Team Kaliber
United States
Blows away Rise Nation
June 15, 2018
Kenny completely dominated Rise Nation in a swift 3-0 win on Friday of CWL Anaheim.
Kenny was the key this series. His classic aggression and absurd movement skills won the series for Team Kaliber. His domination began quickly in Round 2 Search & Destroy on Valkyrie. The map went by in a lighting quick six games thanks to Kenny landing a ten killstreak by Game 5, not dying once until Game 6. The absurd KD easily handed his team five straight games to cause an insurmountable lead. In Round 3 Captre the Flag, he would again have a hot start by scoring a flag capture and full Scorestreaks two minutes into the match.
Holds down Rise Nation's most important player
June 15, 2018
Accuracy pinned down Rise Nation in a 3-0 win on Friday of CWL Anaheim.
While Kenny secured the close-range, Accuracy locked down the long-range battles. This was extremely important against the titanic Rise Nation, a team that employs SlasheR, one of the best ARs in the game. But Accuracy was able to go toe-to-toe with a flat SlasheR thanks to his clam and level head. On Round 2 Search & Destroy and Round 3 Capture the Flag on Ardennes Forest, Accuracy was able to secure lanes and pin down Rise Nation. In the final seconds of the second half, Accuracy was able to secure the map thanks to some key kills onto Rise Nation.
Leads his team agaisnt champions
June 15, 2018
Enable confidently led his team in a 3-0 win over Rise Nation on Friday of CWL Anaheim.
Enable may not have had the best KD, but he was able to lead his team to a decisive victory thanks to his leadership. This mainly involved Enable capitalizing on Kenny's and Accuracy's strong KD to bully lanes and secure spawns. During the listen-in of Round 3 Capture the Flag, Enable made key call-outs to help his team push lanes. His leadership was even clearer in the second half of Round 3 as he was helped sustain a strong defense during a stalemate. By simply holding back in his base, he was able to watch over lanes and his team.
Holds spawns as his team slays
June 15, 2018
Ferocitys sat back and let his teammates do the heavy lifting in a 3-0 win over Rise Nation on Friday of CWL Anaheim.
With both Kenny and Accuracy popping off, Feroctiys had to do little this series besides sit back and hold spawns. Even then, Ferocitys came under little pressure. In Round 3 Capture the Flag, the round where Ferocitys had to do the most work, he was able to hold his team together thanks to his solid SMG gunplay. On top of that, Ferocitys held the spawns together for his team. This would be vital in the final seconds of the series as Rise Nation desperately scrambled to secure a flag capture.
Tragically close round losses take their toll
May 26, 2018
Kenny and the rest of Team Kaliber were unable to clutch up when it counted, resulting in Evil Geniuses sweeping Team Kaliber 3-0 on Thursday of Week 2 of the CWL Pro League Stage 2.
Kenny had a hot start in Round 1 Hardpoint, where he scored the most kills of Team Kaliber with a KD of 33/30. Unfortunately, in competitive Call of Duty, kills aren't everything, and despite a valiant comeback attempt by Team Kaliber, Evil Geniuses shut down their hopes by a mere five seconds. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw a similar story, where Kenny and the rest of his team had a slow start but were able to push the round to a Game 11. However, the round would end tragically again for Team Kaliber, Kenny meanwhile ending the round with a negative KD of 5/8. Kenny sadly fell behind again in Round 3 Capture the Flag with a KD of 18/22, as yet another narrow round loss doomed Team Kaliber to be swept by Evil Geniuses 3-0.
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Call of Duty
Qualifies for 2017 CoD World Champs
July 28, 2017
Team Kaliber qualified for the 2017 Call of Duty World Championships by virtue of finishing in the top-8 of the North America Last Chance Qualifier.
TK's roster has remained consistent throughout the better part of 2017, only swapping out ColeChan for Accuracy. Given the roster was fairly close to qualifying for both Stage 1 and 2 of the CWL Global Pro League, Team Kaliber is certainly able to put together a strong run on any given weekend. Whether they are able to do it at CoD Champs, however, remains to be seen.