Slated to join eRa
March 7, 2018
Blazt will leave Most Wanted, and is expected to rejoin eRa Eternity, Most Wanted's owner relayed Tuesday.
There might be Inception levels of irony tied to this status update. First, Blazt will be rejoining an eRa roster he effectively abandoned heading into CWL New Orleans, chasing what seemed like more of a sure bet to reach Stage 1 of the Pro League in Enigma6, only for his former team to narrowly earn one of the final North American spots, bumping out Blazt and company in the process. And the owner who purchased Blazt's former teammates is none other than the current Most Wanted owner, who was chastised repeatedly for swapping rosters throughout Call of Duty: World War II, only to leave the organization near the end of February. Blazt is well regarded as one of the better young slayers in competitive Call of Duty, but the personnel decisions throughout the 2017-18 competitive season have certainly left something to be desired. While rules pertaining to roster changes for Pro League teams suggest eRa might not be able to make a roster move until after the conclusion of Stage 1, the fact the team is in the relegation allegedly means it can field a new roster prior to CWL Atlanta without forfeiting its Pool spot.
Search & Destroy dominance in loss
February 28, 2018
Ricky had a sublime Search & Destroy performance, but did not do much else in the 3-1 loss to Rise Nation, during Day 1 of Week 6 of the CWL Global Pro League, Stage 1.
Ricky put in a truly excellent performance in Round 2 Search & Destroy, particularly in the latter stages of the round. He ended with double digit kills, in large part to his six combined kills in Games 9 and 10, winning the round in the latter. He was incredible, and was the push eRa needed to stop Rise Nation's three-game win streak from Games 6 to 8. His best respawn round was Round 1 Hardpoint, where he finished 21/20, the only member of Rise to get over the 1.00 KD mark. In the last two rounds, he was abysmal, getting thoroughly outslayed as Rise continued their dominance.
Weak start in loss
February 28, 2018
Ferocitys did some good things after a weak start, but eRa still lost 3-1 to Rise Nation on day 1 of Week 6 of the CWL Global Pro League, Stage 1.
Ferocitys worst round came in Round 1 Hardpoint. It was by far his worst round; he went 21/31, and got outslain by a strong Rise Nation performance. He looked sluggish out of the gate, and Rise took complete advantage. Round 2 Search & Destroy saw him turn it around, and he put together a strong showing. He, Bevils and late-round Ricky were dominant, and a big reason why they won the round. He ran out to a 5/2 start, and he built on it from there. Round 3 Capture the Flag saw Ferocitys be the only member of eRa to do anything against a strong defensive performance from Rise Nation. He went 11/5 early in the first half, and turned that into an excellent 24/16 finish. He had no teammate above 15 kills, however, as their offense was far from good enough to get through Rise's defense. Round 4 Hardpoint was a weird round for him. He had 30 kills, but he paired that with 30 deaths. It was a combination of Rise being great in the round, and Ferocitys trying to push the play as much as possible.
Struggles in loss
February 28, 2018
Decemate was bad in the 3-1 loss to Rise Nation, capping off day 1 of Week 6 of the CWL Global Pro League, Stage 1.
Decemate really struggled to get anything going in this match. He was outslayed by a Rise Nation team that has been running through everybody at Stage 1 of the CWL Global Pro League. He had a sub-1.00 KD ratio in each of the three respawn rounds, and played a support role in Round 2 Search & Destroy. The biggest two moments he had in the match were in that Search & Destroy round. He did a beautiful job of wasting time to win Game 4, and had the final kill in Game 9. Outside of that, it was a performance to forget.
Up and down in loss
February 28, 2018
Bevils was inconsistent as eRa fell 3-1 to Rise Nation, capping off the first day of Week 6 of the CWL Global Pro League, Stage 1.
Bevils did not get off to a good start in this one. Round 1 Hardpoint was a struggle for him, despite eRa getting off to a hot start, and keeping pace with Rise Nation for roughly half the round. He fell to Rise's superior slaying ability, going 19/29 in the round. He had a similar round in Round 3 Capture the Flag. He got their only flag cap, but he went 13/18 in the round. It was tough for all of eRa, as Rise Nation went into a shell in the second half, and executed it to perfection. Round 2 Search & Destroy was his best round. He and Ferocitys did the heavy lifting, and were key to the win. He went 4/2 early on, as they took their 4-1 lead, and they held on to for the win. He had a great start to Round 4 Hardpoint, going 6/2 and leading eRa to a 76-36 lead. However, they would give up the lead and lose easily.
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