Matthew Piper 
United States
Luminosity Gaming
Strong early but faded late
August 19, 2018
FormaL started this match on fire but fell into inconsistent habits as Luminosity Gaming fell to eUnited 3-1 as they were eliminated from the 2018 Call of Duty World League Championships on Championship Sunday.
FormaL's first round and a half were very strong. Round 1 Hardpoint saw him start slow, though, as eUnited led, but he exploded and finished excellently. He ended up leading the lobby in both kills (43) and Hardpoint time (2:26), navigating Luminosity through their comeback, and keeping eUnited at arm's length as they finished off the round win. He and John were key in securing the final hill of the round, as FormaL infiltrated it and John cleaned up the scraps he left. Round 2 Search & Destroy started great for FormaL and Luminosity, as they led 4-0 and they looked utterly dominant. They quickly fell off, though, going 1-6 in the final seven games to lose 6-5. FormaL never really found stable ground again in the loss, going 19/21 in Round 3 Capture the Flag and 29/32 in Round 4 Hardpoint. The rounds were eerily similar, as FormaL was a very stop and start player in each - he would have really strong stretches, but struggle to keep them going for long, and Luminosity had a hard time slaying with eUnited.
Blasts apart Rise Nation
August 18, 2018
FormaL woke up in the late game to serve Rise Nation a 3-2 reverse-sweep on Day 3 of the Call of Duty World League Championships.
FormaL has stepped up to become Luminosity Gaming's powerhouse. And while he was slow to start, he quickly evolved into an unstoppable force. Round 3 Capture the Flag saw FormaL sweep the map in the second half with devastating shots, playing a strong defense to lockdown Rise Nation, His biggest round, however, was Round 4 Hardpoint on London Docks. There, FormaL opened the map with an impressive 7/0 KD by the end of the first hill. The strong slaying not only scored Luminosity early spawn control, but it also gave FormaL his full set of Scorestreaks.
Solid but low-key
August 15, 2018
FormaL was very good, but more on the subtle side, in the sweep win over Echo Fox on Day 1 of the 2018 Call of Duty World League Championships.
FormaL was rather low-key in Round 1 Hardpoint, as he laid back and let his teammates do the majority of the slaying. He ended up having a strong 1:46 on the objective, focusing his efforts there while his teammates were more aggressive. Round 2 Search & Destroy was his breakout round, as he and John dominated Echo Fox on every level in the 6-2 win. Round 3 Capture the Flag saw FormaL hit the 20 kill plateau alongside JKap and John, as the trio help shutout Echo Fox and finish off the sweep.
Struggles with inconsistency
July 20, 2018
FormaL was never able to find consistent ground in the 3-2 win over OpTic Gaming on Day 3, Week 8 of CWL Global Pro League Stage 2.
FormaL had issues with consistency in this win, and in many cases he was up and down within the same round. Round 1 Hardpoint and Round 2 Search & Destroy were examples of that. He started off both rounds very good, but he faded as the rounds reached their conclusions. They were not able to hold on in the first round, but they did pull out a win in the second round. Round 3 Capture the Flag saw him play a solid support role in the close win. John was their top man in the round, but FormaL did a lot of good on the defensive side of the game, and in support of his teammates. Round 4 Hardpoint saw him have a round similar to the first two; he started hot, but faded as the round went on and OpTic Gaming got in the lead. Round 5 Search & Destroy saw him put together a solid game in the 11-game win.
Comes alive at the very end
July 19, 2018
FormaL did not show up until the last round of the 3-1 defeat to Rise Nation on Day 2, Week 8 of CWL Global Pro League Stage 2.
FormaL took a while before he got into a groove in this match. The first three rounds were filled with up-and-down play for him, as he went just 15/19 with 40 seconds on the objective in Round 1 Hardpoint, and he struggled to do much of anything as Rise Nation ran through them to a rather easy win. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw him have his very good moments, but he was not their star; JKap filled that role, and John put it together late in the game to finish off their win. FormaL was a quality support player behind them. Round 3 Capture the Flag was a tight 2-1 loss, and FormaL's and JKap's struggles were a big reason why. Neither of them could slay at all (FormaL went just 16/22), and that really put their offense on hold. Round 4 Hardpoint was, easily, his best round. He had 28 kills and had 1:45 on the objective in the loss, though they were certainly close to forcing a round five. He and John led them to a 230-200 lead, but a strong late-game showing from Rise Nation pulled the rug out from under them.
Fails to pull ahead with Slacked
July 11, 2018
FormaL tired to lead his teammates in a 3-2 loss to UNILAD eSports on Tuesday of the CWL Global Pro League Stage 2.
FormaL attempted to help Slacked in overpowering a coordinated UNILAD eSports by flexing his full support role. But in the end, FormaL was unable to make the impact needed to defeat UNILAD eSports. In respawn modes, FormaL excelled thanks to his ability to easily flex between roles, such as on Round 3 Capture the Flag on Ardennes Forest, while supporting an aggressive Slacked. However, FormaL struggled in Round 2 and Round 5 Search & Destroy due to the team's inability to organize tactics. FormaL failed to pull of pinches with Slacked, such as in Game 8 of Round 5 Search & Destroy.
Doesn't bring the thunder
June 18, 2018
FormaL fell slightly short in a 3-1 loss to Red Reserve in a 3-1 loss in the Losers Final at CWL Anaheim, placing Luminosity Gaming in third place for the weekend.
FormaL may have been Luminosity Gaming's X-Factor all weekend, but he seemed unable to bring that fire in this series. This was despite FormaL's teammates creating a fast and aggressive environment that he could thrive in. Sticking close to his classic AR role, FormaL had to go toe-to-toe with Red Reserve's Rated and Zer0. He gave a solid performance, but he was never able to push out his opponents' spawns across to win control of objectives. While far from sacking his team, FormaL just needed to bring that extra mile to help Luminosity Gaming win the series.
Hot start is inconsequential
June 17, 2018
FormaL came out on fire in the 3-1 loss to Red Reserve on Day 3 of CWL Anaheim, as Luminosity Gaming were relegated into the loser's bracket.
FormaL had an incredible start to this match, putting in an excellent performance in their sole round win - Round 1 Hardpoint. He notched 38 kills in the round, leading the lobby, and added a strong 1:39 of Hardpoint time to his team's efforts. They needed every second of Hardpoint time in the 250-248 win, and FormaL's strong two-way performance was a big catalyst in the win. Round 2 Search & Destroy was a 6-2 loss, and FormaL was the only solid player for Luminosity in the round. They really could not do much of anything in that round, as a whole, despite FormaL's solid play. He continued his solid play in Round 3 Capture the Flag, but Red Reserve were firing on all cylinders, and their depth was far better than the depth of Luminosity. Luminosity just could not get their offense going in a consistent manner. Round 4 Hardpoint saw he, Slacked and John led them to a 153-107 lead, but they could not hold it, as impressive late pushes by Red Reserve dropped them to the loser's bracket.
Hot start to win
June 17, 2018
FormaL's best round was the first round of the sweep win over Enigma6 Group on Day 2 of CWL Anaheim, securing their spot in the winner's bracket.
FormaL did not have the best start to Round 1 Hardpoint, as Enigma6 shocked Luminosity and ran out to an early lead. Enigma6 hit the 100 point mark first, but that is when FormaL began to wake up and play well. He helped lead them to a 135-100 lead, though they would fall back down to lose their lead. That would not last, as FormaL and Luminosity won the round, as FormaL had an incredible end of the round to help secure the win. He went 30/23 with an impressive 1:43 on the objective in the win. Round 2 Search & Destroy was another close win, as they won in eleven games, and FormaL was a key part of that - as a support player. He was a solid and stable third wheel behind JKap and John. Round 3 Capture the Flag was, again, a close 4-3 win for Luminosity, but FormaL was inconsistent in this one. He went kist 14/16 in the round, struggling to consistently do damage against Enigma6.
Gets revenge against OpTic Gaming
June 17, 2018
FormaL took his former teammates for a ride in a 3-1 win over OpTic Gaming on Saturday at CWL Anaheim.
FormaL finally got to face off against his former teammates in OpTic Gaming. While he didn't drop massive numbers, he more than performed his role to slow down the game by shutting down long-range battles with his AR. After a sloppy Round 1 Hardpoint, FormaL and Luminosity Gaming stuck together in order to beat out a scattered OpTic Gaming. This strategy didn't truly payoff until Round 3 Capture the Flag on Ardennes Forest for FormaL. There, the map's long lanes provided decent sight lines for FormaL to spot out targets for his team. By watching lanes, he could also harass AR players like Methodz and Octane in long-range engagements.
Struggles to replicate first round performance
June 16, 2018
FormaL game out of the gates flying, but never found that level again in the 3-1 loss to Rise Nation on Day 1 of CWL Anaheim.
FormaL really had one good round in this match, and that came right away in Round 1 Hardpoint. He went 20/19, though the kills he provided were big. He was a key part of an early comeback, as Rise Nation actually held the lead in the early stages of the match. However, Luminosity really poured it on to run away with it. They would not have been in a position to win the round without him. He really struggled throughout the rest of the match and was not able to get a 1.00 KD in either Round 3 Capture the Flag and Round 4 Hardpoint. Round 2 Search & Destroy was a devastating 6-0 sweep loss. Overall, he and Luminosity really fell apart after Round 1 Hardpoint.
Slots himself into Luminosity's playstyle
June 8, 2018
FormaL finds his place in a 3-0 win over compLexity on Thursday of the CWL Global Pro League Stage 2.
FormaL and Luminosity Gaming have struggled across Stage 2. Luminosity's gameplay of out-gunning the oppenent hasn't worked despite FormaL's best efforts. However, this series saw that FormaL and Luminosity Gaming are quite good at map and spawn control. In Round 1 Hardpoint, FormaL was able to clutch up the late game thanks to a strong seven killstreak, built largely off of the back of Slacked's mid-game killstreak. The killstreak allowed FormaL to pin down compLexity's scattered spawns. From there, all FormaL had to do was hold a corner to score a round-ending set of Scorestreaks.
Can't find way to overcome former team
June 1, 2018
FormaL never got on stable ground against his old team in the sweep loss to OpTic Gaming on Day 3, Week 3 of CWL Global Pro League, Stage 2.
FormaL never really found his footing in his first game against his former team. He struggled pretty much from the get go, getting off to a 0/7 start in Round 1 Hardpoint before finishing 13/22. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw him struggle to slay with any consistency, and Round 3 Capture the Flag saw him go 15/21. It was an uncharacteristically poor slaying performance for FormaL, as OpTic Gaming put together three near-perfect rounds.
Hot after cold start
May 31, 2018
FormaL was great after a subpar first round in the 3-1 loss to Rise Nation on Day 2, Week 3 of CWL Global Pro League, Stage 2.
FormaL started off this match slowly, going just 22/28 in Round 1 Hardpoint, with 40 seconds on the objective. He did, however, pick it up after that and put in three strong rounds. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw him go off early, netting the first blood and final kill in Game 1, and an ace in Game 2. He ended up with 11 kills in the round, although they would not be able to get a win. Round 3 Capture the Flag, their only round win, saw FormaL play well, too, going 23/21. He was not in the spotlight much at all, but his very stable slaying was important for keeping Rise Nation's offense at bay. Round 4 Hardpoint saw him limp to a slow start, akin to Round 1 Hardpoint, but he had a strong end to nearly pull out a win, just barely missing out on forcing a fifth round. He went 29/21 with 1:35 on the objective, putting in three strong rounds despite the loss.
Announced alongside Luminosity Gaming
May 7, 2018
FormaL will join Luminosity Gaming, the organization confirmed on Sunday.
While the trade to send Octane to OpTic Gaming surely hurts, the loss should become with a little less sting after gaining FormaL. While it's clear personality issues eventually hindered FormaL's run with OpTic Gaming, it's misguided to assume the veteran player has lost a step, as he's still one of the more capable dual slayers in the entire game. It's unlikely FormaL will be able to reprise a similar role to that of Octane, simply because he did practically everything in terms of an AR presence, freeing up Slacked and John to get up close and personal with its opposition. But what FormaL lacks in skill he certainly makes up for in knowledge and experience. Luminosity Gaming isn't expected to lose much of a step in the competitive circuit with the addition of FormaL.
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