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October 12, 2018
Goonjar will join Evil Geniuses for the start of Black Ops 4, the organization confirmed on Thursday.
Goonjar thrived under Lightning Pandaz throughout World War II, dominating the CWL National Circuit and narrowly qualifying for the 2018 Call of Duty World Championships thanks to the Last Chance Qualifer. From there, Pandaz would register a 9th-12th place finish, becoming one of two teams to finish first in their respective pool after making it to the aforementioned tournament by way of the LCQ. Evil Geniuses organizationally is a step up for Goonjar from Lightning Pandaz, and other than Team Kaliber, who he had four separate stints with, represents one of the prestigious organizations in his entire career. However it remains to be seen if the team will perform better than last season, with a cobbled together group of explosive players giving the phrase "sink or swim" a whole new meaning.
Aligns with Evil Geniuses
October 12, 2018
Royalty will join Evil Geniuses, the organization confirmed on Thursday.
After selling their championship-winning organization in late September, Evil Geniuses made the move to acquire a jumble of available players, uniting two members of Lightning Pandaz, one player from eUnited, one from Echo Fox and the other from compLexity Gaming. Royalty figures to be one of the main slayers on this roster, and also presents the player with arguably the most career upside with the likes of Saints and Goonjar nearing the end of their respective runs. This roster should challenge for a Pro League spot, but its difficult to determine how high Royalty and company could reach in Black Ops 4.
Joins Evil Geniuses
October 12, 2018
Lacefield will play under the Evil Geniuses banner to begin Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.
Lacefield appears to be moving up in the world, shedding compLexity Gaming for Evil Geniuses, an organization that can lay claim to the 2018 World Championship, albeit with an entirely different roster than currently constructed. An aggressive slayer through and through, Lacefield figures to reprise the role he played under compLexity with his new team, as the likes of Saints, Felony and Goonjar are not known for their slaying tendencies. The unorthodox lineup should still compete for a Pro League spot in 2019, but it remains to be seen how high the ceiling may be.
Joining Evil Geniuses
October 12, 2018
Saints will join Evil Geniuses, the organization confirmed on Thursday.
Echo Fox's decision to close operations on their Call of Duty team likely advanced the inevitable for Saints, as the veteran slayer didn't have the best season under the organization. He'll look to turn it around under Evil Geniuses, alongside a hodgepodge of cast-off players including Felo, Lacefield, Goonjar and Royalty. The in-game leader might have his work cut out for him, but after winning the 2018 World Championships, its clear that Evil Geniuses is not willing to go away quietly, acquiring a five-man lineup that should be in contention for a Pro League spot in 2019.
Left off eUnited, joins Evil Geniuses
October 12, 2018
Felony will join Evil Geniuses, the organization relayed on Thursday.
JKap's decision to join eUnited seemed to have a trickle down effect on the rest of the competitive Call of Duty landscape, opening the door for Evil Geniuses to acquire Felony. Back-to-back fourth-place finishes at the previous two World Championships, first with Rise Nation and then with eUnited, make Felony arguably underrated in the competitive landscape, particularly since he also finished in third place at the aforementioned event in Black Ops 3 under eLevate. Never a big statistical slayer, Felony's abilities as an objective player and "do-it-all" asset cannot be understated and he should fit in nicely under a new Evil Geniuses lineup that looks more like a Frankenstein-esque mashup than a competitive Call of Duty roster.
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