Damian Steele 
NRG eSports
Unable to edge Inferno
April 15, 2018
daps went 40/30 on Wednesday in a 1-1 split against OpTic Gaming in Week 6 of ESL Pro League Season 7.
daps started the series on the lighter side of things with a 3-0 start on the CT-side of Mirage. Although OpTic came right back to pick up six straight for the three-round lead, NRG were able to string together four rounds of their own as daps held the A-bombsite for the 7-6 lead. OpTic picked up one more but daps and co. came out on top with an 8-7 lead and carried their momentum into the second half to win eight straight for the 16-7 series lead. daps continued his reign on Inferno to earn three straight for the T-side in another 3-0 start, including his 1-vs-2 clutch in the pistol. OpTic contested early but the half remained to NRG for a healthy 10-5 lead. Riding on momentum, daps helped secure the last pistol for NRG and the following anti-ecos but OpTic's Green Wall prove effect to comeback with eleven rounds against to edge 16-14 for the split.
Sent home packing in loss
December 9, 2017
daps posted an 8/16 in the dismal 16-3 loss on Wednesday to OpTic Gaming in the ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals.
daps contested early despite OpTic taking the pistol round and three more to add. Down 4-1, NRG finally got back on the board as daps helped on the A-bombsite retake to pick up the defuse to cut the lead in half. OpTic won four more before daps responded with a shut down on the B-bombsite but the OpTic offense was too tough to tame in the remainder of the first half as daps took a grueling 12-3 deficit at the half. The second half saw daps unable to bring anything on the offense as OpTic controlled the map and shut down anything daps tried to throw at them for a dismal 16-3 loss on Cobblestone.
Big in Game 1 for the sweep
June 8, 2017
daps posted a solid 48/40 KD on Wednesday in the final week of the Esports Championship Series Season 3 with a win over Renegades 2-0.
daps had a slower start in Game 1 of Cache, losing the first pistol round but then quickly getting back to his feet to rally the team for a defensive surge. daps kept calm and consistent throughout the first half as he had a solid defensive lead 10-5. Rolling over to the second half, daps continued to remain composed as he picked up many frags in the six rounds won despite the Renegades' short comeback. daps kept the second half under control, securing the lead and the Game 1 win 16-11 and earning a 25/15 KD and 75.3 ADR. daps had a huge start to Game 2 as he stood like a stonewall on the B-bombsite of Cobblestone, taking a massive 6-0 start. However, Renegades managed to work around the defense of daps to dominate the rest of the first half up 8-7. daps also had a strong second-half showing, getting the team to map point; however, Renegades never gave in and forced overtime. daps continued his dominant plays in the extra rounds to close out the overtime rounds 4-2 in the 19-17 Game 2 win, posting a 23/25 KD and 74.5 ADR.
Tough start to final Week 8
June 7, 2017
daps posted a dim 25/39 KD in the final week of Esports Championship Series Season 3 with a 2-0 loss to OpTic Gaming on Tuesday.
daps had a great start offensively, earning a clean 4-0 start and picking up quite a few frags along the way. OpTic came back to win two but daps kept the lead alive, winning four more for an 8-2 lead. However, the change to OpTic's defense made it difficult for daps to earn anymore kills in the late rounds as OpTic closed the half down 8-7. daps then had a slow start to the second half as OpTic's offense stormed the B-bombsite and took control of the drop room without trouble as daps struggled to win rounds. With only a few rounds won, daps ended Cobblestone with a 21/21/ KD and 92.2 ADR in the 16-10 loss. Game 2 daps struggled overall, only contributing to the four rounds won as OpTic took the series and Mirage 16-4 as daps received a 4/18 KD and a 37.1 ADR for his efforts.
Does what he can in narrow defeat
May 31, 2017
daps finished NRG Esports' loss to Liquid on Day 1 of the ESL Pro League Finals with a 18/23 KD.
daps took a few rounds to get going in this game, but was fairly consistent as NRG tried to hold off Liquid. He started with doubles in Rounds 6 and 7, but he was unable to lock up the win in that last round. He picked up some kills here and there, but it wasn't enough to stop Liquid from completely storming back. A late double kill in Round 23 gave NRG a lead, but from then on, it was almost all Liquid. NRG couldn't find the final rounds needed to stop the 16-13 Liquid win.
Fails to show up in Game 2
May 17, 2017
daps put up a 32/38 KD in NRG's 1-1 series split with Immortals on Wednesday in the ECS.
daps had a nice start to this series, netting a triple kill in Round 3 while NRG was humming to open things up. Throughout the rest of the half, he peppered in numerous double kills as NRG went up 10-5 at the half. He opened the second half with a poor run, not getting a second-half kill until Round 19, where he got a double entry kill in a round loss. He closed out the map by picking up a triple kill and bomb defusal in the final round to get the 16-10 win. When things switched to Cobblestone for Game 2, he disappeared in a major way. He only picked up three kills in the first half that saw NRG go down 10-5 at the half. He did pick up double kills in three straight rounds as they tried to mount a comeback, but it fell short in the 16-11 loss.
Poor play does nothing to help team
May 10, 2017
daps never found a groove in NRG's 1-1 split with Cloud9 on Tuesday in the ECS, finishing with just a 20/38 KD.
Even in his team's big comeback win in Game 1, daps was nowhere to be found. He managed to find nine kills in the first half that saw NRG get pushed around by Cloud9, but even once his team woke up in the second half, he was completely absent. He tallied just four kills in that big 10-3 half that NRG had to pick up the 16-12 win. Going into Game 2, daps was even worse. He found seven kills in the first half as Cloud9 once again dominated things. In an alarming trend, daps failed to show up in the second half yet again. This time he didn't find a single kill, though. Not only that, but he died in all eight second-half rounds, even the ones that his team won. daps will need to bring much more if he wishes to get his team into the playoffs.
Major contributions come in game-losing round
April 25, 2017
daps went 14/18 in NRG's loss to SK Gaming on Tuesday in the ESL Pro League.
daps could never get much going in this tough loss to SK on Tuesday. Like most of his team, he only put up one kill in the first four rounds of the game. He then managed to put some nice rounds together, even notching a 3k in Round 13. He did manage to pick up seven kills in the second half, but two of those came in the final round that gave SK the win. While NRG had been on a bit of a surge over the last couple weeks, they ran into a Brazil-shaped wall here.
Strong Game 1 leads team to victory
April 20, 2017
daps posted a 33/25 KD in NRG's 2-0 sweep of Rush on Wednesday.
daps led the way in NRG's easy win over the lowly Rush on Wednesday. In their Game 1 win, he was the top dog, posting the highest HLTV rating in the match. He had a couple strong rounds in both the first half and second half to keep his team rolling. His 3k in Round 14 led to NRG's first-half lead of 8-7, while his 1-vs-2 clutch in Round 21 allowed NRG to keep pushing in a big way on their way to the strong 16-8 win. Moving into Game 2, his performance took a bit of a nosedive despite the win. He never really got into much of a groove at any point in the match. He did have another 1-vs-2 clutch in Round 12, but that was the extent of his strong plays in the game. The rest of his team stepped up to bring his team the victory, though.
Early and late struggles in tie
February 22, 2017
daps finished a 1-1 series against Team Liquid at the ESL Pro League earning his team a 41/48 KD.
Although daps had a strong start on Map 1, his performance dwindled in the remainder of the first half on Cache. However, he contributed in the late comeback in the second half on the defense to send the team into overtime. daps also contributed to the double-overtime win with a solid performance on the offense. Map 2 was not in favor for daps, as he underperformed, earning his team a 12/18 KD and a low 53.6 ADR in the 16-14 loss which would tie the series 1-1.
Joins NRG
December 19, 2016
daps has been signed by NRG eSports, reports Jarek "DeKay" Lewis of Slingshot eSports.
daps' road to NRG is an interesting one, as he left OpTic Gaming back in September after he was replaced by stanislaw, who has just left the team a couple weeks prior. Since that confounding series of events, daps has been a free agent waiting for a call. NRG was the one to reach out to him, and he's now got a home. He will be the in-game leader for this new roster, so look for them to move forward with a cohesive strategy from one of the best shot callers in North America in 2017.
Decides to leave OpTic Gaming
September 28, 2016
In a Twitter post yesterday afternoon, daps announced he would be departing OpTic Gaming.
daps has been on OpTic Gaming since the team was signed by the organization at the start of this year. With many ups and downs under his belt, daps has decided to part ways with the team he has been with for nearly a year. In his statement, he said that he has discussed things for a while and that his decision had been in the works for some time. Earlier this month, it was revealed on OpTic's show that daps was benched and stanislaw would remain on the starting roster. With daps not having played for the team since Northern Arena combined, with a tense relationship between other members of the team, it made sense for daps to leave. He has stated that he is uncertain of his future and what path he will take, but participated in the WESG Canadian qualifier with a pickup group that proved successful, with the team taking a 2-0 series against Hyper to qualify for the WESG America Finals in Brazil.
Contributes little to series split against Renegades
August 26, 2016
daps earned a 32/39 KD in OpTic Gaming's series split with Renegades on Thursday.
daps didn't have the best start to this series against Renegades. While OpTic got out to a 13-2 lead in the first half, daps didn't do anything to really contribute to that lead. Once the second half started, he was a big reason for Renegades resurgence that saw them almost force overtime. He put up a meager 13/16 KD in the game, as OpTic finally found the last few wins they needed to take the game 16-13. Things didn't change much early on in Game 2 on Mirage. daps gave up a lot of early kills that put OpTic in a 4-11 hole after the first half. His only highlight play came when he almost took a 1-vs-3 when Rickeh made a poor decision and lost his AWP to daps. daps used that to get two kills, but couldn't find the last one needed to take the round. OpTic also tried to mount a bit of a comeback too, as they took eight rounds in the second half, but still lost 16-12.
Worst player during big win over compLexity
August 18, 2016
daps put up a 23/18 KD during OpTic Gaming's two wins over compLexity on the opening day of the ESL Pro League.
daps had probably the worst overall series of games against compLexity, but that's more a testament to the complete dominance on OpTic than anything daps himself did. He started out the first game on Mirage with some nice headshots to solidify OpTic's lead over compLexity in the beginning of the game. OpTic as a team were really able to punish compLexity's mispositioning all game long and took the first map handily. Early on in the second map on Train, he was the best player on the team, but he ended up having a pretty quiet game overall. He ended things with a 12/9 KD on the map as OpTic won 16-6.
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