team benefitted with a quick series win to open the day.
Slows down in a fast paced series
July 30, 2018
Gunless slowly ran out of steam in the Grand Finals loss to Team Kaliber, winning the first series 3-2 and losing the second series 3-1, at the CWL Global Pro League Stage 2 Playoffs.
Gunless didn't have an answer to Team Kaliber's scrappy playstyle. This was partly because Gunless' flexibility was hampered by his team's inability to switch to a triple SMG composition, forcing Gunless to run an SMG in both series. Even with Gunless stuck on an SMG, he still put out strong numbers across the Grand Finals. The first series fell firmly in Rise Nation's favor as both Gunless and SlasheR decimated Team Kaliber in Round 1 Hardpoint and Round 3 Capture the Flag. However, a lack of map awareness and flank defense cost Gunless both Round 4 Hardpoint and Round 2 Search & Destroy. The second series quickly became dire as both Gunless and SlasheR attempted to make "hero plays", taking uneven gunfights or overextending in order to find any kind of opening, putting Rise Nation in poor positions.
Rebounds after tough loss
July 30, 2018
Gunless got a chance to recover in a 3-1 win over Red Reserve in the Losers Final at the CWL Global Pro League Stage 2 Playoffs.
After a stellar weekend, Gunless finally got a chance to lay back, relax, and let his teammates take care of the slaying. Both Loony and TJHaLy were able to tear through Red Reserve thanks to two's hot hands in Round 2 Search & Destroy and Round 3 Capture the Flag. Gunless initially attempted to carry Rise Nation in Round 1 Hardpoint, starting the first set of rotations with a 15/9 KD. However, he failed to keep up that pace throughout the round. Subsequent rounds saw Gunless make the smart switch to a supportive role, supporting TJHaLy and Loony by holding spawns and securing kills.
Fades after strong start
July 29, 2018
Gunless did not follow up on his hot start in the 3-1 loss to Team Kaliber in the Winner's Bracket Final on Day 3 of the CWL Global Pro League Stage 2 Playoffs, knocking them to the loser's bracket.
The final two rounds were rough for Gunless, as they lost both rounds - Round 3 Capture the Flag after trailing for the vast majority of it, and Round 4 Hardpoint in an utter blowout that left them sitting on just 102 points. Gunless lost his slaying touch, as he struggled to pile any kills together in either round. He was excellent in the first two rounds, though. He was one of their best players in both Round 1 Hardpoint and Round 2 Search & Destroy. The former was their only win of the match, and Gunless notched 39 kills and 50 seconds on the objective. He and TJHaLy led them in the early going, and Gunless kept that up throughout the round. Rise Nation chaptalized on what looked like a Team Kaliber team that looked a little lost in the early going, and Rise Nation and Gunless took advantage. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw Gunless lead them to an eleventh game, but they lost it, losing the round.
Versatile performance in win
July 27, 2018
Gunless contributed in various ways, as Rise Nation topped Red Reserve 3-1 on Day 1 of the CWL Global Pro League Stage 2 Playoffs.
Gunless had a versatile performance in this match. Round 1 Hardpoint saw him dominate early, but not have a strong game slaying, necessarily. He went just 23/23, but had a strong 2:21 on the objective in the easy win. He switched roles in the middle of the round, and it helped his team take control. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw him shift into a consistent leadership spot, as he was their best player throughout the 6-3 win. Round 3 Capture the Flag was their only round loss, but he was excellent despite it. He had 27 kills and both of his team's flag caps, helping lead them to overtime, which they would lose. Round 4 Hardpoint saw he, TJHaLy and SlasheR put together an absolutely dominant three-headed attack, as the three of them lead Rise Nation to a 250-98 win.
Three out of four great rounds
July 19, 2018
Gunless did not positively contribute to one round of the 3-1 win over Luminosity Gaming on Day 2, Week 8 of CWL Global Pro League Stage 2.
Gunless was good in every round but one: Round 3 Capture the Flag. Despite the win, and the strong team play from his teammates in the 2-1 win, Gunless struggled to do anything. He did not have one flag cap in the 2-1 win, and he went just 14/21. He could never find his footing in the close win, though his teammates were more than able to pick up his slack. He was great in the other rounds, even in their Round 2 Search & Destroy loss. He and SlasheR were the leaders for Rise, and the duo got them legitimately close to a win. Luminosity just had a little more depth, and they were able to outlast Gunless and SlasheR. His two Hardpoint performances, both round wins for Rise Nation, saw Gunless provide both solid slaying and decent Hardpoint time; he was not in the forefront, like he was in Round 2 Search & Destroy, but he was a key part of the first round blow out, and came up big down the stretch to come back in the fourth round.
Mostly average in loss
July 18, 2018
Gunless had his ups and downs, which resulted in a pretty average performance in the 3-1 loss to OpTic Gaming on Day 1, Week 8 of CWL Global Pro League Stage 2.
Gunless had his ups and downs in this match. Round 3 Capture the Flag was his clear worst round, but that is true for everyone on Rise Nation. It was a blowout, as they gave up all four flag caps in the first half, and never once came close to getting near a point in the round. It was a disaster for them from start to finish. The rest of his performance was rather innocuous; he went 32/32 with 51 seconds on the objective in Round 1 Hardpoint, 33/34 with 1:04 on the objective in Round 4 Hardpoint, and was a solid support player in their Round 2 Search & Destroy win. Overall, he slid into a more support-based role in the loss, which went well while they were leading, but he struggled when OpTic Gaming were dominating.
Finds way to assist slow teammates
July 12, 2018
Gunless was forced to step up in a 3-2 win over Mindfreak on Thursday of the CWL Global Pro League Stage 2.
Gunless' slow week only continued to be a glaring problem for Rise Nation as the rest of his team failed to step up. Fortunately, Gunless was able to find his stride by Round 3 Capture the Flag to help his team close out the win. Gunless' success could be attributed to SlasheR helping him push lanes to pin Mindfreak down into their own base. During that round Gunless was able to find his full suite of Scorestreask during the second half of the match to overtake Midnfreak. This support later translated in Gunless holding his own in duels in Round 5 Search & Destroy.
Struggles to find his footing
July 12, 2018
Gunless struggled to make his presence felt in a 3-0 loss to compLexity Gaming on Wednesday of the CWL Global Pro League Stage 2.
Gunless had an uncharacteristically slow series and lost to the underdog team, compLexity Gaming. While Gunless would warm up by the end of Round 1 Hardpoint, it was far from the performances he's become known for. His own flat performance wasn't helped his teammates, who struggled to pick up their pace as well. Gunless would find ways to keep the game close, such as in Round 2 Search & Destroy and Round 3 Capture the Flag, where he was able to provide some defense against compLexity Gaming's slaying
Overwhelmingly positive in loss
July 11, 2018
Gunless played very well, but that did not stop eUnited from reverse sweeping Rise Nation on Day 1, Week 7 of CWL Global Pro League Stage 2.
Gunless put in an incredible first two rounds, both of which were wins for Gunless. Round 1 Hardpoint and Round 2 Search & Destroy were two pretty similar rounds for Gunless. He was their main slayer in each, and he paced them in each. Round 3 Capture the Flag was both their first loss, and the first time Gunless struggled in the match. He went just 13/21 as their offense struggled to score just one point in the 2-1 defeat. Overall, their offense was completely stifled by eUnited's excellent defense. Round 4 Hardpoint saw Gunless struggle early but pick it up late, as he and TJHaLy went off to bring them within striking distance of a win. They ended up losing 250-207, but the late push led by Gunless and TJHaLy got them so close to a win. Round 5 Search & Destroy saw Gunless go off, netting 11 kills by the time Game 7 came around. Despite that, the depth of eUnited proved to be too strong, as Rise Nation could not keep up in the nine-game loss.
Plays everything and more as CWL Anaheim MVP
June 18, 2018
Gunless devastated Red Reserve in a double Grand Finals victory, losing the first series 3-1 and winning the second series 3-1, to win CWL Anaheim and the title of Rise Nation's MVP.
Gunless can simply do it all. From close-range to long-range, fast or slow, there's nothing Gunless can't succeed at in terms of gunfights. Simply put, he was the big reason that Rise Nation was able to be crowned champions of CWL Anaheim. In the first series, Gunless struggled to make much use of his gun skills. This was largely because Red Reserve played for spawns rather than teamfights. However, this meant Red Reserve excelled at Hardpoint and struggled in Search & Destroy, a weakness Gunless took full advantage of. Red Reserve also struggled to keep pace with Gunless' aggression, leading to him dominating the second series with consistent double and triple kills.
Overcame slow start in win
June 16, 2018
Gunless heated up after a slow start to the 3-1 win over Luminosity Gaming on Day 1 of CWL Anaheim.
Gunless overcame a slow start to put in a good overall performance in this match. Round 1 Hardpoint was won pretty handily by Luminosity, and Gunless had a hard time keeping up with them. He went just 20/31, as Luminosity dominated the kill feed and the objective. He was a solid support player in the 6-0 Round 2 Search & Destroy win and put together two excellent slaying rounds in Round 3 Capture the Flag, and Round 4 Hardpoint, two rounds that were won on the back of an impressive slaying display by all of Rise Nation. Gunless really came alive after the first round, and his slaying prowess was integral to the win.
Fails to secure fights
June 15, 2018
Gunless tried to rebound his team in a 3-0 loss to Team Kaliber on Friday of CWL Anaheim.
Gunless had a tough match in Team Kaliber. Team Kaliber had every type of battle on lockdown, making it difficult for Gunless to flex from position to position. This became immediately clear in Round 2 Search & Destroy as Team Kaliber had a hot start. Neither Gunless nor Rise Nation could muscle their way through Team Kaliber's offense. It wasn't until Gunless took to flanking in Round 3 Capture the Flag that Rise Nation found any margin of success.
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