Peter Stanislaw 
compLexity Gaming
Signs with coL
May 5, 2018
compLexity has announced the acquisition of stanislaw and ShahZaM from OpTic Gaming.
stanislaw, alongside ShahZaM, will step into the shoes of ptr and slemmy, who have been moved down to the backup position for the time being. The move comes after compLexity failed to qualify for all of the offline events in 2018 thus far after Cloud9 signed FNS in April. stanislaw will take the reigns over in compLexity and will try to get the team back into contention through the remainder of ECS.
Free Agent
Exits OpTic Gaming
April 24, 2018
Heroic and OpTic Gaming have announced the transfers of Snappi and JUGi, which has stanislaw looking for a new home.
stanislaw will be looking for a new team after not having played a single game offline since joining the roster back in February when the Danish-North American roster was created. Coach, ImAPet will also join stanislaw and ShahZaM in the departure as OpTic has stated that they are "actively helping ImAPet, stanislaw, and ShahZaM seek out and secure new opportunities." stanislaw only took part in qualifiers for DreamHack Masters Marseille and IEM Sydney, where he and his team failed to qualify in both cases.
Returns to OpTic
February 10, 2018
OpTic Gaming have revealed that stanislaw will return to the active lineup.
The 23-year-old returns to OpTic nearly a year after leaving the team to lead Team Liquid, who would then be benched nine months later, following internal issues with the team. Stanislaw led OpTic to their successful run in Atlanta for the ELEAGUE Season 2 championship and a runner-up finish at the ECS Season 2 Finals. stanislaw will have a short time to get his team prepared as he will be the in-game leader for the team at the upcoming ESL Pro League, which is set to start February 13th.
To be benched by Liquid
November 13, 2017
stanislaw will soon be benched by Team Liquid, Jarek "DeKay" Lewis of Per Sources reports.
Following a lackluster performance by Liquid at iBUYPOWER Masters this past weekend, the team is looking for a change. That change is coming with the benching of stanislaw, the former OpTic in-game leader. After being acquired by the Liquid in February, the team saw scattered success before falling into a bit of a rut of late. He is expected to be replaced by steel for IEM Oakland this weekend, and while he won't be able to play with the team at the Major Qualifier, he is now a permanent member of the team. He wouldn't be able to play with the team at the Major Qualifier since steel was already eliminated from the event during his time with Immortals. It is expected that stanislaw will return to the team for the Qualifier.
Pushes Team Liquid to victory
October 5, 2017
stanislaw put up a 35/28 KD in Team Liquid's dominating win over Rogue on Wednesday in the ESL Pro League.
stanislaw was incredibly on point to open up this series against Rogue, as he started off with a 19/13 KD on Inferno. Not only was his KD solid, but his ADR was sitting at a 102.9, which led the entire lobby in the 16-8 win. He wasn't as strong in Game 2, but he was still positive with a 16/15 KD. His damage was a bit lower, but this is when his leadership came into play and Liquid again picked up a 16-8 win.
Unable to close on defense
September 30, 2017
stanislaw earned a 20/18 KD on Friday with a grueling 16-11 loss to Astralis in Group D of ELEAGUE Premier.
A dismal start to Overpass on the offensive side resulted in a 10-0 start, a tall order for stanislaw to strike back. In Round 11, stanislaw got the entry kill needed to quickly take the A-bombsite to secure the first round of Liquid of the half. His entry kills led the team to take the following two rounds but Astralis closed out the half with a 12-3 lead. The second half was a great start for stanislaw as he managed to hold off on the B-bombsite for a 3-0 start, but a few mishap cost the team a few rounds. With Astralis on match point, stanislaw did everything he could to keep his team in the game making the right calls on the late rotations. However, after a handful of rounds won, it wasn't enough to close out the game with a 16-11 loss.
Unable to crack FaZe in grand final loss
September 18, 2017
stanislaw posted a 32/58 KD on Sunday in a 3-0 loss to FaZe Clan in the grand final of ESL One New York.
stanislaw led a dismal offensive first half on Inferno with a 15-0 deficit to start the second half. stanislaw managed to win the pistol and following two anti-eco round wins before losing that final round for a 16-3 loss. A contested start to Overpass made for a good series in the early rounds, however, FaZe didn't show any signs of struggle to close out the first half an 11-4 lead. stanislaw really got the ball rolling in the second half as he ordered his team to play aggressive and attack the bomb sites quickly and effectively to win 10 rounds. However, it wasn't enough to clinch Game 2 with FaZe edging Liquid 16-14. The final game of the series on Mirage started with a rough display of offense in the first half with an 11-4 score at the half. stanislaw then struggled to win rounds in the second half for a five-round blowout to send him packing 16-4.
Shows up when needed
September 16, 2017
stanislaw posted a 53/70 KD in Team Liquid's 2-1 win over SK Gaming in the semifinals of ESL New York.
stanislaw may have taken quite awhile to make a worthwhile impact on the game, he certainly made it count once he did. He bottom fragged in the first game of the series, but thankfully jdm put the team on his back to give Liquid the win. Then stanislaw only managed nine kills in Game 2. Although that wasn't necessarily all his fault, as all of Liquid looked pretty rough in this game. The final game is where he finally made it mark. While SK was threatening to walk away with the win, stanislaw showed up with some consistency to shut things down. He had a big entry frag late in the second half that gave his team a huge win that led to their 16-14 win to lock a spot in the grand finals.
Gives much of nothing in Game 2
August 23, 2017
stanislaw went 32/33 in Team Liquid's 1-1 split with SK Gaming in the ESL Pro League on Tuesday.
Despite his KD coming out almost even in the series, it's a bit misleading given how poor he was at the end of this series. He flanked well in the first half of Game 1 to keep his team moving along to a strong 13-2 showing. But then the second half happened. Even with stanislaw finding a strong frags in certain rounds, like his 4k in Round 23, they seemed to have lost all mojo in the series. They finally did recover with a 16-12 win, but the damage was clearly done. They were outplayed ridiculously all throughout the second game on Cobblestone, with stanislaw only managing an 8/17 KD in the loss.
Does it all for Liquid
July 6, 2017
stanislaw multi-tasked his way to a 23/12 KD when Team Liquid took down OpTic Gaming on Wednesday at ESL Cologne.
In a matchup against the team he left in the dust, stanislaw certainly made people remember why he left such a big hole in OpTic's lineup. Not only was he leading Liquid to victory as the in-game leader, but he also led the team in frags during this big win. It all began with a double in Round 2 to completely flip the round back in his team's favor, and it never let up from there. He came up with back-to-back doubles in Rounds 11 and 12 to put his team up 8-4 early on. Things didn't stop when the second half booted up, as he continued to show strong positioning to stop rotations at every turn. He led the server in kills and ADR (118.7) and has Liquid feeling very good going into the playoffs.
Brings the heat against Na'Vi
July 4, 2017
stanislaw was on fire with a 25/11 KD in Team Liquid's win over Na'Vi on Tuesday at ESL Cologne.
stanislaw got off to perhaps the best start that a person can, picking up an ace in Round 2 with a well-placed Molotov. This set the tone for what as a sweltering start for the in-game leader. He followed that up with another four kills in Round 7 to bring his early KD to a ridiculous 15/2. He cooled off a bit as the game progressed, but with a such a strong start, Liquid was in great shape to essentially coast to their 16-7 win.
Falters a bit in Game 2 of sweep
June 7, 2017
stanislaw tallied a 25/22 KD in Team Liquid's 2-0 sweep of Luminosity Gaming in the ECS on Wednesday.
stanislaw brought his "A" game to the opening map of this series. He was instrumental in getting his team off to an early start, with his 3k in Round 3 shutting down Luminosity early. He brought out the FAMAS in that round and used a great flank to pick up the kills. That round was a sign of good things to come for Liquid in what ended up as a 16-1 win. stanislaw started off Game 2 on the right foot with two early kills in the first three rounds of the game. While he only managed three kills for most of the first half, he was on top of it in terms of damage with a 107 ADR after seven rounds. However, he then fell off big time as LG tried to make things interesting. He stabilized late in the game with some key kills late to lock up the 16-9 win.
Poor Game 1 dooms Liquid
June 4, 2017
stanislaw posted a KD of 32/43 in Liquid's 0-2 loss to North in the semifinals of the ESL Pro League Finals.
stanislaw was nowhere to be found in the opening game of this series against North on Saturday. While his team was getting hammered from all angles, stanislaw only put together an anemic 6/17 KD. He simply disappeared once the going got tough in the lopsided 16-5 loss. The second game of the series was much better from him. This time around, Liquid came out the gate strong with an 11-4 first half on Mirage. Unfortunately, even his 26/26 KD wasn't enough to halt the strong push from North in the second half. Once North forced overtime, stanislaw did come up with a big flank in the fourth round of overtime, but North simply won the next two and wrapped up the 19-17 win.
Shows off against former team
May 31, 2017
stanislaw put together a strong 19/9 KD when Liquid took down OpTic Gaming on Day 1 of the ESL Pro League Finals.
stanislaw wasted no time getting going against the team that traded him a few weeks ago, starting with a double in the opening pistol round. From then on, he continued to put up very consistent kills on his way to a respectable KD. While he didn't have the most kills in the game, he only posted nine deaths, lowest in the game. He fit right in with his team as they steamrolled OpTic to the tune of a 16-5 win.
Continues strong streak
May 31, 2017
stanislaw finished Liquid's win over NRG Esports on Day 1 of the ESL Pro League Finals with a KD of 24/20.
stanislaw continues to play at the top of his game in his new role on Team Liquid. While he did start slow in this game with just one kill in the first six rounds, he started to light it up once the game got competitive. It started with his 3k in Round 7 and continued on into the back-and-forth second half. He executed a perfect strategy in Round 17 to pick up a 3k and another late lead before flexing his muscles to push Liquid towards a victory. His double in Round 25 and 3k in Round 28 setup Liquid perfectly for the eventual 16-13 win.
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