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Team Kinguin
Confirms Kinguin move
March 23, 2018
TaZ will officially return to the competition under the Kinguin banner, according to a statement from Virtus.pro.
TaZ will be back leading a team once again; however, this time around it won't be in the traditional Virtus.pro, colors but rather in a whole new uniform of Kinguin. The recent news comes as Virtus.pro inked MICHU to be their in-game leader, while also at the same time the two organizations came to an agreement to conclude the deal with the transfer of TaZ. TaZ is the only member that is signed since the former Polish plow member has been playing with two PRIDE players, MINISE and reatz.
To form team with Kinguin
March 5, 2018
Kinguin are looking to form a whole new Polish lineup surrounding former Virtus.pro player, TaZ, according to a report from Flickshot.fr.
A month ago, Virtus.pro parted ways with their captain and long-term member, TaZ, after several lackluster performances in 2018 and a harsh campaign throughout 2017. With the 31-year-old still wanting to compete, however, he'll soon take the stage in something other than a Virtus.pro uniform. TaZ has his eyes set on joining Kinguin, who has recently fallen off the radar as being one of the top Polish teams in the region, being replaced by the likes of AGO and Pride. The team has struggled to find consistency as well as a solid leader since the departure of MICHU to Virtus.pro on loan. Two Pride members are expected to join TaZ to make a full Polish line-up, where the Poles of Kinguin look to top the region.
Benched by VP
February 6, 2018
Virtus.pro has announced that long-term member, TaZ, will be placed on the bench.
Virtus.pro make the move following a disastrous showing at the recent ELEAGUE Boston Major with a 0-3 exit in The New Legends stage while only winning just sixteen rounds overall. Prior to the Major, TaZ has also endured a treacherous campaign following several groups stage exits such as DreamHack Masters Malmo and ESL One: Cologne. The Polish Plow did end up second at the ELEAGUE Major: Atlanta and followed up with a win at DreamHack Masters Las Vegas. This will be the first player change to happen to Virtus.pro since the team picked up the core in early 2014. The organization mentioned that TaZ does have the option to field other options as MICHU will stand-in for Virtus.pro during STLV and IEM Katowice for up to one month.
Set to be replaced
January 25, 2018
TaZ has been informed by Virtus.pro that he will be replaced in the near future, Jarek "DeKay" Lewis of DBLTAP reports.
With Virtus.pro once again flaming out at a big tournament -- this time going 0-3 during The New Legends stage of the ELEAGUE Major: Boston -- many wondered if changes would finally come to this roster. It looks as though that's finally happening in the form of TaZ's departure from the team. His release would mark the end of the longest roster tenure in CS:GO history, as the quintet of TaZ, Snax, NEO, pashaBiceps, and byali have been playing together since 2013. In his place, VP is looking to set up a buyout for Kinguin's MICHU, the No. 1 Polish prospect. If that doesn't go through, they will pursue a player from AGO Gaming. No matter what, TaZ's tenure with the team will be over as soon as either deal goes through. It is unknown what the next step for TaZ will be after leaving VP.
Rough showing in close loss
October 30, 2017
TaZ put up a 75/109 KD in Virtus.pro's 2-3 loss against SK Gaming in the grand finals of EPICENTER.
TaZ was the low-man on the totem pole in this series on Sunday. While he didn't lead in kills, he led his team with the calls that almost got his team a win. Still, his team certainly could have used a lot more contributions on the scoreboard in this one. What can't be stated enough for TaZ and this team is that they have stepped it up in a big way as compared to their play throughout the year thus far. While they looked like shells of their former selves for most of 2017, they looked incredible during this EPICENTER run. Whether they can keep up this level of production going forward will be the big question.
Stopped short in comeback
September 1, 2017
TaZ earned a 13/17 KD with a 16-7 Virtus Pro loss to Renegades on Day 1 of DreamHack Masters Malmo.
TaZ had nothing to show on the defense for his team in the dismal and long first half for him and the team. Not even the timeouts could help his team in the 14-1 deficit at the half. However, TaZ got the ball rolling to start the second half with a pistol round win after picking up a double kill in the A-bombsite rush to follow with a bomb plant. TaZ then picked up several entry kills early on for the 3-0 start. Although after a round loss and two rounds gained, TaZ fell short of a Cache win with a 16-7 loss.
Best member of VP in rough loss
August 30, 2017
TaZ managed the best KD of his team at 15/19 during VP's loss against Na'Vi on Day 1 of DreamHack Malmo.
TaZ did his best to give VP a win in this series, but there was simply no follow up from the rest of his team. He found nice trades all across the series and had some nice rounds with multi-kills. As a team, however, VP simply looked pretty lackluster. Their rotations simple weren't crisp and was a far cry from the VP of old that fans were used to. They've still got some time to bounce back, but if they don't correct things soon, they'll find themselves with another group stage exit.
Unable to close over Immortals
July 6, 2017
TaZ posted a 14/20 KD on Tuesday in a Virtus Pro loss to Immortals at ESL Cologne.
TaZ had a great start holding off the offense of Immortals on the B-bombsite, which resulted in a 3-0 lead on Cobblestone. However, Immortals confused TaZ with the late rotations that allowed the Round 4 win go to the Brazilians. TaZ fought tooth and nail despite having a poor economy while Immortals had a plow of their own through the first half with a score of 8-7. TaZ, unable to hold off the defense in the late rounds of the first half, also struggled in the second half, as he only managed to put together a few scattered rounds for a 16-12 loss to Immortals, posting a team-low of 60.1 ADR.
Comes up short for his team
June 9, 2017
TaZ posted a 27/41 KD in his team's sweep at the hands of G2 Esports in the ECS on Thursday.
TaZ was never able to get in much of a groove during his team's tough loss to G2 in this series. Not only was his shot calling subpar, as they started off well in Game 1 with a 2-0 lead early on, but his fragging left much to be desired in both games. His worst performance came in that opening game, where he went just 11/20 in the 16-10 loss. He only put up two kills in the first half of the loss, which certainly contributed to their 10-5 deficit at the half. He did manage a respectable nine kills in the second half, but most of them came in bunches, leaving the majority of his rounds fruitless. He was a bit better in the second game, but even then he came up short. After another poor first half, he opened the second half with a nice quad kill to start a big comeback for his team. That comeback ultimately fell short though, as they were unable to hold to the late 14-13 lead that ended up as a 16-14 loss.
Dominate early despite late draw
May 13, 2017
TaZ posted a 37/37 KD on Tuesday in a 1-1 draw with GODSENT in Week 4 of ECS Season 3.
TaZ had a solid run on the defense in Game 1 of the first half holding off the offense for an 11-4 lead at the half. TaZ read the offense well and countered on the quick rotation as well as the fake plays to take the upper advantage. Despite the slow start to the second half, TaZ rallied back on the offense to pull together a few rounds to eventually close out Game 1 16-11. In Game 2, TaZ had another great run in the first half taking up an offensive 10-5 lead at the half. However, the second half was a miserable showing as TaZ only won three rounds in the second half, including his last round 17 won with a quad kill retake on the A-bombsite to secure the 16-13 Game 2 loss. TaZ posted a fair 18/21 KD and 64.8 ADR in the series draw 1-1.
Poor play leads to series split
May 11, 2017
TaZ picked up a 23/37 KD in Virtus.pro's 1-1 split with Team EnVyUs on Thursday in the ECS.
TaZ had an all-around bad showing in this series on Thursday, which was a continuation of the struggles that his team has had over the last few weeks. He started off well enough with a double kill to wrap up Round 3, but then he didn't do a ton until Round 14 with another double in a round loss. The second half was a downward slide for him, as he had little consistency, even as his team was surging. His worst moment came in Round 26 where he missed what should have been an easy kill, which led to a loss. He did redeem himself with a strong double in Round 28, but they still would have liked to see more from their in-game leader. Game 2 was one that TaZ and all of VP will soon want to forget. He only put up seven kills as they were taken down 16-2 in one of the most lopsided series that you will ever see.
Dismal performance in 2-0 loss to FaZe
April 26, 2017
TaZ posted a 22/38 KD in Tuesday's dismal 2-0 loss to FaZe Clan in the ESL Pro League Season 5.
TaZ was on the slower side of the things to the start of Inferno, faced with an alarming 4-0 deficit on the defense. In Round 5, TaZ immediately created a 4-vs-5 with an HE grenade kill down mid which eventually won the round down 4-1. After some rounds given up, TaZ came up huge in Round 9 with a double pistol hold on the B-bombsite to cut the lead in half down 6-3. He then followed in the next round with a defuse to brighten the team's chances. Both teams traded rounds until TaZ secured the last round of the half with a triple-kill hold on the B-bombsite to even the score down 8-7. TaZ contributed to a couple of bomb plants in the second half and a few scrappy rounds won for a 16-11 loss. TaZ earned a 17/18 KD and 65.5 ADR. Game 2 TaZ had yet another slow start the game until Round 6, where his bomb plant eventually led to a round won down 5-1. However, the remainder of the game was a rather dismal display as TaZ was unable to find kills to win more rounds, losing Game 2 16-4. TaZ contributed with a 5/19 KD and 46.1 ADR in the Game 2 loss on Nuke.
Continue to struggle in Week 7
April 11, 2017
TaZ posted a 23/41 KD on Tuesday in a grueling 0-2 loss to LDLC in the ESL Pro League Season 5.
TaZ took a grueling Game 1 loss to LDLC unable to gain any ground on the French five. TaZ finished the first half of Nuke down 13-2, though a better start to the second half with a couple of assists wasn't enough to close out the map, as they lost 16-5. TaZ posted a grueling team-low 7/20 KD and 40.1 ADR. In Game 2, the in-game leader had a better first half on the defense of Inferno aggressively punishing the offense for a 7-1 lead. Though LDLC came back and shut down TaZ's defense to even the score at 8-7 at the half. LDLC got the better start on the defense in the second half holding off TaZ for two rounds until the in-game leader struck on the B-bombsite once again to win on a bomb plant. From there, TaZ put together a few rounds won taking the A-bombsite with speed, however, the rounds won weren't enough to even take the lead as Virtus.pro fell 16-13.
Has a bigger game than stats show vs MVP
April 5, 2017
TaZ posted a KD of 17/6 in Virtus.Pro's decimation of MVP Project on Tuesday.
TaZ had a fantastic performance on Mirage, decimating MVP Project throughout the first half. While he didn't have any round-dominating performances like pashaBiceps, his consistency when it came to finding kills gave Virtus.Pro a solid 11-4 lead going into the second half. While MVP had a chance at stopping the Virtus.Plow in Round 19, TaZ stuck a 1-vs-1 defuse clutch to secure the round as Virtus.Pro took the ensuing round as well to close out the 16-4 victory. While TaZ's 17/6 KD and 80.8 ADR don't look too impressive, the numbers don't fully tell the story of how TaZ led VP to a dominant win.
Quiet in Week 5 series win over mouz
March 26, 2017
TaZ posted a 24/26 KD on Thursday in a 2-0 series win over mouz in the ESL Pro League Season 5.
TaZ had a slow start to Game 1 on Inferno Thursday against mousesports in a 2-0 series win. TaZ fought back from being down a few rounds early in the first half for a final 11-4 score. He then led the team to five rounds on the offense, only allowing one round against for a 16-5 Game 1 win, earning a 9/9 KD and 58.4 ADR. TaZ climbed back to even the score in Game 2 after a highly contested first half resulting in a 9-6 deficit. However, TaZ prevailed in the second half with a huge defensive performance to shut out mouz for ten rounds to take Game 2 16-11, earning a 15/17 KD and 67.9 ADR in the series sweep.
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