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OpTic Gaming
Can't figure out Red Reserve
March 11, 2018
FormaL fell apart in a 3-0 stomp from Red Reserve and gets knocked out of CWL Atlanta.
FormaL didn't have a stand-out slaying performance this time around, nor was he able to counter Red Reserve's strategies. FormaL played the same tactic as the previous series: securing Scorestreaks. While this works against teams like Team Kaliber and Luminosity Gaming, it doesn't work against the sly Red Reserve, a team that plays around with classes and map control. Because of Red Reserve's map presence, FormaL had to deal with wave after wave of players until he eventually fell. This was seen in Round 3 Capture the Flag when, in the second half, FormaL got easily boxed into poor spawns in the middle of the map.
Smoothly leads his team
March 10, 2018
FormaL controlled objectives with ease in a 3-0 sweep against the Lightning Pandaz on Day 2 of CWL Atlanta.
FormaL didn't have to do too much as Scump went nuclear on Lightning Pandaz. Instead, all he had to do was play smart in order to secure Scump's advantages. In Round 1 Hardpoint, this involved FormaL securing rotations with his team alongside Karma. The two of them played far from the point to pick off Lightning Pandaz as they attempted early rotations, such as in a fight for the first Turret hill where FormaL held the cavern with a double kill. In Round 2 Search & Destroy on Saint Marie Du Mont, FormaL wisely flushed Bomb B with grenades before attempting to attack the site. This allowed FormaL and his team to take out a dazed Lightning Pandaz with ease. Finally, Round 3 Capture the Flag saw FormaL play aggressively for the objective, always pushing forward with Crimsix and Scump to pressure his opponents' flag.
Gets by on the skin of his teeth
March 10, 2018
FormaL, like the rest of OpTic Gaming, had some clutch moments to seal a 3-1 victory over FaZe Clan on Day 1 of CWL Atlanta.
FormaL was barely scraping by this series, but he scraped enough to secure a victory against FaZe Clan nonetheless. Round 1 Hardpoint was evidence of this, where he and Karma held down the hardpoints late game to get a comeback victory against FaZe Clan, and FormaL barely notched a positive KD of 24/23. FormaL had an incredibly bad Round 2 Search & Destroy, where he was only able to get a single kill the entire round, ending the round with an abysmal 1/6. But Round 3 Capture the Flag was where he became Mr. Clutch, as a last second flag steal after Crimsix's last minute flag capture sealed OpTic's dominance that round with a 3-1 score victory, as FormaL went positive in KD with 18/15. Finally, FormaL would get the most hardpoint control time of his team in Round 4 Hardpoint with a whopping 2:20, and with a barely negative KD of 30/31, clutch Round 4 by a mere 10 seconds to get a 3-1 series victory over FaZe Clan.
Average at best in loss
March 2, 2018
FormaL faced a multitude of struggles in the sweep loss to Rise Nation, finishing off the Thursday portion of Week 6, CWL Global Pro League Stage 1.
FormaL was hardly at the top of this game in this match, and OpTic Gaming were thoroughly outclassed by Rise Nation in this one. His best round came in Round 3 Capture the Flag, and it was a completely vanilla performance by FormaL. He went 14/14 in the round, making him the only player on OpTic Gaming to hit a 1.00 KD (the rest of his team were below the mark). Those 14 kills were joint highest for his team, as well. The rest of his performance was riddled with below-average slaying. OpTic Gaming clearly as the talent to succeed, but they will need to perform better going forward.
Opens the map up for his team
February 28, 2018
FormaL gave his team some sorely needed momentum in a 3-1 win over Red Reserve on Wednesday of the CWL Global Pro League Stage 1, Division A.
FormaL made the small, but important, plays that gave his team something to build off of. In Round 1 Hardpoint, FormaL began the map with a five-kill streak by the second Hardpoint. Because of this, OpTic Gaming snowballed a minor, early lead into a dominant map win by keeping FormaL long enough for him to gain streaks. The lead also gave OpTic the room to play the kind of aggressive game they wanted. Then, in Round 3 Capture the Flag, started a train of three flag captures thanks to a bold counter-capture after Red Reserve burned their supply of Scorestreaks.
High variance in loss
February 21, 2018
FormaL had great rounds and downright terrible ones as OpTic Gaming were shocked by eRa, getting reversed swept in Tuesday's CWL Global Pro League, Stage 1 match.
Round 1 Hardpoint and Round 2 Search & Destroy gave the impression that this would be a simple one for OpTic and FormaL. FormaL went off in the former, going 29/18 en route to a rather easy win. eRa held tough for about half of the round, but eventually fell to an OpTic team that was more cohesive, and had all four members flying high. He played well in Round 2 Search & Destroy, though Karma was the one out in front. He had a big game in Game 8, winning a 2-vs-4 to finish the round. However, Round 3 Capture the Flag is where things began to fall apart. They lost 5-0 in the round, and it was never close; eRa turned the tables on OpTic, and smothered their offense at every pass. FormaL was abysmal, going 9/22 in the round. A performance like that does not always tank a team, but it puts them behind the eight ball, and the rest of OpTic could not overcome it. He was better in Round 4 Hardpoint, but he was still subpar. They were outslayed again, in large part to FormaL's 25/30 KD, with only Crimsix's and Karma's focus on the objective keeping them afloat. Round 5 Search & Destroy saw him begin poorly again, as they got out to a 5-2 deficit. He turned it up in Games 8 and 9, getting the final kills in each (including just barely getting to the bomb defuser in time to stop him), but they could not get out of the hole they dug themselves into.
Couldn't coordinate with his team
February 2, 2018
FormaL just couldn't coordinate an effective strategy with his team to counter a renewed Red Reserve in a 3-1 loss on Thursday during Stage 1 of the CWL Pro League.
FormaL said in an interview prior to this series that OpTic Gaming is the best team in competitive Call of Duty when they're working together. Apparently, during their match against Red Reserve, that teamwork was missing. Round 1 Hardpoint was an example of this, as Red Reserve bullied their way into the hardpoints and OpTic Gaming just crumbled under their assault, with FormaL only notching a KD of 30/32 that round. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw an even more heartbreaking defeat as Red Reserve defeated them by one game, with FormaL only scoring a KD of 3/8. OpTic got their act together during Round 3 Capture the Flag, where they significantly outscored Red Reserve in flag captures, FormaL nearly going double-positive in KD with 23/12. That teamwork quickly evaporated during Round 4 Hardpoint, however, as FormaL, along with the rest of OpTic, crumbled under Red Reserve's withering assault yet again.
Suffers a little but carries on to victory
January 31, 2018
FormaL didn't have put his best foot forward during OpTic Gaming's 3-1 win over Echo Fox on Tuesday during Stage 1 of the CWL Pro League.
Sometimes you just have a bad day, but FormaL didn't let that stop him completely. FormaL had a rough time of it during Round 1 Hardpoint where he suffered in KD with 19/21, but FormaL still persevered and tallied the most hardpoint control time of his team along with Crimsix that round at 1:52. FormaL buckled under pressure during Round 2 Search & Destroy, where Echo Fox handily defeated his team and FormaL himself only notched a 4/8 KD. But again he rebounded during Round 3 Capture the Flag with the rest of OpTic Gaming, his KD improving (but still negative) at 15/16. Finally, FormaL got his first positive KD of the series against Echo Fox with 22/20 during Round 4 Hardpoint, as he made a heroic last stand on the final hardpoint to close out the series for his team.
Obliterates with rifles
January 30, 2018
FormaL locked down lanes with a hot-hand in a 3-0 sweep of Vitality on Day 4 of Stage 1 CWL Pro League.
With Scump and Karma shutting down close-range combat, it was up to FormaL to lock down lanes. Fortunately, FormaL had no problem performing his role. Vitality simply couldn't stand up to FormaL's shots as Scump and Karma rammed their foots down Vitality's throats. Round 3 Capture the Flag saw this in action with FormaL performing three flag captures thanks to his tricky movements and smart shooting.
Struggles to put a winning strategy into action
January 23, 2018
FormaL pins down and buries Team Kaliber in a 3-1 win on Tuesday during Stage 1 of the CWL Pro League.
Team Kaliber proved to be an impressive opponent for FormaL, who clearly came into this match prepared with a strategy. FormaL knew that he could outslay Team Kaliber thanks to OpTic Gaming being the most decorated team in Call of Duty history, but actually getting the new-found rivals to stay down proved to be difficult. For example, in Round 4 Hardpoint on London Docks FormaL had to drop 49 kills to win the map by fourteen points. FormaL could slay but Team Kaliber often positioned for spawns close by. Trades simply went back and forth as his enemies rushed the hill at every instant. Luckily, the superior gunplay of FormaL allowed him to edge out the win.
Puts the team on his back in loss
January 13, 2018
FormaL was on fire in this series against Echo Fox, but his play alone didn't stop OpTic Gaming from taking a 1-3 loss on Saturday.
Try as he might have, FormaL simply couldn't get OpTic Gaming this win on his own. In just about every round, he was on top of his game and leading the charts for his team. He started Search & Destroy with a 10/2 KD, but even that couldn't prevent his team's demise in the round. He and Karma were pretty much the only ones showing up with any consistency, and with Echo Fox showing up ready to play, Optic was sent to the Losers Bracket.
Loses series with map picks
December 11, 2017
FormaL gets arrogant with map picks and loses 0-3 to Splyce, dropping out of CWL Dallas in the losers' finals.
For some strange reason, FormaL picked the exact same maps he played Splyce against early that day. And while FormaL may have been hoping for a guaranteed win, having beaten Splyce earlier on those same maps, Splyce is the kind of team that never plays the same way twice. FormaL had a strong start but relied too heavily on the old OpTic strategy of heavy slaying and early streaking. While FormaL was able to streak midway through Round 1 Hardpoint, it was a little too late for him and his team. Splyce knew they had to take their advantages early and were able to establish streaks early on. In subsequent rounds, FormaL struggled to find his tempo as Splyce blitzed him with SMGs in Round 2 Search and Destroy and Round 3 Capture the Flag.
Blinded by smoke
December 11, 2017
FormaL fell into the losers' bracket in a devastating 0-3 defeat to Team Kaliber on Day 3 of CWL Dallas.
Though Team Kaliber brought a surprising long-range focused strategy, FormaL couldn't make much impact on the game outside of Round 2 Search & Destroy on Ardennes Forest. This was because of the smoke and stun grenades Team Kaliber used to stall out OpTic Gaming. The smoke grenades were especially harmful to FormaL as they blocked his sights, which also meant he was forced into unfavorable positions just to get see onto Team Kaliber. Surprisingly, FormaL also largely stayed away from the sniper during Round 2 Search and Destroy. However, FormaL still was able to clutch the early game of Round 2 Search and Destroy, only to fall of late-game when smoke grenades became common.
A lot of good in win
December 10, 2017
FormaL did a lot of good things in the 3-2 win over Splyce on the third day of CWL Dallas. The win put OpTic Gaming into the final of the winner's bracket.
FormaL was the only member of OpTic Gaming to show up in Round 1 Hardpoint. He played rather well, but they were blown out 250-63 -- he could not make a dent in the explosive Splyce attack. He had another quick start in Round 2 Search & Destroy, and was a game-changer with his sniping ability. He tilted the map in OpTic Gaming's favor on more than one occasion, and they evened up the series. Round 3 Capture the Flag was similar to the opening round because of Splyce's dominance, but this time FormaL struggled alongside his teammates. Round 4 Hardpoint saw FormaL play well and provided a solid base for his team to build upon. FormaL struggled some in Round 5 Search & Destroy, but it did not really matter -- his teammates did the heavy lifting in the round, and they won what was an entertaining match.
More support in win
December 10, 2017
FormaL was not in the spotlight of the 3-1 win over Red Reserve on Day 3 of CWL Dallas, The win put OpTIc Gaming into the winner's bracket semifinals.
FormaL did not shine in every round, but he was a consistent and stable presence at the base of OpTic Gaming's attack. Round 1 Hardpoint was OpTic Gaming's only poor round, with FormaL and everyone (but Crimsix) hovering around a KD ratio of 1.00. They had trouble stringing any kills together, and Red Reserve did a great job of taking advantage of that. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw OpTic Gaming wake up and put together a strong game, with FormaL playing excellently. He steadily won gunfights and put OpTic at an advantage more often than not. He continued his support-based play in the next two rounds as OpTic coasted to a win. FormaL's solid play allowed for his teammates to take more risks, and that helped OpTic as a whole.
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