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Will leave eLevate
August 22, 2018
Proto will leave eLevate following the team's 7th-8th place finish at the 2018 Call of Duty World Championships.
There's a chance Proto could return to eLevate, but at least for the moment he'll enter free agency along with the rest of his teammates. You could make a case that Proto presents the safest option for an inquiring team of the four eLevate players given he's spent time on Lightning Pandaz and Enigma6 in recent years, but for whatever the reason he's not viewed with the same type of tantalizing promise that we've seen in his peers. Proto is undoubtedly good enough to play on one of the 32 best teams in competitive Call of Duty, but it remains to be seen which roster he'll land on to start Black Ops 4.
Leaving eLevate for now
August 22, 2018
Maux will hit free agency following eLevate's 7th-8th place finish at the 2018 Call of Duty World Championships.
There's something about the Maux/SpaceLy combo when the two hit the Call of Duty World Championship stage, as the duo finished in 7th-8th place for the second consecutive year. Maux is a bit more high profile when it comes to amateur talent, and with an influx of old talent attempting to rejoin the scene unlikely to repeat this upcoming season, he'll potentially be a hot commodity come the official start of free agency. There's a possibility Maux could rejoin SpaceLy, and even rejoin eLevate, depending on how the rest of the rosters breakdown, but it's a near certainty that Maux will be a hot name in free agency by the start of Black Ops 4 regardless.
Entering free agency
August 22, 2018
MajorManiak will enter free agency with the possibility of rejoining eLevate, teammate SpaceLy confirmed on Monday.
A 7th-8th place finish at the 2018 Call of Duty World Championships will surely raise the stock of MajorManiak, especially given the highest placement for the younger player prior to the most recent CoD Champs was a 25th-28th placement at the 2018 CWL Anaheim. Especially for an organization hoping to build for the future, MajorManiak seems like a safe bet to find his way onto a new team and figures to be a prominent, if not underrated, free agent as we head into the Black Ops 4 competitive season.
Not re-upping with eLevate at the moment
August 22, 2018
SpaceLy and the rest of eLevate will explore their options in free agency.
It's not surprising to see SpaceLy and company leave eLevate, especially after their 7th-8th place finish at CoD Champs will likely net them a better deal in the near future. Given SpaceLy at one point was resigned to coaching Luminosity Gaming and appeared all but out of the professional sphere it's a remarkable turnaround for the veteran player. There's an opportunity SpaceLy will return to eLevate, but it won't come until after the Black Ops 4 season starts, and it certainly won't come until after the player has exhausted all free agent options.
Earns first career spot at CoD Champs
July 26, 2018
MajorManiak will take part in his first Call of Duty World Championships after eLevate qualified by way of the Last Chance Qualifier.
Maniak's extended professional career began this past year with Lethal Gaming, but to date this is the slayer's best opportunity as a pro. A 25th-28th place finish at the CWL Anaheim Open with Impact Gaming represents his highest finish in a CWL-sanctioned money tournament.
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