FaZe Clan and Cloud9 Advance to ELEAGUE Major: Boston Grand Finals
FaZe Clan and Cloud9 Advance to ELEAGUE Major: Boston Grand Finals

The first semifinal matchup of the ELEAGUE Major: Boston came down to a very shaky Natus Vincere and the usual strongholds of FaZe Clan. Natus Vincere started on their map pick of Inferno as FaZe Clan made it look like it was theirs. FaZe got a huge start on the defensive side by shutting down the fast aggression towards the B-bombsite. With a huge lead early on, Na’Vi began to bring t back as the CIS-based team managed to reduce the deficit by one round. Unfortunately for Na’Vi, the momentum didn't carry over into the second half as FaZe’s offensive pressure was too much to handle in the 16-9 loss.

FaZe riding on full momentum after beating Na’Vi on their own map pick as the mixed Europeans dove into Mirage. The first half was pretty convincing as FaZe Clan blasted through the defense of Na’Vi as Egor “flamie” Vasilyev wasn’t going to have another record-breaking performance. FaZe took a five-round lead at the half and continued their reign in the second half as Danylo “Zeus” Teslenko and his men could only bring two rounds in the half, which handed FaZe Clan a grand final spot.

The final semifinal match up came down between SK Gaming and Cloud9, who have met previously at IEM Oakland with Cloud9 topping the Brazilians. The rematch came down to Cloud9’s map pick of Mirage as SK have been favorites since the KaBuM days. Although the North Americans of Cloud9 came out with fire in their bellies as their offensive side dominated SK with a 13-2 lead at the half. Cloud9 continued their dominance in the second half as SK could only bring forth one-round in the 16-3 loss.

The second map, Cobblestone, favored SK well as they jumped to a massive 7-0 lead early. Cloud9 did manage to get their defenses together and brought the deficit back to just one to close out a respectable first half. The second half was all SK as they didn’t give Cloud9 any room for error and evened the series 1-1 with a 16-8 win.

The decider came down to Inferno where both teams have been lights out throughout the tournament but Cloud9 looked the most prepared. SK jumped out to take the pistol but Cloud9 returned with vengeance as the North Americans shutout the Brazilians for a 12-3 half. Although starting on the favored side, Cloud9 had to keep their composure as SK could strike at any given moment on the CT-side. SK did manage to put Cloud9 on the run in the first early rounds of the second half, but Cloud9 established their economy and put the nail in the coffin to reach the Major grand finals for the first time, taking down SK 16-9.

For the second time in as many Majors, two teams who had never been to a Major grand final will face off. FaZe Clan. Cloud9. Who ya got?

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