Team Kaliber
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Leaves Team Kaliber
August 29, 2018
Accuracy, on Wednesday, announced he would be leaving Team Kaliber.
That means that all four members of the runner ups at the 2018 Call of Duty World Championship will be playing for a new team next year as Enable announced his free agency yesterday while Kenny and Fero officially joined 100 Thieves the same day. Where that leaves Accuracy remains to be seen, but it's no secret the confident slayer has earned his fair share of detractors throughout the previous campaign. That being said given the team's finish at the most recent Champs and his success throughout the entirety of the World War II season, it's likely Accuracy will catch on with a well known organization in due time.
Leaves Team Kaliber
August 28, 2018
Enable has announced his departure from Team Kaliber.
Following in the footsteps of both Fero and Kenny, Enable is the latest Team Kaliber member to announce his departure from the team. The moves come after tK narrowly missed out on the CWL Championship during a reset grand final loss to Evil Geniuses last weekend. While Fero and Kenny have since joined 100 Thieves, there's no word yet on where Enable will land. But with teams scrambling to construct new rosters in anticipation of the Black Ops 4 season, you can expect him to get picked up sooner rather than later.
Signs with 100 Thieves
August 28, 2018
Fero has joined the brand-new 100 Thieves roster for the upcoming Black Ops 4 season.
Well, that didn't take long. After Fero announced his departure from Team Kaliver on Tuesday eveninig, 100 Thieves followed it up by announcing the signing of both Fero and Kenny to the team's new roster. After being out of the scene since 2016, 100 Thieves has made a triumphant return to Call of Duty for the Black Ops 4 season. The two players might have missed out on the CWL Championship by losing in the grand finals to Evil Geniuses with tK, but that shouldn't put a damper on the relative value of these two players. Time, and the announcment of the rest of the team, will tell how this 100 Thieves roster will ultimately turn out, but they're certainly off to a great start.
Joins 100 Thieves
August 28, 2018
Kenny has joined 100 Thieves' new Call of Duty roster for the Black Ops 4 season.
100 Thieves is back in action. After announcing his departure from Team Kaliber earlier Tuesday afternoon, Kenny has been revealed as one of the first two members of the organization's new roster. While he certainly didn't end the WWII season on the best of notes, losing to Evil Geniuses in the grand finals of the 2018 Call of Duty World League Championship, Kenny is still one of the best players in the game. With him and Fero in tow, 100 Thieves is already making their case as one of the best rosters heading into Black Ops 4.
Tries to handle long-range fights
August 19, 2018
Accuracy failed to find momentum in a double Grand Finals loss to Evil Geniuses, winning the first series 3-2 and losing the second series 3-0, on Championship Sunday of the 2018 Call of Duty World League Championship.
Before Stage 1, Accuracy was known as one of the strongest AR players in the league thanks to his unique assault rifle perks. But as the meta evolved, Accuracy evolved into more of a support player, holding spawns and defending like many other AR players in the league. Accuracy attempted to regain his pre-Stage 1 glory, only to fall slightly short. Accuracy would dominate the first series' Round 5 Search & Destroy on Ardennes Forest, as it was his best map and game mode, by landing a seven killstreak that secured the map and series win. However, the second series saw Accuracy falter as he was unable to contend with Evil Geniuses' double-AR composition, making Accuracy's opponent too strong to attack from long-range. Accuracy and Team Kaliber were unable to adapt to this dilemma in the second series, finding themselves blown out 3-0.
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Call of Duty
Qualifies for 2017 CoD World Champs
July 28, 2017
Team Kaliber qualified for the 2017 Call of Duty World Championships by virtue of finishing in the top-8 of the North America Last Chance Qualifier.
TK's roster has remained consistent throughout the better part of 2017, only swapping out ColeChan for Accuracy. Given the roster was fairly close to qualifying for both Stage 1 and 2 of the CWL Global Pro League, Team Kaliber is certainly able to put together a strong run on any given weekend. Whether they are able to do it at CoD Champs, however, remains to be seen.