Tarik Celik 
United States
Confirms move to MIBR
July 14, 2018
tarik took to Twitter confirming his addition to the MIBR roster, as had been heavily rumored over the last week.
After a week filled with rumors and his official release from Cloud9, tarik is officially the newest member of MIBR. Citing the desire to win as the main determining factor for his move to the team, he sounds ready and willing to get right to work with the former SK juggernauts. He also made sure to dispel any rumors that Cloud9 may not be doing all they can for their players, stating that the organization didn't factor into his decision to leave. With this part of the equation solved, we now await the fate of boltz and coldzera, as both have been rumored to be on their way out of MIBR.
Parts ways with Cloud9
July 12, 2018
tarik has officially departed from the Cloud9 roster, the team announced Thursday.
After a week filled with (still unconfirmed, but highly probable) rumors that tarik would be joining Stewie2k on the MIBR roster, Cloud9 has announced his exit from the team. This is the first logical step towards that rumor becoming a reality. We'll likely hear more about his next destination soon, but for now, we know he's longer with Cloud9, who is now left with just three players officially on its roster.
Highest damage on team in loss
July 5, 2018
tarik finished Cloud9's 2-0 loss to Natus Vincere on Wednesday ESL Cologne with a 38/46 KD.
Throughout this series, tarik was pouring on the damage round in and round out. By the end of this series, only s1mple had a higher ADR than tarik did. Despite that, however, tarik's KD wasn't much to be happy about. It was better than a couple of his teammates, but that's not saying much with STYKO having a 32/42 and Skadoodle having an 18/36. Cloud9 just looked to be wholly lacking when it came to the clutch situations. In both this series and the one against Astralis on Tuesday, they came up short in a series of somewhat close maps.
Couldn't secure Mirage in sweep
April 23, 2018
tarik posted a 49/46 KD on Saturday in a 2-0 series loss to Gambit in the quarterfinals at DreamHack Masters Marseille.
The series began on Mirage where tarik struggled to find the offensive rounds to fight back against Gambit, who went on to secure a massive 11-4 half. Gambit pressed on in the second half to secure three straight before tarik came back to take the round away but Gambit responded with map point. tarik fought tooth and nail through the second half of the CT-side to force overtime, where the two teams dished it out but in the end Gambit best tarik for a 22-18 win. tarik continued his struggles through Train where he was once again trailing to an eventual 11-4 half, thanks to his triple kill on the offense to secure their 4th round of the half. The second half didn't fare so much either as tarik was still held down as Gambit went on to secure the series sweep.
Getting the best of FaZe
April 21, 2018
tarik posted a 46/42 KD on Thursday in a 2-0 win over FaZe Clan in the Group A winners' match at DreamHack Masters Marseille.
tarik had a wonderful start to their Group A winners' match with a strong showing on the T-side of Overpass for a blooming 7-1 lead. FaZe gave tarik a hard time towards the end of the first half to settle with a 9-6 deficit going into the second, but tarik remained composed and reached map point to eventually close for the series lead 16-13. Moving into Mirage, tarik's first half was a bit more contested as FaZe kept the score tight but tarik eventually managed to squeeze through to pick up the T-side for another 9-6 lead. The second half continued to be the round affair's but Cloud9 came out on top of their force buy to turn the tide and surge for the series sweep by edging Mirage 16-14.
Leads his team to the Promised Land
January 28, 2018
tarik put up an impressive 77/64 KD during Cloud9's 2-1 win over FaZe Clan in the ELEAGUE Major: Boston grand finals.
Many had questioned tarik's ability to lead a team over the years, as OpTic never seemed to string together much consistency during tarik's tenure with the team. That all came to a screeching halt during this series. tarik was doing it all for his team in Boston. Not only was he calling an incredible game as the in-game leader, but he was holding his own in terms of frags as well. He routinely showed up when his team needed him most with some of the best clutches we've ever seen. In a series filled with amazing clutches, tarik probably had the most clutch of them all. With his team down 19-18 in the second overtime, he put all four members of Cloud9 on his back and somehow came up with an incredible ace with a combination of expertly controlled sprays on the AK and ridiculously place snipes with the AWP. Watching this team wade their way through this grand final was truly a sight to see. Regardless of how Cloud9 performs the rest of the year -- for the rest of time, for that matter -- this team will forever be known as the first North American team to win a Major. What a time to be alive.
Broke even in the loss
December 17, 2017
tarik posted an even 20/20 KD on Friday in the 16-11 loss to Astralis at the ECS Season 4 Finals.
The first half opened up with tarik on the offense of Train, showing a great deal of passive offense to earn the 6-0 lead. tarik picked up some entry-kills early on the A-bombsite to help get the plants to secure the economy. Once tarik failed to pick up a 2-vs-2 win, Astralis began to grind out rounds as the offense of tarik began to dwindle, so did his frags as the Danes took the first half 8-7. The second half started with tarik having a strong defense on the A-bombsite to win a few early. However, the offense of Astralis ripped through the A-bombsite to come back and seal the win with six straight on Train.
Leads Cloud9 to title
October 23, 2017
tarik posted a solid 38/26 KD on Sunday with a 2-0 grand final win over BIG at DreamHack Open Denver.
tarik started the best-of-three grand final with a triple kill in the pistol round of Cache to secure the 1-0 start for the defense. He then picked up a few more rounds but BIG began to reign down on the offense to even the score 3-3 with mid-control. tarik continued to hold off the offense to keep distance for a 9-6 lead at the half. The second half was a tight race to map point advantage as tarik contributed to the Round 26 chaotic eco round win to take the 14-12 lead. BIG returned with a round of their own as tarik then fired back in Round 28 to take the B-bombsite and hold the retake to earn map point advantage. From there, tarik closed Cache 16-13, posting a 16/15 KD and 55.0 ADR. Going into Game 2 of Train, tarik begins the series on a quick offensive half to pick up a 3-0 start. He then picked up a double opening frag on the B-bombsite to extend the lead 4-0. tarik remained consistent throughout the first half to thrash BIG for a 12-3 lead. Although BIG contested in the second half, it wasn't enough to rattle tarik as his picked up a team-leading 22/11 KD and 110.6 ADR in the 16-6 win.
Leads Day 1 with win
October 20, 2017
tarik went 16/6 on Friday, Day 1 of DreamHack Open Denver with a 16-4 win over Tempo Storm.
tarik would take on a massive lead in the first half after picking up a perfect 5-0 start on Inferno. Tempo Storm would pick up a few rounds to get on the board, but tarik would remain composed and marched the defense in Round 14 with a triple-kill hold on the A-bombsite to secure the 10-4 lead. He would then secure the first half with an 11-4 score going into the second, where he would wipe out his opponents in the second half for a 5-0 blowout to take Inferno 16-4, posting a 74.5 ADR.
Leads team to semis
October 12, 2017
tarik went 45/38 Tuesday in a 2-0 win over G2 Esports in the ELEAGUE Premier quarterfinals.
tarik started the series on Cobblestone with a bit of a slower start on the Defense as G2 gained control of the B-bombsite. Although down early, tarik brought the team back into contention as rounds started to flop back and forth until tied 3-3. Still, the teams shared rounds as tarik once again tied up the score 5-5 with a crippling double kill on the B-bombsite to win the hard eco. From there, tarik struggled to hold off the offense of G2 to result in a 9-6 deficit at the half. However, the second half was all on the offense as tarik led the team to 10 rounds to take the second half by storm, only giving up three rounds to G2 to earn Game 1 16-12. tarik went straight for the B-bombsite in Game 2 of Inferno by taking an offensive 3-1 lead early. Much like Game 1, rounds went back and forth as tarik found much of his success in late rotations to the B-bombsite to earn some rounds; however, G2 always stayed close and settled for an 8-7 score at the half. Unfortunately for G2, they couldn't keep up with his defense in the second half to win eight out of nine rounds for a 16-8 series sweep, leading with a 95.9 ADR.
Couldn't lead team to a win
October 7, 2017
tarik picked up a 34/42 KD on Wednesday in a 2-0 loss to SK Gaming in ESL Pro League Season 6.
tarik led the team in frags with a 24/20 KD and 86.2 ADR, but SK thrashed tarik and his team for a massive 13-2 score at the half. Although in the second half, tarik not only led by the numbers but he also called the shot for the offense to make a daring come back. Unfortunately, the nine-round comeback fell short in the 16-11 Game 1 loss on Cobblestone. Game 2 didn't serve tarik any better, as this time he had a team-low of 10/22 KD and 51.4 ADR to show. The first half was a slow start but rounds started to accumulate on the offense, however, it didn't last long as the SK defense was too much to handle. Down 10-5 going into the second, tarik held off for the first two rounds but then a force buy from SK crippled his defense for a 16-9 Game 2 loss.
Leading the 2-0 sweep over Splyce
September 30, 2017
tarik earned a well-deserved 38/18 KD on Wednesday in a crushing 2-0 sweep over Splyce in ESL Pro League Season 6.
tarik came out strong in the first half of Inferno on the offense to shut down the Splyce defense on its favored side. tarik found the entry kills and post-plant holds to strengthen the economy, allowing his teammates to surge for a dominant 12-3 score at the half. Although one defensive round was given up in the second half, tarik remained composed and Cloud9 took Game 1 16-4, posting an 18/11 KD and 101.8 ADR. tarik then continued his success into Game 2 of Overpass with a strong showing on the defense. Dominating the playing field, tarik stood tall to help Cloud9 to a 14-1 score at the half. Unable to hold off tarik and his defense in the second half, Splyce gave away the last two rounds for the 2-0 sweep with a loss on Overpass 16-1, posting a 20/7 KD and 113.8 ADR.
Unable to frag past SK in series loss
September 3, 2017
tarik posted a 39/34 KD in a 2-0 loss to SK Gaming on Day 3 of DreamHack Masters Malmo.
tarik started the series taking the lead in Round 3 with a double kill hold on the A-bombsite to secure the defuse 2-1. After SK settled the score with another tie in Round 8, tarik had a massive A-bombsite stand with a quad kill to stop the offense and break the tie 5-4. tarik continued to pick up two or more kills in his defensive rounds to take the 9-6 first half lead. tarik got the ball rolling in the second half with a knife on FalleN to deny the defuse 10-6. However, the remainder of the half was all SK to hold off the A-bombsite to take the 16-13 Game 1 win. tarik started Game 2 on Cobblestone with a fresh 3-0 start for the defense but SK ruined the lead with a dominant first half with a 10-5 lead. tarik once again had another clean start with the pistol round win on the B-bombsite but SK held off for six rounds to shut down the defense of tarik to secure the series sweep 16-9.
Dominant in new role
August 31, 2017
tarik called with an 11/7 KD on Day 1 of DreamHack Masters Malmo, leading to a 16-2 win over B.O.O.T.
tarik had a slow start but burst into beast mode in Round 4 with a triple kill on the retake to help secure the A-bombsite and the 4-0 lead. tarik continued to show no mercy, playing passive-aggressive on the B-bombsite and locking down the massive lead up 10-2. Round 13, tarik switched up his playstyle with the AWP, and it was effective, with a double-kill hold on the B-bombsite execute. With a 13-2 lead at the half, tarik went on to sweep in the second half on the offense for a 16-2 win, posting a 67.7 ADR.
Joins Cloud9 along with RUSH
August 15, 2017
tarik has joined up with Cloud9, reports Daniel Rosen of theScore esports.
After Cloud9 stumbled through the better part of the last 12 months, they have made some major roster moves. In what is a fairly significant coup for them, they have signed RUSH and tarik to the team. The move is a great one for Cloud9 and these two players since they will likely immediately become a stronger unit that can hang with the big guns of CS:GO. OpTic Gaming, however, will be left gutted with this move. The team had already been in quite a rough place of late, shuffling around stand-ins for their fourth roster spot. Now after losing two of their best players, things aren't looking too hot for the Green Wall.
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