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Set to return
June 2, 2018
jdm64 has announced that he is anticipating his return to competition as his contract with Team Liquid is about to end.
The 28-year-old revealed that it was his own choice to take a break during the last few months and mentioned that he is now "ready to get back to it." jdm64 has been out of action since February when he was benched by Liquid to make way for NAF. jdm64 was recently making a move to join Cloud9, but the move did not come to fruition as the 24-year-old AWPer stayed with the ELEAGUE Major Boston champions.
To play for Liquid at Katowice
February 10, 2018
jdm64 has revealed that he will play for Team Liquid one last time before seeking open offers.
The organization announced that jdm64 will be replaced by Renegades' NAF, following several offline exits, including The New Legends stage in Atlanta. jdm64 spent nearly two years with the organization after his year-end career with CLG, where he finished runner-up at ESL One: Cologne, ESG Tour Mykonos, and ESL One: New York. The news comes as NAF will be ineligible to play for Liquid due to qualifying with Renegades for the same event, allowing jdm64 to play once more. After the event is over, jdm64 will return to streaming and will be open to offers "for any teams that might be interested."
Removed form active roster
February 5, 2018
Team Liquid has announced that jdm64 has been replaced by NAF on the team's active roster.
With the signing of NAF now made official, jdm64 will now be placed on the inactive roster for Liquid. jdm64 joined Liquid in June of 2016, off the brink of time with CLG where the AWPer has appeared in six Majors, with the best showing being a second-place finish at ESL One: Cologne 2016. During the era of jdm64, the team has had mixed results with runner-ups at ESG Mykonos and ESL One: New York being the only best finishes of 2017 while dropping out of most offline tournaments early. Despite qualifying for StarLadder and IEM Katowice, jdm64 fell off the radar during the ELEAGUE Major with a sub-1.00 rating, which led to a 12-14th place finish. Now, jdm64's future is up in the air as the player nor organization has made comment on his next move.
Unable to break FaZe in loss
December 17, 2017
jdm64 collected a 16/24 KD on Friday in a 16-12 loss to FaZe Clan at the ECS Season 4 Finals.
A pistol and then following with an anti-eco round win contributed by jdm64 help the team take the 2-0 lead on Mirage. However, FaZe contested in Round 3 but jdm64 stole the following round with a triple kill to even the 2-2 score. jdm64 had a hard time controlling the offense from taking the mid-control with the late rotations as well as an aggressive presence on the catwalk. Although jdm64 managed to get the AWP to help retake the A-bombsite to secure the 9-6 lead at the half. However, he struggled in the second half to find different ways to win rounds with a limited economy, resulting in a tough loss with only three rounds won in the half.
Solid in sweep
October 5, 2017
jdm64 tallied a 34/29 KD in Team Liquid's 2-0 win over Rogue on Wednesday in the ESL Pro League.
jdm64 was as strong as always in this series where Liquid straight up dominated. He was especially on point with his AWP in the first game, going 7/2 in those AWP duels. It was more than enough to get the 16-8 win, which then carried into the second game where his team did more of the dame. He wasn't as great in this one, but his 14/15 KD was still more than enough for Liquid to lock up another 16-8 win.
Falters in rough loss
September 30, 2017
jdm64 went 48/50 in Team Liquid's 2-1 defeat at the hands of SK Gaming on Saturday at the ELEAGUE Premier.
While jdm64 had some nice moments in this series, he ended up falling short in the end. He started off very well with a 22/10 KD in the first game, but it was all downhill from there. He was essentially invisible in the second game with an 8/15 KD and then was only marginally better in the final game of the series. Once SK started to come alive, there was almost nothing that he or anyone on Liquid could do to stop it. He found a huge 1-vs-2 clutch in Round 28, but that only served to delay the inevitable in what ended up as a 19-17 loss.
Puts USA on his back
September 16, 2017
jdm64 finished Team Liquid's win over SK Gaming in the semifinals of ESL New York with a 66/57 KD.
jdm64 played the part of Captain America when Liquid went up against SK Gaming here on Saturday. While he underperformed ridiculously in the second game, he more than made up for it in the other games. Especially in Game 1 where he stood toe-to-toe with coldzera, who is widely considered as the best player in the world. They both ended with 42 kills in the match, while it was jdm's team that got the win. He had so many huge clutch plays that it became hard to keep track. Unfortunately, it seemed like he used up all of his mojo in that game because he came up so short in Game 2 with a 6/17 KD. Unsurprisingly, SK easily won the game 16-5. jdm was right back into the swing of it in the final game with some more big clutches to help give Liquid a 16-14 win that moved them into the grand finals.
Bad positioning leads to loss
September 15, 2017
jdm64 tallied a 15/20 KD in Team Liquid's loss to Astralis on Day 1 of ESL New York.
jdm64 had a pretty interesting game here against Astralis. While he had some strong moments on the AWP to save rounds for his team, he also has some round rounds where he couldn't position well. Those rounds where he mispositioned ended up costing his team in the long run since this ended up being an incredibly close game. Still, Liquid got pretty close against a great team like Astralis, so there may be some hope left for them in New York.
Minimal effort in split
August 23, 2017
jdm64 put up a 26/34 KD in Team Liquid's split with SK Gaming on Tuesday in the ESL Pro League.
jdm64 was somewhat consistent in this series, if that only managed to result in a 1-1 split. When he managed to get his hand on the AWP, he contributed to his team nicely. The only problem was that that only happened consistently in the first game of the series. They controlled the first half with a 13-2 line before slipping a bit and recovering with a 16-12 win in the game. The second game was a completely different story, however. They were beaten down repeatedly, which put their economy all out of wack. This meant that jdm64 couldn't get his signature AWP very often in the game, which no doubt was part of their problem in the 16-3 trouncing.
Not the best despite win
July 6, 2017
jdm64 came out with a lackluster 10/11 KD when Team Liquid took down OpTic Gaming on Wednesday at ESL Cologne.
Even though his teammates were playing at the top of their game against OpTic here, jdm64 came up a bit short from start to finish. His main problem seemed to be that he wouldn't always check his corners, as he was being a bit aggressive in most rounds. This easily allowed members of OpTic to get the jump on him, however. While he didn't die a ton, his deaths often came early in rounds and prevented him from lining up frags. Liquid still got the win, however, and this was likely just a one-off performance from the usually strong jdm.
Shuts down Na'Vi with AWP
July 4, 2017
jdm64 was electric when Team Liquid took out Na'Vi on Tuesday at ESL Cologne, tallying an impressive 21/8 KD.
jdm64 started off this map with some strong precision to get his team out to a nice win in the pistol round. In the next few rounds, he kind of took a backseat to stanislaw, who was absolutely lighting up the map. But once stanislaw cooled off, jdm was perfectly okay with jumping right back into the picture and picking up kill after kill with his AWP. He basically had the map zoned off in such a way that Na'Vi had no avenue to set up any sort of strategy, which allowed Liquid to easily wrap up the 16-7 win.
Double AWP setup leads to win
June 7, 2017
jdm64 ended Team Liquid's sweep over Luminosity Gaming on Wednesday in the ECS with a 36/19 KD.
jdm64 was on top of his game in this series to help his team secure the sweep. He started things off with his MP-9, shutting down the early rounds with trademark aggression. This allowed his teammates to easily move around the map in the 16-1 win to start the series. Things got off to a much slower start in Game 2 of the series, however. They lost the first three rounds, but then went on a tear from then on to still secure the win. jdm64 went with a double AWP setup to give LG fits with stanislaw's and his perfect angles on the sniper rifles. With little opposition, his team locked up the 16-9 win to secure the sweep.
Comes up short in loss
June 4, 2017
jdm64 put up a 33/45 KD in Team Liquid's sweep at the hands of North in the semifinals of the ESL Pro League Finals.
jdm64 was off his game in the opening map of this series, only going 10/20 KD. But with his team getting dominated 16-5, that KD isn't super surprising. It simply look as though Liquid had an extreme lack of communication in the game. North looked much more crisp, leaving Liquid scrambling. Moving into Game 2, he was a bit better, even if he still posted a negative KD. This time, Liquid came out the gate strong, taking an 11-4 lead at the half. Even with his team playing so strong, jdm64 was still coming up short in spots. To his credit, he did some up with a massive clutch with the AWP in Round 27 to win the 1-vs-1 and get his team closer to victory. Even though they took a 15-13 lead, North was too strong and forced overtime for the eventual 19-17 win.
Uses AWP to crack the Green Wall
May 31, 2017
jdm64 worked his way to a KD of 23/11 in Liquid's win against OpTic Gaming on the first day of the ESL Pro League.
jdm64 got his hands on the AWP early on to give OpTic many fits all throughout the game. Not only was he picking up kills based on pure AWP skills, but he even got a double boost early on to get some nice entry frags outside. Not content to just shut things down with the AWP, jdm64 picked up an AK to pour in even more damage in the next chunk of rounds. After taking a 12-3 lead into the second half, Liquid lost the pistol round to give OpTic the tiniest bit of breathing room. jdm64 wasn't going to let this happen though, so he picked up the SSG to secure a 3k in the force-buy to get right back on track into the 16-5 win.
Shows up in a big way on the AWP
May 31, 2017
jdm64 went 20/16 in Liquid's comeback win over NRG Esports on Day 1 of the ESL Pro League Finals.
jdm64 took a few rounds to get going in this game, but once he did, he was extremely impactful. After starting in a 6-0 hole, he used his AWP to power them right back into the game. It all started with a double in Round 9 and continued on from there. He was so good, in fact, that he managed to help Liquid to an 8-7 lead at the half. While things were pretty back-and-forth in the later rounds of the half, he picked up another 3k in Round 21 to keep his pretty close. He capped off his strong showing in the game with another double with the sniper rifle in the final round of this 16-13 win.
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