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Tempo Storm
Takes over in-game leader role
June 12, 2018
fox will take over the reigns in Tempo Storm, reports.
The 31-year-old will take over the in-game leader role from HS, who had been Tempo Storm's in-game leader since the team was officially announced. fox is no stranger to the position having led Team Dignitas and admitted the team "did not expect" to lose to Giants, who knocked the team out at Moche XL over the weekend. fox will guide his team at the next event, which Temp Storm have confirmed for Masters 2 -- a $10,000 online tournament.
Signs with Tempo Storm's new squad
May 6, 2018
fox is one of the five that have been added to the active roster of Tempo Storm, the organization announced.
The 31-year-old has been connected with the formation of a new international team, and we now know where they will find home. fox has been inactive since being released by Kinguin, where he helped the team win the Invitational over EXtatus. Now, fox will be part of the new European lineup in the blue and white jerseys of Tempo Storm, even if he will not be the in-game leader as expected. fox and company will head out to Lisbon where Tempo Storm were invited to the $50,000 Mercedes-Benz CS:GO Cup, which is set to start June 9.
Consistent in 2-0 series loss to Astralis
May 18, 2017
fox earned a 29/40 KD on Wednesday in a 2-0 loss to Astralis in the Esports Championship Series Season 3.
After a slow start from fox, his entry kills and early round odd-man advantages helped the team come back from being down 4-0 to tie the game 4-4. However, he ran out of offensive power in the remainder of the first half of Nuke for an 11-4 deficit at the half. Fox then contributed to the Dignitas' ten-round comeback in the second half, posting a firm 18/19 KD and 65.1 ADR. Astralis closed out Game 1 with five rounds against Dignitas to take Game 1 16-14. Game 2 fox struggled to find many kills in the second half for the offense, as only two rounds were won the first half down 13-2. fox then contributed to four rounds in the second half for an attempt to come back from the massive deficit, but Astralis took over for a 16-7 Game 2 win as fox posted an 11/21 KD and 55.4 ADR during Mirage.
Looks decent in disastrous loss to Na'Vi
January 25, 2017
fox posted a KD of 15/16 in SK Gaming's loss against Na'Vi in Tuesday's Group Stage match at the ELEAGUE Major.
fox looked like the most consistent member of SK during their disheartening showing on Dust2, picking up trade kills throughout the match. fox didn't have any spectacular, round-dominating performances like coldzera had, but his consistency in reducing Na'Vi's numbers gave SK small glimmers of hope. Dealing a team-high 88.5 damage per round, and posting a KD of 15/16, fox's performance would've been solid as a secondary carry if it weren't for the rest of SK failing to show up, dropping the game by a 16-3 score.
Overall quiet day for the stand-in
December 12, 2016
fox earned a 23/36 KD as a stand-in for SK in the 2-0 series loss to Astralis in the semifinals of the ECS Season 2 Finals.
fox, who is a stand-in for SK until after the ELEAGUE Major, had a quiet day against Astralis. Much like his teammates, fox remained that way in the first half until Round 12 where he earned his team a double entry kill on to the B-bombsite, securing the second round for SK. He then picked up a few trade-kills to help his team take three more rounds away for a 10-5 score at the half. He then started the second half with a defuse to secure the second pistol round. He then cleaned up the next two rounds with a double kill in each, giving SK their final round before falling 16-9. The start to Overpass as hard to watch as the team didn't come out to play until late in the first half. fox did manage to clean up Round 13 and give SK their second round won of the first half. SK finished the first half 4-11 on defense before taking on Astralis' defense to try and tie the series. However, fox and his team were unable to take a round away from Astralis, falling 16-4 with a 2-0 series loss.
Free Agent
Unimpressive as fnx replacement
December 10, 2016
fox went 8/16 in a 0-1 loss to Dignitas on Friday in Group B of the ECS Finals.
SK's CT-side sprung leaks everywhere on Overpass, but fox was perhaps the worst offender. He got off to a horrendous start, giving up entries to the B-site left and right, and SK couldn't hold off any executes as a result. His 51.9 ADR was the worst of either team. Eventually, SK took him off of fragging duties and shuffled him away from the action. If he can't improve his chemistry with the team, his stay will be brief.
Free Agent
Temporarily filling fnx's vacant spot on SK Gaming
December 5, 2016
fox will be standing in for SK Gaming in the hole in the roster that was made by fnx's departure, reports Jarek "DeKay" Lewis of Slingshot esports.
fox has been a free agent since leaving FaZe Clan in August and SK Gaming has been struggling over the last few months after absolutely dominating the summer of 2016. So it only seems fitting that the two are a good match for each other. SK won two majors in the span of three months during the summer, but have yet to finish better than second at an event since July. With the team itself saying that some "personal differences" are the reason for their drop off in performance and fnx being a seemingly weak link, the team has decided to move on from him. fox will be filling that spot, in the short-term at least, starting with the ECS Finals this weekend. The free agent will have a good chance to show one of the best teams in the game what he's got and maybe land the roster spot of a lifetime.
Free Agent
Released from FaZe Clan
August 16, 2016
fox has been let go from FaZe Clan's active roster, reports Daniel Rosen of theScore.
FaZe Clan has decided to move in another direction and have released fox from their roster. His release comes after the team signed allu from ENCE esports. FaZe has been in a bit of a slump lately, having not finished higher than 9th place at the last two Major events, ELEAGUE Season 1 and ESL One Cologne. The team certainly thinks that this move should be a good move to help the team along. It is unknown what fox will be doing now that he is without a team.
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