Joakim Myrbostad 
Near untouchable in loss
July 5, 2018
jkaem posted a solid 63/56 KD in Renegades' 2-1 loss against BIG on Thursday at ESL Cologne.
jkaem started this series with a rough-looking 9/18 KD in a Game 1 win on Dust2. The fact that they managed to win at all when he was at the bottom of the scoreboard was quite the feat here. Once things moved over to Train and Inferno for the last two games, jkaem woke up and dominated the competition with a combined 55/38 KD in those games. Almost all the clutches belonged to jkaem and he tried to drag his team across the finish line by himself, but he simply was unable to do so. He needed much more help here but without it, Renegades were now sent packing.
Comes up short in the Mirage comeback
April 22, 2018
jkaem posted a 38/36 KD on Friday in a 2-0 loss to Fnatic in the Group C decider match at DreamHack Masters Marseille.
jkaem had a smooth start to the series on Mirage for the T-side with three on the board early. Despite the early lead, Fnatic geared up on their buy round and went on to stamp 10 straight to secure the 10-3 lead as jkaem eventually secured the remaining two to end the half, 10-5. The second half saw jkaem faced with four more added to Fnatic's lead but he then came alive with fire in his belly to secure seven straight before Fnatic got the final round. Cobblestone fared well for jkaem as he had another smooth start on the CT-side but Fnatic rallied back once again and secured the 9-6 half. Unfortunately, this time around jkaem had nothing left for a second half come back and was shown the exit door with a 16-8 loss.
Closes the deal on Inferno
April 7, 2018
jkaem posted a 43/37 KD on Tuesday in a 2-0 sweep over compLexity in Week 5 of ESL Pro League Season 7.
jkaem made it look easy going through the first half of Mirage as his T-side played a perfect 15-0 half. jkaem then continued to press through the second half, despite coL picking up three of their own, as his 16/10 KD and 99.5 ADR helped secure the 16-3 series lead. jkaem remained consistent through the second map of Inferno, leading the pack with his 27/17 KD and 90.0 ADR through a dominant 10-5 half. A small hiccup on the CT-side of the second half quickly turned around to stop coL in their tracks for a 16-10 win to claim the sweep.
Second half short of a comeback
May 18, 2017
jkaem posted a 30/41 KD on Wednesday in a 2-0 loss to Astralis in the Esports Championship Series Season 3.
jkaem had a slow start on Nuke, facing a tough 4-0 deficit early until winning four of his own, picking up a few entry kills to hold off on the post-plant situations to tie the game 4-4. jkaem only saw four rounds in the first half, but dominated in the second half, winning ten rounds in a row and contributing a 22/19 KD and 76.2 ADR along the way. Astralis closed out the second half with the last five rounds won to take Game 1 16-14. jkaem struggled in Game 2, unable to pick up many kills to help his team win the rounds they needed to crack the 12-3 deficit at the half. jkaem remained sluggish in the second half, contributing to a couple of rounds won to take Game 2 16-7 and posting a dismal 8/22 KD and 51.4 ADR on Mirage.
Consistent in dismal series sweep
May 17, 2017
jkaem posted a 27/35 KD on Tuesday in a grueling 2-0 loss to Fnatic in the Esports Championship Series Season 3.
jkaem had a rough start to Inferno, with a 6-0 deficit for the offense until late in the first half, where jkaem had a little offensive power left to squeeze out six rounds to close out the first half down 9-6. However, the second half was a dismal performance, as jkaem had a hard time penetrating the Fnatic defense for a massive loss in the second half, only winning one round for a 16-7 Game 1 loss as jkaem posted a 12/18 KD and 64.3 ADR. Game 2 jkaem continued to struggle in the first half, only picking a few kills in the dismal 15-0 deficit to start Mirage. However, the second half was promising, as jkaem contributed to six consecutive rounds won until Fnatic pulled together one offensive round to seal the deal 2-0 on a 16-6 win. jkaem posted a team-leading 15/17 KD and 69.3 ADR.
Free Agent
To stand-in with FaZe Clan during DreamHack Vegas
February 12, 2017
jkaem will be filling in for aizy on FaZe Clan during DreamHack Vegas, reports Sasha Erfanian of theScore esports.
After leaving the team back in December, jkaem will come back for one last ride with his old team. NiKo will be joining the team after DreamHack Vegas, but in the meantime, they needed someone to fill the spot left by aizy's departure. What better player to choose than a former member who knows perfectly how the team plays. DreamHack Vegas kicks off February 15 with FaZe battling it out in Group D.
Free Agent
Leaves FaZe Clan
November 11, 2016
jkaem has left FaZe Clan, the player reported via Instagram Thursday.
While the team has yet to make an official statement, the move seemed imminent after FaZe Clan benched jkaem in favor of kioShiMa. More than likely jkaem will likely wind up on another team in the coming months, but it remains to be seen which team may be in need of his services. More information regarding his playing status should trickle out in the coming weeks.
Unheard during match against Fnatic
November 10, 2016
jkaem posted a 4/19 KD in FaZe Clan's loss to Fnatic in the EU ECS on Wednesday.
jkaem had a terrible day against Fnatic on Mirage. He only managed to pick up four kills in two halves for FaZe Clan as he was unable to win any trade duels to help in the best-of-one. jkaem's offense was poor, and so was his defense, as he was unable to hold off any pushes from Fnatic's high-powered offense in the second half. As a result, jkaem's performance showed in the 16-7 record.
Benched for the immediate future
November 9, 2016
jkaem has been removed from the starting lineup of FaZe Clan, reports Jarek "DeKay" Lewis of Slingshot.
jkaem hasn't been performing up to expectations over the last couple weeks, which has led to the decision from FaZe to bring kioShiMa back from the bench. kioShiMa was benched to make room for Karrigan, who was brought on recently, but was kept around for insurance purposes. He will assume jkaem's spot on the team immediately.
Falls flat on his face
October 29, 2016
jkaem put up 18/25 against NRG in a 1-0 win Friday.
jkaem bottom fragged for FaZe Clan in a tense 22-20 Overtime victory over NRG. He was frequently punished for overaggression at Mid and Long Doors. His 52.1 ADR was the lowest of either team.
Comes up with key kills that FaZe can't capitalize on
October 28, 2016
jkaem finished Friday's loss to Ninjas in Pyjamas in Group B of the ESL Pro League Finals Friday with a 13/18 KD.
jkaem started the game with a double-kill in the pistol round to snag a quick 1-0 lead for FaZe. He didn't do anything super flashy or dominating in this game, but what he did do is provide consistent frags for his team. When FaZe started to comeback late in the second half, jkaem was right there in the thick of things. He came up with a double in Round 20 that gave his team their seventh win. After that, though, they fell apart and NiP took the map to knock FaZe Clan from the tournament.
Call him the finisher
October 28, 2016
jkaem earned a 16/13 KD in FaZe's win over Dignitas on Thursday in the ESL Pro League Season 4 Finals.
jkaem had a stellar performance on Mirage against Dignitas posting a 16/13 KD along with a 75.9 ADR. jkaem seemed to be the man to get the last and all-important kill in most rounds cleaning up after his teammates. He also was a big contributor in getting entry kills onto the bombsites to allow FaZe to plant to further expand their economy. After a 9-6 lead at the half, jkaem was a steel wall against Dignitas defense with a 2-vs-2 shutdown on the A bombsite followed up by a defuse to set FaZe to map point.
Tries to carry FaZe in loss
October 26, 2016
jkaem posted a 20/21 KD in FaZe Clan's loss to Cloud9 in Group B of the ESL Pro League Finals.
jkaem got off to a nice start in this game against C9. He wasn't dominant by any means, but he did just enough to help his team get the win. His double with the AK to end the half was enough to give FaZe the 9-6 lead at the half. jkaem was pretty consistent in the second half as well. He snagged a 3k with the AK and AWP in Round 17, but it wasn't enough to secure the map. C9 pulled together to take the last few rounds and win the map.
No limits test
October 25, 2016
jkaem earned a 55/51 KD in FaZe's 2-1 win over immortals in Group A of ELEAGUE Season 2.
jkaem got things rolling for FaZe Clan on Map 1 with a stellar performance earning a 55/51 KD and a 71.1 ADR. He saved the fifth round with a 3k recover on the A-bombsite with a headshot on LUCAS1 using the AK-47 to close things out. He then stood tall on defense with another triple kill onto the B-bombsite in the second pistol round on Map 1. He carried his momentum over onto Map 2 with a sneaky three kill from behind on defense to grant their first round win after five straight losses. He then got another 3k on the A-bombsite hold with a beautiful spray transfer on the AK-47. He helped get his team back to form to take Map 2 into overtime; however, they still came up short of a win. jkaem will now join his team in the playoffs after a 2-1 series win over Immortals.
Never shows up in loss to Dignitas
September 17, 2016
jkaem finished FaZe Clan's 2-0 loss to Team Dignitas in the decider match of Group B at DreamHack Bucharest with a abysmal 16/36 KD.
jkaem was very quiet in the first half of this game against Dignitas. They got off to a 3-0 start, but then went 1-8 in the next nine rounds. Once the second half started and FaZe got onto the CT-side, they started to come alive. jkaem led the charge early with a big quad kill with the p90 that started the slow comeback train. That train only last about two rounds, though, as Dignitas stabilized and took a 16-7 win. jkaem still couldn't do much at the beginning of the second game on Cache. He and rain just could not muster an sort of consistency in the game. He almost singlehandedly drug this team down and far too often put them in situations where it was essentially a 4-vs-5.
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