Most Wanted
United States
Finds new org prior to CWL Atlanta
March 8, 2018
QwiKeR will join Most Wanted ahead of CWL Atlanta.
QwiKeR didn't stick around on Millenium long, joining Braaain's new after the former respective players were unable to earn a spot into the CWL Pro League on their former rosters. Alongside his new team however, QwiKeR and company were able to win Stage 1 of the UK National Circuit and appear well positioned to make an extended run at CWL Atlanta.
Joining Most Wanted
March 8, 2018
Braaain will join Most Wanted heading into CWL Atlanta.
Braain had been playing without an organization for awhile, taking first place in the UK National Circuit alongside his teammates, Zed, QwiKeR and Peatie. Slotted in the open bracket at CWL Atlanta, there's a good chance his new organization could be primed to earn a pool spot at the LAN event.
Teaming with Most Wanted
March 8, 2018
Zed will join Most Wanted, the organization announced on Wednesday.
While the team has been without an organization for the entire UK CWL National Circuit Stage 1, Zed and company did manage to take first place without losing a single game. As a result, the team is expected to have a shot at earning a pool play spot at CWL Atlanta.
Potentially not playing at Atlanta
March 7, 2018
Censor is reportedly not participating at CWL Atlanta, Most Wanted's owner relayed on Tuesday.
Most Wanted appears to be crumbling apart, as Blazt is expected to join eRa Eternity ahead of CWL Atlanta, while Mochila is already announcing his free agency. It's a bizarre sequence of events for Censor following a tumultuous few months in which his Next Threat team failed to win Stage 1 of the CWL National Circuit. As a result, Censor will not take part in the LAN event, and has announced his free agency.
Rumored to change teams
March 3, 2018
Blazt appears to be unhappy with his current roster and could be on the move to another team.
While nothing has been officially announced, Evil Geniuses' slayer, NAMELESS, seemed to suggest on his Twitch stream that eRa Eternity could be making moves, with Blazt potentially on his way to reunite with his former teammates. It's an interesting proposition, especially given his frustrations with his current Most Wanted teammates, however, eRa technically cannot make any moves until the end of Stage 1. Those rules are meant to stop teams qualified for the playoffs from making any changes, but given eRa did not make it into the final four, they could simply be set to make a roster move upon the conclusion of Stage 1.
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Team News
Call of Duty
Qualifies for XP
August 24, 2016
Most Wanted shocked the world by qualifying for CoD XP after defeating StDx.
Most Wanted, the surprise of the North America qualifiying tournament, will make their first CoD XP appearance in their history after the close 3-2 victory over StDx in a tiebreaker match. The roster of Beehzy, JuJu, Spoof, Hate will try to continue to surprise the competition at one of the premier Call of Duty tournaments of the year. They were placed in Group F, alongside Infused, Team Kaliber, and Tainted Minds.
Call of Duty
Picks up second Call of Duty team
August 22, 2016
Most Wanted has picked up the team Corn, consisting of former CWL players Blfire and Methodz.
Located in Group E for the Call of Duty World Championship, the new Most Wanted organization will have a tough time moving on into the winners bracket, as they face formidable competition in both FaZe Clan and eLevate.