FACEIT Pro League Comes to North America
FACEIT Pro League Comes to North America

FACEIT will return to North American Counter-Strike with a revamped Pro League.

In the new-look FPL, a limited amount of players will compete in monthly seasons with a weekly prize pool of $5,200 on the line. Each month two players — one from the FPL Challenger and one from the FPL qualifier — will have have a chance to secure a coveted spot in the FPL where they’ll get a chance to face off against CS:GO pros.

In conjunction with the FPL, there will be three regional leagues set up across North America -- West, Central, and East -- that will be the battlegrounds in which players try and make it to the FPL Challenger. Each region will be run by a different organizer -- Dust2.us (West), Mythic (Central) and Pregame (East) -- who will set up multiple divisions surging their respective regional leagues. The top 30 players from the highest division of each league will receive a direct invite to the FPL Challenger qualifier.

The qualifier will populated by the top 20 players from the Premium Masters League as well as the top 90 from the regional leagues across North America. The top five players from will then have a chance to play in the FPL Challenger over a two-day long qualifier. The limited amount of players will also have a chance to battle it out for $3,000 up for grabs each month.

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