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Ghost Gaming
Inks with Ghost Gaming
June 11, 2018
koosta will be headed to Brazil after linking up with Ghost Gaming, the North American organization announced.
The 22-year-old AWPer will be attending ESL One Belo Horizonte after all, since his recent signing with Ghost Gaming. The news came clear after it was reported the team was eyeing the Ghost roster as the team was active to revamp their roster following their one point above relegation zone finish in ESL Pro League. The recent shifts come from the aftermath of the departure of AZK and swag following their group stage exit at DreamHack Tours. The new squad is set to debut this weekend when the team travels to Belo Horizonte, Brazil from June 13-17 at the Mineirinho Arena, with $200,000 on the line.
Eyeing Ghost Gaming roster
May 29, 2018
koosta could be linking up with Subroza and Wardell of Ghost Gaming to compete at ESL One Belo Horizonte, according to a report from HLTV.org.
koosta could be landing a spot with the North American organization after learning that swag and AZK parted ways from the team with immediate effect. With ESL One Belo Horizonte set to start June 13-17, koosta, steel and Pollo could find their two replacements for the Brazilian tournament, if the move were to come to fruition, the teak would make its first appearance at Belo Horizonte.
Strong second half not enough
October 20, 2017
koosta posted an even 23/23 KD on Day 1 of DreamHack Open Denver with a 16-14 loss to Renegades.
koosta started the series with a triple-kill clutch in the pistol round to secure the 1-0 lead. From there, he would win two more rounds before Renegades would contest the lead early in the half. Unfortunately, koosta couldn't stop Renegades from holding down the line in the first half to win the remaining rounds and take the 11-4 lead. Although koosta picked up a few rounds in the start of the second half, Renegades would trail with a few of their own. With the AWP finally in the hands of koosta, 10 defensive rounds would push Renegades over the edge, but not quick enough as the Aussie-based team would strike back to close out the game with a 16-14 win.
From the top to the bottom
October 8, 2017
koosta tallied a 44/41 KD in CLG's 2-0 sweep of Ghost Gaming on Friday in the ESL Pro League.
While koosta started off well in this series, he fell massively as it progressed. He put on a show in the first game, dropping a 30-bomb in his team's big win. They may have needed a couple overtimes to take out Ghost, but they still got there in the end. But for as strong as koosta may have been in that game, he wasn't as great in the second frame. Sure, he still finished with a positive KD, but he was at the bottom of his team. It was still a strong win, nonetheless, however.
Hitting his stride
September 28, 2017
koosta tallied a 51/27 KD in Counter Logic Gaming's 2-0 win over Immortals on Wednesday in the ESL Pro League.
While they were playing against a floundering Immortals squad, this was still a series that CLG needed to win. They didn't just win, but they dominated in fashion that we haven't really seen from this team. koosta has been especially been looking pretty strong over the last couple weeks. His play looks much crisper than in the past, which is surely a welcomed sight for this team. If koosta can keep up this high level of play, CLG has a shot to finally make the playoffs of the ESL Pro League, which hasn't happened since Season 2 back in 2015.
Shuts down the map with AWP
June 8, 2017
koosta put together a 41/22 KD in his team's big 2-0 sweep over Ghost on Wednesday in the ECS.
koosta was a menace on the AWP in every moment of this series against Ghost. He started off Game 1 a bit slow, but as the game progressed, he became a terror. His angles and accuracy with the AWP gave Ghost fits in the entire game. The same occurred in Game 2, although he got started with the UMP in that game. He picked up an impressive ace with the weapon in Round 3 to get CLG off to a nice start. He continued showing up for his team in a major way all game long, until CLG started to steamroll their way to a 16-8 win.
Doesn't bring much in series loss
May 27, 2017
koosta put up a 27/40 KD in CLG's 0-2 loss to Immortals on Saturday in the ECS.
koosta was right in line with the rest of his teammates in Game 1, which meant that he wasn't playing very well at all. He ended with just a 9/16 KD, but that wasn't even the worst on his team, which just shows how bad CLG was in this game. Going into Game 2, he wasn't much better to start off. He had four kills in the first five rounds, but mainly watched as Rickeh was doing it all for CLG. He did find a double in Round 12 to tie things up at six, though. This was a real back-and-forth match, but koosta never pulled up very consistent frags. A late double tied it up again at 12 rounds each, but they still managed to lose 16-13.
Comes up short in late stages of Game 2 loss
May 24, 2017
koosta finished CLG's loss to SK Gaming on Tuesday in the ECS with a KD of 32/47.
koosta started off pretty poorly in this series, and it didn't stop as the game progressed. While he did get a double kill to open the pistol round, he only put up three more rounds in the next 11 rounds of the match before notching to 3k in Round 13. He continued to slump in the second half with one kill in the first eight rounds of the half. Then he turned it around slightly with a double and 3k in Rounds 24 and 25 respectively, but they both came in rounds losses on the way to a 16-10 loss. He was actually even worse in Game 2, despite his team hanging around for much longer in that game. He was pretty consistent early on, picking up kills in almost every round as his team took an early 4-2 lead. Once SK got back on track though, he faltered and started to come up short. His best round of the half came in Round 12 where picked up a 3k in a round loss, which was the epitome of this half for CLG. Even as his team flipped their 9-6 deficit into a 14-12 lead in the second half, he only managed five kills to that point in the half. From there until the end of this 19-15 loss, he only picked up four more kills, which certainly contributed to their struggles late in the game.
Nothing too flashy in solid win
April 6, 2017
koosta finished CLG's Wednesday win over 5Power at StarSeries Season 3 Finals with a KD of 16/7.
koosta did a good job in CLG's lopsided win on Cobblestone, posting solid stats, if a bit unimpressive. A KD of 16/7 was good enough for CLG, who enjoyed monstrous performances from FNS and Rickeh, who dominated the game throughout the first half on the CT-side. koosta made sure to deal good damage, finishing with an ADR of 85.2, completing what ended up being a 16-3 annihilation of 5Power.
One-man wrecking crew for CLG
April 4, 2017
koosta tallied a 27/18 KD in CLG's loss to Astralis on Day 1 of the StarSeries Season 3 Finals.
Straight up, koosta was the best player in the lobby during this game. He posted the highest KD and HLTV rating, which is even more impressive when you consider that they gave up 16 of 21 rounds following their 6-0 start to the match. His 27 kills were the second-most in a game during the entire tournament on Day 1, which is impressive to say the least. He also averaged 1.00 kills per round. He showed off this impressive fragging presence with four AWP kills in Round 24 of the game. If he can just get some help from his teammates, CLG may have a chance at making it out of groups at the every least.
Steady in split
March 9, 2017
koosta earned his stripes after a 43/40 KD in a 1-1 split against Misfits on Thursday at the ESL Pro League.
Koosta has remained consistent with his AWP during the course of three weeks during the ESL Pro League. Game 1 koosta remained poised in the first half getting a huge lead over Misfits early before a comeback to even things at the half 8-7. koosta earned a 23/21 KD followed by a 68.4 ADR before giving up the second half to overtime. However, koosta's AWP was no match for Misfits as he held off the offense for a 19-17 win, taking the last round in a 1-vs-1 duel post-plant. Game 2 found koosta with a great first half despite the 10-5 deficit, but a second half earning a 20/19 KD and 84.8 ADR. Koosta tried to keep the dream alive by winning round 26 with a quad kill, but fell short of a win 16-12.
Consistent with AWP in series tie
February 23, 2017
koosta put up 48/36 KD in a 1-1 split at the ESL Pro League versus Luminosity on Tuesday.
koosta was off to a great start on the first map of the series. koosta led the team on Cache with a 21/18 KD followed by an 86.0 ADR. koosta opened the bombsites to a 7-1 lead with the AWP. However, Luminosity came back to even the score at the half, shutting down koosta's AWP on defense for a 16-10 loss. koosta had a slow start on Map 2 but eventually found his stride to hold off the offense mainly on the B bombsite. A highly contested first half carried over into the second with koosta once again off to a slow start. It wasn't until in the late game where koosta's AWP was key in coming back four rounds straight, leading his team 27/18 KD and 88.2 ADR for the series split 16-14.
Unable to close out in loss
December 19, 2016
koosta earned a 28/21 KD in their loss to Vega Squadron on Day 1 of the ELEAGUE Major Qualifier.
koosta started the match off on the offensive side picking up a double kill in the second round to give his team the advantage early, securing the lead 2-0. He then planted the bomb in the following round on the A-bombsite to secure the economy for the buy round. After giving up three rounds, koosta came out on top in the seventh round with his quad kill onto the A-bombsite with his AWP, breaking the tie for a 4-3 lead. koosta reappeared again in the eleventh round with a triple entry kill on to the A-bombsite with his AWP to secure the round, further extending the lead 7-4. koosta contributed to the late comeback that resulted in a defuse that would determine the last round CLG would win in the second half, falling 16-14 on Mirage.
Can't find balance between in-game leading and fragging
December 19, 2016
koosta went just 7/19 in CLG's loss against CL=loud9 on Day 4 of the ELEAGUE Major Qualifier.
koosta seemed to struggle a bit with fragging and in-game leading early on in this game, as he only put up five kills in the half. He never seemed to confident with his shots in this 6-9 half from CLG. This continued on into the second half as the best thing that koosta did in this series was simply die. Since the loss means they won't be at the ELEAGUE Major, CLG will have plenty of time to work on their problem areas.
Best player in poor showing from CLG
November 10, 2016
koosta earned a 10/16 KD in CLG's lopsided defeat at the hands of EnVyUs in Group B of Northern Arena Montreal on Thursday.
koosta did what he could early on against EnVyUs, but CLG couldn't seem to play a cohesive game to get much going. koosta was able to get his team their first win of the map in Round 8, though. He won a 1-vs-2 with his Deagle to snag the round. He got CLG off to a nice start in the second half with a quad kill and bomb defuse in the pistol round to bring the score to 3-13. That would be the last round the team would win on their way to a 3-16 loss.
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