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Announced alongside Luminosity Gaming
May 7, 2018
FormaL will join Luminosity Gaming, the organization confirmed on Sunday.
While the trade to send Octane to OpTic Gaming surely hurts, the loss should become with a little less sting after gaining FormaL. While it's clear personality issues eventually hindered FormaL's run with OpTic Gaming, it's misguided to assume the veteran player has lost a step, as he's still one of the more capable dual slayers in the entire game. It's unlikely FormaL will be able to reprise a similar role to that of Octane, simply because he did practically everything in terms of an AR presence, freeing up Slacked and John to get up close and personal with its opposition. But what FormaL lacks in skill he certainly makes up for in knowledge and experience. Luminosity Gaming isn't expected to lose much of a step in the competitive circuit with the addition of FormaL.
Flew out of the gate in loss
April 21, 2018
Scump had a huge start to the 3-1 loss to Ghost Gaming on Day 2 of CWL Seattle.
Scump had a hot start to this match, playing well in Round 1 Hardpoint, but never really matched that in the three rounds that followed. The first round, which was also the only win OpTic would get in this match, saw him play a very strong objective-based game. He had a whopping 1:37 on the objective, leading the lobby in the category. While this was not the case for the entire match, he had a rather good slaying performance, going 22/20. Scump was a big reason why they had a big lead early on, and why they kept it, because of his play on the objective. He began to falter in Round 2 Search & Destroy, although he played well later in the round and got the final kill in Game 9. Round 3 Capture the Flag saw him limp to a 15/21 KD, and he could not come close to breaking through the strong Ghost Gaming defense in the shutout loss. Round 4 Hardpoint saw him play opposite to his other Hardpoint performance, as he sacrificed his strong objective play (getting just eight seconds in the round), but had a strong 30 kill showing. He did, however, die a lot, dying 36 times in the round. He was not bad, but he could not overcome the strong slaying performance from Ghost Gaming.
One poor round in loss
April 21, 2018
Karma had one poor round in the 3-1 loss to Ghost Gaming on Day 2 of CWL Seattle.
Karma had one sub-par round in this one, and that came in Round 3 Capture the Flag. A lot of his struggles in that round were due to Ghost Gaming - they were dominant, and no one on OpTic could do much of anything to stop it. The other three rounds were strong performances from Karma, in the win and the two other losses. Round 1 Hardpoint saw him put together a strong two-way showing in the win, going 28/20 with a 1:22 on the objective. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw him start strong, netting five kills through the first five rounds. He played well throughout as they fell in 11 rounds. Round 4 Hardpoint saw him and Crimsix steak OpTic out to an early lead. He kept up the good play as they lost their lead and eventually the round. Overall, Karma had three great rounds in this loss, and it is something to build upon for him going forward.
More low-key than usual
April 21, 2018
FormaL was more of a support player than usual in the 3-1 loss to Ghost Gaming on Day 2 of CWL Seattle.
FormaL was not on the frontlines of their only round win of the match in Round 1 Hardpoint, but he was an important piece of the puzzle. They won the round with relative ease, and FormaL did a lot of work, especially on the objective, to reach that end. He had a modest 18/18 KD, but his 1:32 of objective time was second on both the team and in the lobby. However, he did not have the best showing in the three losses they would suffer after this round. He did some good in Round 2 Search & Destroy, and was a strong support player behind Karma for large stretches of the round. Round 3 Capture the Flag, and Round 4 Hardpoint saw him suffer through his fair share of struggles. He had a sub-1.00 KD in each, as Ghost Gaming pitched a shutout in the former, and won with relative ease in the latter.
Excellent start to loss
April 21, 2018
Crimsix had a hot start in the 3-1 loss to Ghost Gaming on Day 2 of the CWL Seattle Open.
Crimsix had a very strong start in this match. He was an incredible slayer in the Round 1 Hardpoint win, leading them from beginning to end. He did not have much Hardpoint time (17 seconds), but his 31 kills were key - he was all over the map, and his strong slaying caused chaos throughout the map and allowed his teammates to mop up the Hardpoint time. After faltering in the middle rounds, he picked it back up with a solid Round 4 Hardpoint. He was much more balanced in this one than in the first, netting a 31/31 KD and an impressive 1:46 on the objective that led the lobby. He was one of their leaders during their early lead and kept it up as Ghost Gaming took the lead and the win.
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