Ian Porter 
United States
OpTic Gaming
Riddled in inconsistencies
June 17, 2018
Crimsix had trouble finding stable ground in the 3-2 loss to UNILAD Esports on Day 3 of CWL Anaheim, as OpTic Gaming was eliminated from the tournament.
Crimsix struggled to slay in the first two rounds of this match. Round 1 Hardpoint saw him go 32/39 in the 250-203 win, though he did have 1:00 on the objective. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw him go kill-less through the first six games, before finally getting on the board in Game 7, in a 6-3 loss. He simply struggled to slay in these two rounds - even when OpTic was playing well, he had a hard time finding his footing in the slaying department. He overcame that in a big way in Round 3 Capture the Flag where they lost 4-0. He led constant pushes, but UNILAD kept pushing them back. He finished with a strong 23/15 KD in the loss. He struggled in the early going of Round 4 Hardpoint, though he turned it on late as they staged a very impressive comeback, overcoming a 190-100 deficit to win the round. His 22/24 KD does not look impressive on his own, but he did plenty of good things during their comeback. He had 1:26 on the objective, as well, in the win. He slid into a support role in a Round 5 Search & Destroy that they lost 6-5.
Fails to adapt the team
June 17, 2018
Crimsix struggled to coordinate in a 3-1 loss to Luminosity Gaming on Saturday at CWL Anaheim, falling into the Loser's Bracket in the process.
Though OpTic Gaming had a hot start, Crimsix couldn't coordinate his team against a defensive Luminosity Gaming. Crimsix was able to secure Round 1 Hardpoint by landing a seven killstreak and full Scorestreaks, allowing him to zone out Luminosity Gaming. But in subsequent rounds, Crimsix couldn't set the fast and aggressive pace he needed to thrive. Luminosity Gaming sat back and grouped up to hold flanks and spawns, stalling the game by covering each other. Crimsix attempted to hit the flanks of his opponents, but never as a group and throwing his team into uneven fights.
Scatters his opponents' spawns
June 16, 2018
Crimsix bullied Team EnVyUs at every turn in a 3-0 sweep on Friday at CWL Anaheim.
Crimsix went full "Crimbot" this series. Running his classic flex role, Crimsix was easily able to bully Team EnVyUs' frontlines alongside Scump. In Round 1 Hardpoint Crimsix started the first map hot by using his SMG to push his opponents' spawns. This was accomplished by Crimsix quickly rushing down Team EnVyUs in lanes and landing kills after they came off of spawn. The frequent double kills allowed Crimsix and Scump to stagger the enemy spawns, allowing OpTic Gaming to utterly dominate the map. Crimsix performed similarly even with an AR in Round 2 Search & Destroy. By just pushing into a limp enemy, Crimsix was able to find consistent kills.
Fought valiantly in blowout loss
June 8, 2018
Crimsix had some good moments but OpTic Gaming were outclassed in the sweep loss to Rise Nation on Day 3, Week 4, of CWL Global Pro League Stage 2.
Crimsix was far from bad in Round 1 Hardpoint. He easily led his team in kills with 21, and was a relatively tough out for Rise Nation throughout the round. He had absolutely no help behind him though, and they lost 250-74. He was nonexistent in the 6-1 Round 2 Search & Destroy loss, but led his team in kills again with 18 in Round 3 Capture the Flag. However, it was a similar story, as Rise Nation dominated and OpTic Gaming looked helpless in the 5-2 loss.
Limps to the end of loss
June 7, 2018
Crimsix had a poor final round in the 3-1 loss to eUnited on Day 2, Week 4, of CWL Global Pro League Stage 2.
Crimsix's worst round was the final round of the match. He went just 18/32 in the round, even struggling as they came roaring back from a 223-52 deficit to lose 250-153. They simply were down by too much, despite the impressive comeback. Round 1 Hardpoint saw him go 26/26; he never really went on a run, and a lot of that had to do with the strong play from eUnited. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw him give his team a chance, as he was 7/2 through the first five games. They were leading 3-2 at the time, but they would go on to lose four in a row to lose 6-3. Round 3 Capture the Flag was their only round win, and Crimsix was a key part of that. He had two flag caps in the 4-2 win, and he went a solid 17-13. He was a consistent, steady player throughout the round, as they dominated the map and flummoxed everyone but Clayster.
Not his usual slaying self in Hardpoint
June 6, 2018
Crimsix still has some kinks to work out in a 3-0 win against compLexity on Tuesday of Week 4 of the CWL Pro League Stage 2.
Something seems missing from Crimsix's normally all-star-caliber play, or at least it seemed so against compLexity, as newcomers Methodz and Octane stole the limelight from him. In Round 1 Hardpoint, he had a performance which was far below his usual par, resulting in a surprisingly lackluster 23/34 and only 44 seconds of hardpoint control time. Crimsix picked things back up in Round 2 Search & Destroy, where he went back into positive KD territory with a triple-positive 7/2, but he was still outscored by Octane that round. Crimsix seemed to be back in form for Round 3 Capture the Flag, where he got a flag capture and a positive KD of 32/27, but this time, Methodz beat him in KD. It's nice to see OpTic working as a team again, but Crimsix still has some rust to shake off.
Consistent force in win
June 6, 2018
Crimsix was very consistent in the 3-1 win over Mindfreak on Day 1, Week 4, of CWL Global Pro League, Stage 2.
Crimsix put together a strong performance in this match, even in their sole round loss. Round 1 Hardpoint saw him hover around a 1.00 KD until very late in the round. He popped off five kills in a row as OpTic Gaming put the finishing touches on their round win. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw OpTic as a team struggle, but Crimsix played very well individually. He was 7/2 through four games, and continued to play rather well throughout their 6-3 loss. Round 3 Capture the Flag saw him play well on both sides, netting three flag caps and 22 kills in the 5-1 win. His play was key for OpTic, as they ran away with it in the second half. Round 4 Hardpoint saw him play a solid game, going 22/18 with 31 seconds on the objective. It was a very easy win, 250-68, and his steady game helped get them there.
Solid respawn rounds in win
June 1, 2018
Crimsix had his best performances in the respawn rounds of the sweep win over Luminosity Gaming on Day 3, Week 3, of CWL Global Pro League, Stage 2.
Crimsix had a pair of nice respawn rounds surrounded by a weak Search & Destroy. Round 1 Hardpoint and Round 3 Capture the Flag were pretty similar rounds, as he had a 22/14 KD in the first and a 21/18 KD in the second. He was a very stable support player in each of the rounds, helping round out the depth for OpTic, which was a key reason why they were able to sweep Luminosity. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw him struggle, though his teammates picked him up in the eight-game win.
Slow, rock-solid game
May 30, 2018
Crimsix forced a slower, tactical game to sweep Tainted Minds with a 3-0 on Wednesdya of the CWL Pro League Stage 2.
A new patch launched on Wednesday making a series of minor changes that upset the meta. In order to counter this, in-game leader Crimsix had OpTic Gaming play a slow game built on fundamentals. This meant that in Round 1 Hardpoint Crimsix would always focus first on controlling spawns before daring to challenge hills. While this allowed Tainted Minds to keep Round 1 Hardpoint close with early hill rotations, Crimsix's slow tactics essentially guaranteed rounds. The slow game was perfected in Round 3 Capture the Flag as Crimsix was able to snowball the game with Scorestreaks by focusing on teamfights instead of sneaking flags out.
Excellent start to loss
April 21, 2018
Crimsix had a hot start in the 3-1 loss to Ghost Gaming on Day 2 of the CWL Seattle Open.
Crimsix had a very strong start in this match. He was an incredible slayer in the Round 1 Hardpoint win, leading them from beginning to end. He did not have much Hardpoint time (17 seconds), but his 31 kills were key - he was all over the map, and his strong slaying caused chaos throughout the map and allowed his teammates to mop up the Hardpoint time. After faltering in the middle rounds, he picked it back up with a solid Round 4 Hardpoint. He was much more balanced in this one than in the first, netting a 31/31 KD and an impressive 1:46 on the objective that led the lobby. He was one of their leaders during their early lead and kept it up as Ghost Gaming took the lead and the win.
Never found stability in loss
April 21, 2018
Crimsix never found a consistent place in the 3-1 loss to Team EnVyUs on Day 1 of the CWL Seattle Open.
Crimsix saw some struggles in this one, as he had a hard time getting his footing throughout the match. He did not do himself any favors when he got himself off to a slow start in Round 1 Hardpoint, limping to a 21/32 KD as Team EnVyUs ran away with the round late. They were simply outslayed by Team EnVyUs, and Crimsix was a product of that. After a poor Round 2 Search & Destroy in which he struggled to do anything as Team EnVyUs won in eight games, he put in his best performances in Round 3 Capture the Flag and Round 4 Hardpoint. He provided the best support to FormaL that any of his teammates gave, netting an 18/18 KD in the round. His 18 kills were second highest on the team, and his aggressive play helped keep Team EnVyUs at bay. Round 4 Hardpoint saw him play well again - he was the best player on his team - but he could not overcome the strong Team EnVyUs performance.
Overcomes unexciting start
April 9, 2018
Crimsix had a poor start, but forgot about it quickly in the 3-1 winner's bracket final win over Luminosity Gaming on Day 3 of the CWL Stage 1 Playoffs, securing their spot in the Grand Final.
Round 1 Hardpoint was an utterly forgettable round for Crimsix. Not only did they lose the round, but Crimsix saw a ton of struggles in the round. He never was able to get up to par with the strong slaying done by Luminosity Gaming, and his 23/42 KD shows that. It was not the start that Crimsix envisioned. However, he turned it around to put together three strong rounds. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw him dominate the early portions of the match, as he and FormaL helped keep them afloat while Luminosity Gaming were flying to start. He had a very consistent showing in the round, finishing with nine kills in 11 games. He was a key part of their three-headed attack, alongside Karma and FormaL. Round 3 Capture the Flag saw him have a insane first half showing, netting 14 kills and the team's first flag cap. The second half saw them play more defensive than the first, so his overall performance was neutered a little bit - he finished 22/19. His first-half performance made his entire round a very good one, however. Round 4 Hardpoint saw him run out to a hot start, netting eleven kills before the team hit the 70 point mark. He kept up his strong play, as he finished 43/33 with 1:47 on the objective. He did the yeoman's work for OpTic, leading the team in both kills and Hardpoint time - without his strong play, they certainly do not finish this match in four rounds.
Cracks under pressure at the CWL Stage 1 Championships
April 9, 2018
Crimsix attempted to lockdown FaZe Clan in a double Grand Finals loss at CWL Stage 1 Playoffs, losing both series 3-2.
Crimsix did little fundamentally wrong, but FaZe Clan somehow found ways to clutch up insanely uneven odds. H knew he had to shutdown FaZe Clan's aggression with his own blistering SMG, which he pulled off excellently in both respawn by pressuring his rivals on objectives. He was even aware of FaZe Clan's common Search & Destroy tactics. But it wasn't enough. This was best seen in the first Round 2 Search & Destroy on London Docks in Game 8 and Game 11. In both rounds, Crimsix was able to open up the map with a few kills by controlling the area around Statue. Then, when it came down to a 1-vs-3 in OpTic's favor, FaZe Clan pulled off some incredibly risky plays to rip Crimsix.
Lights up Team EnVyUs in Search & Destroy
April 8, 2018
Crimsix brought the heat against an unprepared Team EnVyUs as OpTic Gaming won 3-1 against Team EnVyUs on Day 1 of the CWL Pro League Stage 1 Playoffs.
Sometimes Crimsix is called the "Crimbot," and during this series, it was easy to see why. He almost dropped a 40-kill bomb onto Team EnVyUs during Round 1 Hardpoint, ending with an impressive KD of 39/23 by round's end. Crimsix was undoubtedly the star of his own show in Round 2 Search & Destroy, where he got the majority of kills on OpTic Gaming, almost half of the team's total to be precise, and ended with a shocking KD of 11/3. He started to falter in Round 3 Capture the Flag, however, for while he got two flag captures and a KD of 18/26, Team EnVyUs managed to turn the tides in their favor for the round during overtime. The tides quickly shuffled back into OpTic Gaming's favor, though, in Round 4 Hardpoint, where Crimsix scored a KD of 23/21 and OpTic Gaming drove nails into the coffin of Team EnVyUs by a 99-point margin.
Nearly bullys Splyce
April 2, 2018
Crimsix tired to control the pace in a 3-2 loss to Splyce in the Loser's Bracket Semifinal at CWL Birmingham, slotting into 4th place at the event.
Crimsix went "Crimbot" this series, but that meant little when he had no map control. Splyce was able to rotate around him in Round 4 Hardpoint and Round 5 Search & Destroy, negating whatever kills he scores with closer spawns. However, Round 3 Capture the Flag was won thanks to Crimsix. In the first half, he scored an important double kill that shut down a push from Splyce and allowed his team to rally a flag, gaining Scorestreaks in the process.
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