United Kingdom
Finds himself in free agency
September 18, 2017
SunnyB will be a free agent with Monday's news that Fnatic has released its entire roster.
With many analysts blaming Fnatic's uneven performance at the 2017 Call of Duty World Championships on SunnyB, it wasn't exactly unexpected to see him hit free agency. However, it was a shock to see Fnatic mulling the idea of leaving the Call of Duty scene entirely, tossing the entire roster into an increasingly crowded European free agency pool. Given SunnyB's relative success throughout 2017, it seems likely the European player will find a team heading into the new year. Whether or not his team remains in the conversation as one of the better in Europe, however, will depend on who he can team align with prior to the new campaign.
Officially a free agent
September 18, 2017
Tommey will be a free agent after Fnatic officially released its roster on Monday.
Simply put, one of the premiere veterans in the scene has now hit the market, with Fnatic opting to release its entire team while it contemplates remaining in the Call of Duty scene entirely. So long as Tommey chooses to remain in the scene he should have a long list of eligible suitors, with only Red Reserve really looking like a threat entering the new competitive season.
Leaving Fnatic
September 18, 2017
wuskin will no longer team with Fnatic and is expected to field a new lineup with his brother, Skrapz, to begin the new competitive season.
wuskin was one of a handful of rookies to explode onto the competitive scene, helping lead Fnatic to a respectable finish at the 2017 Call of Duty World Championships. While Skrapz remains mum on who the final member of the new team will be, a lineup of Skrapz, wuskin and Seany should already put the roster in elite company in Europe, with another strong season in international competition certainly in the cards should the team perform up to expectations in the new "boots on the ground" game.
Leaves Fnatic
September 18, 2017
Skrapz will no longer be teaming with Fnatic and already has a new team set up for the Call of Duty: World War II season, the player announced on Monday.
While North America's version of Rostermania has largely stagnated, Europe continues to make headlines with Fnatic's young duo of Skrapz and wuskin hitting free agency after a year with the organization. Given that Seany has also signed on to team with the twins, and a fourth player is mysteriously waiting in the wings, whatever organization that does end up bringing on the new team should easily be in contention for a top spot in the region, much less the world.
Cripples himself in tough series
August 12, 2017
wuskin drops out of the 2017 CWL Championships in a 3-0 loss to Luminosity Gaming on Day 3.
wuskin just couldn't surmount the massive uphill battle that Luminosity Gaming set up for them. While wuskin did have some good plays, it was largely a stomp. Round 1 Hardpoint on Scorch did see Fnatic have a good start until the first Turbine. wuskin broke Luminosity Gaming's hold early on Turbine, but Fnatic didn't get spawn control and were swiftly swept out as Luminosity Gaming spawned back in. Fnatic's surprising lack of map control is what doomed the series for the Europeans.
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Call of Duty
Potentially leaving CoD scene
September 18, 2017
The organization is contemplating leaving the competitive Call of Duty scene, Fnatic announced in a press release on Monday.
It's a bit of a surprise to see Fnatic leave competitive Call of Duty considering their success throughout the 2017 season, with the organization clearly intent on making waves in the League of Legends and Overwatch scene(s). However, they did leave the door at least a little bit open suggesting they will "provide an update on (their) status within CoD as soon as further developments are made".