Shahzeb Khan 
United States
compLexity Gaming
Finds new home with coL
May 5, 2018
ShahZam has signed with compLexity, the North American organization announced.
The 24-year-old will be joining compLexity, alongside his teammate and in-game leader stanislaw. After lackluster results in 2018, OpTic decided to pull the plug on the two North American players for an all-Danish lineup, resulting in ShahZaM looking for a new home. Now, the AWPer will be taking over the spot of ptr, who has not been the number one guy help compLexity through the qualifiers, in which the team has failed to qualify over the course of 2018. ShahZam will continue his journey with coL as the team is gearing up to take on the remainder of ECS.
Free Agent
Seeking other opportunities
April 24, 2018
Heroic and OpTic Gaming have come to an agreement with the transfer of JUGi and Snappi, resulting in ShahZaM's time with OpTic to and end.
The North American sniper has been with the team since February when the Danish-North American team was first created. Although since then, the team has had little success since they were unable to qualify for DreamHack Masters Marseille and IEM Sydney and have yet to compete offline. ShahZaM did help OpTic reach their finals' spot in third place with 35 points from 18 matches played, however, they've had disappointing results in ECS with three wins from 14 matches. In the announcement, stanislaw and the coach ImAPet will also part ways with the team. OpTic has stated that they are "actively helping ImAPet, stanislaw, and ShahZaM seek out and secure new opportunities."
Holds out on Inferno for the split
April 15, 2018
ShahZaM went 32/39 on Wednesday in a 1-1 split against NRG in Week 6 of ESL Pro League Season 7.
The series began with NRG claiming the 3-0 lead on Mirage but ShahZaM fired back to pick up four in a row, thanks to his Round 8 quad kill on middle to secure the streak and the three-round lead. However, NRG contested to regain the lead, handing ShahZaM and co. an 8-7 deficit going into the second. The second half was wall NRG on the T-side to win eight straight as ShahZaM had nothing to show in the 16-7 loss. Inferno kicked off the second map where NRG picked up three straight once again, but ShahZaM came out on top in his buy round to snipe down three in mid to secure the round. From there, a few rounds went his way with a tattered economy but only five would be claimed to go into the second half. NRG looked to secure the sweep but ShahZaM kept his composure on the T-side to contribute to the elven rounds needed to take the series split, posting a team-low 16/22 KD and 49.6 ADR.
Joins OpTic once again
February 10, 2018
ShahZaM will join OpTic Gaming once again, the organization has announced.
ShahZaM was left without a team after Misfits went 1-3 at the ELEAGUE Major Boston New Challengers stage. The 24-year-old's future had been in question since Misfits released their roster following the Major exit. Now, ShahZaM will return to the Green Wall once again after his short stint with the team in early 2016 before being replaced by oscar. The North American awper will take on the sniper-rifle role over cajunb, who will now be the rifler for the team. ShahZaM will debut with the new roster for the upcoming ESL Pro League Season 7, which is set to start on Tuesday.
Falls out on Overpass
December 9, 2017
ShahZaM posted a 29/34 KD on Saturday in a 2-0 loss to SK Gaming in the semifinals of the ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals.
A smooth start on the offensive side granted ShahZaM the pistol round with a smooth execute on the B-bombsite. Misfits then traded rounds with SK to tie the game early 3-3, however, SK shut down ShahZaM's late rotations to the A-bombsite as well as his entry into the B-bombsite. Down 10-5 at the half, ShahZaM could not hold off the aggressive offense by SK as they only won a single round in the second half for a 16-6 loss. Unfortunately, the pain doesn't end there as ShahZaM and company took a massive Map 2 loss on Overpass that punched their plan flight home.
Snipes HR into obscurity
December 9, 2017
ShahZaM gathered a 45/44 KD on Friday in the 2-0 sweep over HellRaisers in the ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals.
HellRaisers claimed the pistol round to Cobblestone but ShahZaM came swinging back with an aggressive offense to open up the B-bombsite to earn some round wins. ShahZaM was on top with a 4-1 lead but HellRaisers came right back to even the score. However, the AWP was back in the hands of ShahZaM, who eventually closed out the first half winning three straight for the entry-kills. The second half was a stout hold on the B-bombsite until the late rounds of HellRaisers forced overtime. Both teams traded in the extra rounds which led to a second set of overtime rounds. ShahZaM opened the second set of rounds with a quad kill hold on the B-bombsite that surged Misfits to take Cobblestone 22-18. A strong defensive performance on Overpass, including his Round 6 triple kill hold on the A-bombsite allowed his team to dominate the first half for an 11-4 score. ShahZaM then took his momentum into the second half to only allow HellRaisers one round against for the 16-6 sweep.
Firm on the AWP in split
October 8, 2017
ShahZaM contributed a 30/33 KD on Thursday in a 1-1 split with Immortals in ESL Pro League Season 6.
A dismal start on Train for the offense unable to break through Immortals for a massive 14-1 first-half loss. ShahZaM then got the ball rolling after Immortals reached map point in the second pistol round win. He then went on to win eight in a row on the defensive hold on the A-bombsite to snipe down a 17/18 KD and 72.4 ADR before Immortals closed Game 1 16-9. In Game 2, ShahZaM didn't have many frags in the most part of the first half, despite a massive defensive first half hold on Cache to take the first half 12-3. Immortals then made some noise to start the second half on defense, but ShahZaM picked up the AWP to help the offense win a few rounds getting the opening picks and post-plant holds for the 16-9 win, posting a 13/15 KD and 53.2 ADR.
Can't do it all for Misfits
May 8, 2017
ShahZaM ended Misfits' loss to HellRaisers in the semifinals of DreamHack Tours with a 46/38 KD.
ShahZaM was his normal strong self in this opening game against HellRaisers on Monday. He opened up with a double entry frag in the pistol round before picking up two more in Round 3. He was a bit subdued for awhile before lighting up Round 9 with a double to clutch the round. He was instrumental in bringing this close to a tie, but they came up just short Round 30. Despite being on top of his game once again in Game 2, Misfits couldn't stop HellRaisers as a team. ShahZaM got a double in the pistol round loss before getting a 3k in Round 6 for his team's first win. It ended up being a series of miscues from there on, though. It was a valiant effort, but Misfits still have a ways to go to hang tight with the best in Counter-Strike.
Late clutch sets up series win
May 7, 2017
ShahZaM put up a strong 63/60 KD in his team's 2-1 win over Heroic at DreamHack Tours on Sunday.
ShahZaM was strong in Misfits' wins, but not the greatest in their one loss. He dropped a 30-bomb in the Game 1 overtime thriller. While he was consistent all game long, he really came on in the late rounds of overtime to pick up the win. His 3k in Round 36 tied things up at 18 and then his double a couple rounds later gave his team a 20-19 win that they eventually turned into a 22-19 win. His play in Game 2 left a bit to be desired, though. He only put up 10 kills in the game as they were dismantled by Heroic. Game 3 was his shining moment, though, as he led his team to a 16-12 victory. While he was strong in most of the game, he really came on to lock up the win in the final two rounds. He started with a double entry frag in Round 26 to set his team up with to get on map point. In the next round, he came away with a crazy 1-vs-2 clutch on the AWP to take the series and move on in the tournament.
Officially joins Misfits
January 15, 2017
After TSM announced their release of their entire CS:GO roster, Misfits announced they had acquired the team.
After losing the team's in-game leader due to a large dispute with Reginald regarding the PEA, it was unclear where the future of TSM's CS:GO team would lie. On Saturday, that question was answered as TSM announced they would be releasing their entire roster citing the team's desire to compete with sgares as well as their deteriorating relationship with the organization. Shortly after, Misfits announced that they had acquired the roster including sgares. As a result, ShahZaM will continue to play with the old TSM roster, but this time under a new banner.
Officially a member of TSM
December 15, 2016
TSM has officially announced the signing of ShahZaM after reports surfaced last month of the impending roster move.
TSM has been struggling mightily all year long, and was in desperate need of a change. That change ended up being the signing of both ShahZaM and sgares, with FNS and Semphis being released to make room. ShahZaM will come onto the team as the primary AWPer and will look to make some waves. Fans will have to wait some time to see them in action, though, as the team failed to qualify for the ELEAGUE Offline Qualifier taking place this week.
Set to join Team SoloMid
November 30, 2016
Jarek "DeKay" Lewis reported today that ShahZam is set to join TSM with sgares.
With the report, it seems as though ShahZaM will be joining sgares once again amidst the roster shuffle. After Echo Fox's disappointing showing at iBUYPOWER Masters 2016, the team disbanded. ShahZaM and sgares will be replacing FNS and Twistzz following the ELEAGUE America Minor this weekend.
Free Agent
ShahZaM: Released by OpTic Gaming
April 14, 2016
According to OpTic Gaming's web site, ShahZam has been released and will be replaced by mixwell.
This move comes entirely unexpected for the skilled AWPer, but somebody was expected to take the fall for the repeated failings of OpTic Gaming. OpTic Gaming just wasn't getting it done in terms of qualifying for major international tournaments and clearly management thought they needed to make a move. ShahZam should be able to find a team rather quickly as he is regarded as one of the best AWPers in CS:GO.
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