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Allowed to explore other options
June 2, 2018
G2 have revealed that mixwell is allowed to explore other options as the team is in the process of updating their lineup.
mixwell has been part of G2 on a trial basis since March, replacing shox in the active roster after G2's former in-game leader had wished the team to undergo more changes to improve results. The mixed results from DreamHack Masters Marseille and IEM Sydney pushed the team to now update their lineup once again, allowing mixwell to search for other opportunities.
Rough debut
April 18, 2018
mixwell posted a 24/25 KD on Wednesday in a 22-20 loss to Cloud9 in Group A at DreamHack Masters Marseille.
mixwell's debut on G2 started smoothly with a 7-0 lead on the CT-side. A few contested rounds finally came his way, which exposed some weakness in his adjustment with his new French brethren, but he was still overall capable to secure a 10-5 lead at the half. However, the second half was a different story as mixwell struggled to get past the Cloud9 defense to result in a 10-10 tie. Finally, the economy for G2 allowed mixwell to pick up two in a row before the contest began. The two teams traded rounds as a result of Cloud9 forcing overtime, where mixwell was unable to hold on through two overtime rounds for a loss on Mirage, posting a 60.7 ADR and 0.98 rating.
To trial with G2
March 12, 2018
G2 Esports have announced that they have granted former OpTic member mixwell a trial.
mixwell will be handed a trial by G2 Esports, who will fill in the void of shox, who is currently scheduled to undergo surgery on his wrist at the end of the month. The 22-year-old has been without a team since February when he parted ways with OpTic after his near two-month stint with the Green Wall sine early 2016. mixwell hopes to spark some life back in the French lineup after the team failed to win a single playoff series since DreamHack Masters Malmo 2017 when the team last won an offline title. mixwell's future will be decided upon his performance in the upcoming months throughout the duration of ESL Pro League and the upcoming DreamHack Masters Marseille.
Parts ways with OpTic
February 6, 2018
OpTic Gaming announced Tuesday that mixwell has parted ways with the team.
mixwell joined OpTic Gaming in April of 2016, where he had a successful run, winning ELEAGUE Season 2 and Northern Arena Montreal, while coming in second at ECS Season 2. mixwell stuck with the team through troubled times of finding an in-game leader after stanislaw departed, tarik and RUSH moved to Cloud9, and NAF signing to then Renegades. mixwell was left with no remaining members of his original squad, forcing the team to throw together a roster right before tournament deadlines, which resulted in early exits and pulling out of upcoming tournaments. mixwell also announced that he is, in fact, a free agent and open to offers.
Masters of Cobble
December 9, 2017
mixwell posted a firm 15/9 KD on Wednesday in a 16-3 win over NRG in the ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals.
Cobblestone contested early when both teams traded rounds but it was mixwell's squad to bring the heat and take a massive offensive comeback to take a 4-1 lead. NRG contested a few times throughout the first half but mixwell shut it down at every turn. In Round 8 mixwell punished NRG with a triple entry-kill on the B-bombsite to extend the 6-2 lead. The remainder of the half was mixwell getting the entry-kills with the AWP to put NRG at a 12-3 deficit. The second half was all defense on the B-bombsite hold as well as the attempted late rotations to the A-bombsite were shut down as well. mixwell picked up a four rounds sweep to take Cobblestone with a 16-3 dominance, posting an 83.1 ADR.
Comes up short in loss
November 16, 2017
mixwell ended OpTic Gaming's 0-2 loss to SK Gaming in the quarterfinals of IEM Oakland with a 25/39 KD.
The lone surviving member of OpTic Gaming didn't manage to give his team a major boost against the Brazilian juggernauts in this series. The first game was one to forget for all parties involved, as no one on OpTic failed to record more than eight kills. Even in Game 2, mixwell managed just a 19/22 KD. He had a few nice rounds, but it wasn't enough to stop SK from running away with a 16-12 win. While the team managed to qualify for the ESL Pro League Finals as the number one seed from NA, they are still struggling with offline events and Oakland was no different.
Lost in series split
October 3, 2017
mixwell couldn't seem to do much of anything with a 15/35 KD in OpTic Gaming's series split with Immortals on Tuesday in the ESL Pro League.
mixwell didn't mix very well with his teammates in this series on Tuesday, as he finished with a pretty horrendous KD by the time it was all said and done. He was at the bottom of not just the team, but the entire lobby in both games. It was just not a very nice showing from him whatsoever. As the only member leftover from the previous iteration of this team, he didn't set a very nice example for the Green Wall despite picking up a 16-10 win in the second game.
Big start in 1-1 split
September 30, 2017
mixwell went 32/44 on Thursday in a 1-1 split with Renegades in ESL Pro League Season 6.
mixwell got the early lead with a 7-0 start for the defense before Renegades came thrashing back to settle the first half with an 8-7 score. However, Renegades proved worthy in the second half as mixwell struggled to penetrate the defense for a nine-round loss. mixwell led the team with an 18/20 KD and an 82.4 ADR despite the blowout in the second half in the 16-8 loss. In Game 2, mixwell got the early lead and continued to roll over Renegades early on for a 7-2 score. However, Renegades still came back as mixwell had a hard time getting through the aggressive defense. Taking the first half 8-7, mixwell didn't have many frags in the highly contested second half with only a 14/24 KD and 57.2 ADR to show. Renegades took the lead late 14-13, but mixwell contributed to the three straight to claim the split 16-14.
Free Agent
To remain with OpTic after all
August 18, 2017
mixwell has decided to stay with OpTic Gaming as part of their new all-European lineup, according to a Flickshot report.
After a whirlwind of reports detailing a multitude of outcomes for mixwell, the dust seems to finally have settled. While the last report of him returning to his country seems to have come to fruition, the other half of that report which stated that he would be leaving the team has changed. It now looks as though he got his wish at an all-European lineup for OpTic Gaming. He will be joined by friberg, HS, Magisk, and allu. It's unclear at the moment what this means for the team's spots in both the ESL Pro League and the ECS since the team is currently listed in the NA region. With the Pro League starting up next week, we shouldn't have to wait long for all the details to surface.
Free Agent
Opting out of OpTic
August 9, 2017
mixwell is moving forward to return to his country to be with family, as reported in OpTic's YouTube weekly-documentary, "Vision".
There was recent speculation of mixwell potentially exiting the team just a few days ago to join mousesports; however, it is likely the Spaniard will exit the team to be with family, according to the owner Hector Rodriguez. mixwell has had his ups and downs, winning the ELEAGUE Season 2 Championship title, then following to expressing his disking on the AWP role. It is uncertain where mixwell would play over in his homeland; however, former-mousesports-member-turned-free-agent loWel could pair up to create a new Spanish roster.
Last-minute change
August 6, 2017
mixwell will remain on the active roster of OpTic Gaming after a deal with mousesports fell through, reports Jarek "DeKay" Lewis of Slingshot Esports.
The news comes as mixwell was set to join mousesports with suNny, however, it was unclear as to why the signing of mixwell fell through as this is not the first time this has happened. Back in May, mixwell and current teammate RUSH were set to join Team Liquid when the plans also fell through. For now, mixwell will remain on the roster, but there is no guarantee he will remain for the start of ESL Pro League Season 6 on August 22nd.
Set to join mousesports
August 3, 2017
mixwell will be joining mousesports in the coming days, reports Jarek "DeKay" Lewis of Slingshot Esports.
In a move that will serve to further meddle the conundrum that is OpTic Gaming, mixwell will be packing up his bags to join mousesports. It's perhaps not surprising given how much the North American squad has struggled to gain any semblance of cohesion since winning ELEAGUE Season 2 in 2016. Once stanislaw left the team, it was lights out for the squad. mixwell will now take his talent to a roster that has a chance to really do some damage in the coming months. In addition to the returning members of chrisJ, ropz, and oskar, mouz will be gaining the services of suNny in addition to mixwell. mouz was already a team that qualified for the Major, so this move only makes them that more potent going forward.
Leads OpTic to victory
July 8, 2017
mixwell put together a strong 26/15 KD for OpTic on Wednesday with a win over Space Soldiers at ESL Cologne.
mixwell had a slower start on Wednesday against Space Soldiers who managed to jump the gun and take the first three rounds on the defense. In Round 4, mixwell contributed to the first round won, but was quickly silenced with the following round loss. He then got the team back into the game after a post-plant triple kill hold on the A-bombsite to cut the deficit in half. However, mixwell put together a couple of rounds including the tiebreaker in Round 11 where mixwell's triple kill secured the A-bombsite with the AWP. mixwell began to adapt to his opponents and opened the bomb sites to allow more, which allowed him to pull away with the 9-6 lead at the half. mixwell had another slow start in the second half, however, his 92.7 ADR helped close out Mirage winning the remaining seven rounds for the 16-9 win.
Doesn't mix with Liquid
July 6, 2017
mixwell came up very short with a 9/19 KD in OpTic Gaming's loss to Team Liquid on Wednesday at ESL Cologne.
mixwell started somewhat well in this game against Liquid, but things turned sour in a hurry. His early doubles in the pistol round and Round 7 were the major highlights of his half, as he completely fell apart afterwards. In the first half, he ended with just a 7/13 KD. Once the second half opened up, he was basically nowhere to be found. His first kill in the half didn't come until Round 19, and by that point Liquid were already up 14-5. mixwell will need to show up earlier on in matches if OpTic hopes to stay alive in this tournament.
Big plays in the late game
June 7, 2017
mixwell posted a firm 42/27 KD on Tuesday in the final week of Esports Championship Series Season 3 with a 2-0 win over NRG.
mixwell had a rather slow start on Cobblestone defensively as he faced an early 4-0 deficit. Finally, after two rounds won on an NRG mishap the team once again faced another four-round loss for an 8-2 deficit. However, mixwell got his hands on the AWP and aggressively held off the offense for five rounds straight to close the half down 8-7. However, the second half was another story as mixwell and the team punished the defense of NRG for nine rounds, exploiting the B-bombsite for a 16-10 win and earning a team-leading 25/16 KD and 104.1 ADR. Game 2 mixwell had a lightning first half, taking down NRG for a 9-0 start. Only a few rounds were given up on the defense as mixwell closed out the half up 12-3. The second half was short and sweet on the offense as mixwell ripped through the defense with the rifle and came up big in the anti-ecos for the 16-4 dominating win on Mirage, posting a solid 17/11 KD and 90.0 ADR.
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