IEM Katowice
What a difference a year makes. For the 2017 edition of IEM Katowice, Astralis were on top of the world after winning the ELEAGUE Major: Atlanta. Their prowess led to a big win over FaZe Clan in Katowice. Ever since, however, Astralis has failed to win a single event (outside of the Clash for Cash rematch with VP). Who will come out on top this time around? Will Astralis get back in form? Will Cloud9 follow the trend of Major win and then IEM Katowice win? Or will FaZe Clan or SK Gaming rise to the occasion with a big win? Only time will tell who'll come away with the crown at $250,000 top prize.

Event Dates:
February 27, 2018 through March 4, 2018

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