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Consistent performer in win
July 18, 2018
Scump was the most consistent member of OpTic Gaming in the 3-1 win over Rise Nation on Day 1, Week 8 of CWL Global Pro League Stage 2.
Scump was a solid and reliable performer in this one, and it started right away. Round 1 Hardpoint saw him run out in the early stages to lead OpTic Gaming. He fluctuated a bit in the round with a down portion towards the middle, but finished off strong to be a part of a three-man attack with Methodz and Octane that helped win them the round. Scump was really good in Round 2 Search & Destroy as well, especially in the latter stages of the round, but Rise Nation were able to outplay OpTic Gaming despite his strong play, and OpTic suffered their only loss of the round. Round 3 Capture the Flag was a complete blowout, as OpTic ran out to a 4-0 lead and held it through the second half to win the round. Scump was solid but unassuming in the win, going just 20/20 in the round. Interestingly enough, the easiest win in the round was probably his worst round individually; he was far from bad, he was just laid back while his teammates really took control. Round 4 Hardpoint saw him take a more central role again. He and Crimsix led them while Methodz and Octane really struggled to do much of anything. Scump kept his pace going as Methodz and Octane picked it up, as OpTic Gaming took the lead and ran with it.
Excels in the middle rounds
July 18, 2018
Octane's best rounds were the second and third rounds of the 3-1 win over Rise Nation on Day 1, Week 8 of CWL Global Pro League Stage 2.
Octane's two best rounds were in the middle of this match. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw Octane play well, though it turned out to be the only loss they would suffer in this match. Round 3 Capture the Flag was his best round by far, and also was the biggest blowout of the match. He led the lobby with 31 kills (and paired it with only 14 deaths) in the 4-0 win. He was everywhere, and his slaying was a big reason why Rise Nation's offense was nonexistent. He helped stop push after push. The two Hardpoint rounds (Round 1 Hardpoint and Round 4 Hardpoint) were pretty similar ones for Octane; he was an up-and-down slayer (25/25 in Round 1, and 28/33 in Round 4), doing most of the work on the Hardpoint (1:00 in Round 1, and 1:12 in Round 4). His best stretch in either of the two rounds came at the end of Round 4, as he picked it up down to stretch to hold the OpTic lead, and secure the win.
Mostly strong play in win
July 18, 2018
Methodz was good for the majority of the 3-1 win over Rise Nation on Day 1, Week 8 of CWL Global Pro League Stage 2.
Methodz only found struggles in the final round of the win: Round 4 Hardpoint. He struggled quite a bit in the early part of the round; he and Octane could not find their footing, as OpTic Gaming kept themselves within striking distance of Rise Nation's lead due to Crimsix and Scump. Methodz picked it up down the stretch, however, as OpTic Gaming took and held onto a lead. He ended up with a 29/35 KD, with 1:07 on the objective, largely due to that late-game push. The rest of his performance was excellent, however. He was a dominant slayer in Round 1 Hardpoint and Round 3 Capture the Flag, as he earned a 59/40 KD in those two rounds combined, and he was a strong contributor on the objective in each. He had 1:10 on the objective in the first, and had two of his team's flag caps in the 4-0 blowout win in the third round. He added strong defense in the Capture the Flag round to his game, as well. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw him lead the charge, especially in the early going. He was solid, but they still fell in that round.
Blows up after slow start
July 18, 2018
Crimsix did not start this match well, but he ended it exceptionally well as OpTic Gaming beat Rise Nation 3-1 on Day 1, Week 8 of CWL Global Pro League Stage 2.
Crimsix had a rough first two rounds to this win. Round 1 Hardpoint was a close win for OpTic Gaming, but Crimsix was rather inconsistent. He had a solid 1:11 on the objective, but he went just 20/31; he never found his footing in terms of slaying, but his teammates picked him up. He continued to be an inconsistent-at-best slayer in Round 2 Search & Destroy, though this round did not go in OpTic Gaming's favor. He picked it up in Round 3 Capture the Flag; the round was an utter blowout, as they took a 4-0 lead in the first half and sat on it in an easy second half. He went 18/14 with two of his team's flag caps; he was a very solid and reliable slayer, and did a great job providing staunch defense and strong offense. Round 4 Hardpoint was, far and away, his best round. He went a whopping 40/31 and had 2:00 on the objective. He was excellent in the early stages when Rise Nation were leading, and excellent down the stretch as OpTic Gaming came back to take the lead and finish off the win. His stability was key, and without it, a round five was very possible.
Focuses on objectives
July 13, 2018
Scump focused on the objectives rather than slaying in the reverse-sweep win over eUnited on Day 3, Week 7 of CWL Global Pro League Stage 2.
Scump was never in the spotlight in this round, as his contributions largely came on the objective rather than in the slaying department, especially in the respawn rounds. His best slaying performance by far came in Round 1 Hardpoint, where he went 32/33 with 55 seconds on the objective. He was not able to stop eUnited from coming out of nowhere to win the round late, however. Round 3 Capture the Flag saw him be the only player on OpTic Gaming to have less than 20 kills in the round, and was the only one to have a sub-1.00 KD (18/20), though he did provide a flag cap in the round. Round 4 Hardpoint was similar, as he had the only negative KD of any OpTic player (21/23), though he had 1:39 on the objective, second on the team. He was a solid support player in each of the two Search & Destroy rounds, as well. Overall, his teammates were doing so much of the slaying that he seemingly focused his attention elsewhere for the good of the team.
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