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Free Agent
Parts ways with Cloud9
July 25, 2018
FNS announced his free agency on Wednesday, ending his short tenure with Cloud9.
After being put on the bench at the end of May, FNS has now officially departed from the Cloud9 roster. It had been a bumpy road ever since he joined the team in April as FNS and the team had a "difference in philosophy" and just couldn't gel. As such, he's now a free agent and on the hunt for a new team. If anyone thought that his stint with the team was a failure, Cloud9 CEO Jack Etienne took to Twitter assuring that FNS did not fail and adding in that FNS will be "a tremendous asset to the right team."
Benched on active roster
May 29, 2018
FNS has been moved down as an inactive player on the roster and are open to offers for the in-game leader, the North American organization announced.
The 26-year-old's two-month stint with the team came to an abrupt end as a result of "differences and philosophies" between him and the team "proved to be too great to form a cohesion Cloud9 needed" to break new heights. FNS led the team to a 5th-8th place finish at DreamHack Masters Marseille and exited two tournaments in a row in the group stage, IEM Sydney and ESL Pro League Season 7 Finals, in Dallas. FNS will be traveling with the team to London for the ECS Season 5 finals, which will have tarik retaking the in-game leader role at the event. FNS' replacement is unknown as Cloud9 are seeking offers for FNS contract.
Forces double OT in win
April 18, 2018
FNS gathered a 27/30 KD on Wednesday in the 22-20 win over G2 Esports in Group A at DreamHack Masters Marseille.
Mirage kicked off with FNS unable to get past the defense of G2 for a 7-0 deficit early on. However, he managed to turn things around to give his team a fighting chance in the second, resulting in a 10-5 deficit at the half. The second half immediately went the way for FNS, who led the way to five straight to tie the game 10-10. From there, Cloud9 trailed as FNS took everything he had to force overtime, where he then forced G2 against the wall in the second overtime to secure the win.
Joins Cloud9
April 3, 2018
Cloud9 has announced the addition of compLexity in-game leader, FNS.
FNS will be reuniting with his former teammates tarik, who he played alongside under the CLG banner in 2014-15, as well as autimatic, who played under the Canadian in-game leader in TSM in early 2016. FNS will be transferred to Cloud9 after joining the compLexity ranks in January, whereas the team has shown progress along the way under his command. Now, Cloud9 have added a dedicated in-game leader, allowing their players to be more free in their roles. This will give Cloud9 come durability upfront, however, the team is still without a fifth player, which is speculated to be jdm64.
signs with coL
January 30, 2018
compLexity has restructured their roster, including the addition of in-game leader, FNS.
compLexity has been off the radar for some time throughout the 2017 year, with only one of their best results being a top-four finish at the Americas Minor in November. FNS has been a free agent since CLG closed its doors on the male CS:GO division, who is now signing with compLexity as the in-game leader.
Comes close to edging out Renegades
October 20, 2017
FNS gathered a 22/21 KD on Friday, Day 1 of DreamHack Open Denver wit ha 16-14 loss to Renegades.
FNS started the series on Cobblestone with a quick 3-0 lead for the offense early on; however, Renegades came knocking. The series was contested early on as both teams would trade rounds, but Renegades took off and never looked back. FNS couldn't get the frags needed to close out the rounds in the first half, which then would fall to a large 11-4 deficit going into the second. The second half was a slow start with rounds going both ways, but FNS managed to pick up the pace and hold off for a massive defensive showing in the second half to win 10 rounds on Renegades and come within contention of the lead. However, Renegades would deny that gesture and continue to edge out the series with a 16-14 win, with FNS posting an 83.9 ADR.
Does well enough in series sweep
October 8, 2017
FNS posted a 38/42 KD in CLG's sweep against Ghost Gaming on Friday in the ESL Pro League.
FNS did his best to keep up with his teammates in this win, and it worked out for the most part. While he wasn't the best member of the team in the win, he did enough to keep CLG moving along in what ended up as a sweep. The first game was the toughest of all, as the teams were forced into two overtimes before CLG managed to come away with the win. FNS was still at the bottom of his team in the first game, only finding a 22/32 KD in the game. He bounced back in Game 2, however, as CLG looked much better in the 16-4 that locked up the sweep.
Consistent in Game 2 of sweep
June 8, 2017
FNS put up a 29/25 KD in CLG's win over Ghost Gaming on Wednesday in the ECS.
FNS was pretty average in the opening game of the series, which meant that he didn't contribute a ton to his team's big win. Even as they were dominating the game, he only managed to put up an 11/11 KD. Not only that, but he registered just a 51.4 ADR. His teammates picked up his slack and finished up the 16-6 win, though. Game 2 was a bit better for him, at least in the damage department. He was still towards the bottom of his team in terms of kills, but his 93.9 ADR was second highest on the server. He was pitching in pretty constantly to help CLG move right along.
Falls short of the glory in loss to Immortals
May 27, 2017
FNS put up a poor 22/34 KD in CLG's rough loss to Immortals in the ECS on Saturday.
FNS managed to be just one of two players on CLG to post double digit kills in the opening game of this series, as Immortals ran roughshod on CLG to the tune of a 16-4 scoreline. nahtE was the only one to actually play with any consistency in the game, which certainly led to the loss. Game 2 was a much better showing from CLG, but FNS wasn't really included in that one. He started off pretty slow, as did most of CLG. Even as CLG started to surge in late in the half and into the second half, though, FNS was nowhere to be found. His lone standout round in the rest of the game was in Round 11 where he clutched a 1-vs-1 to stop a six-round Immortals run. As the game progressed, FNS couldn't give his team what was needed, which led to the 16-13 loss.
Poor from start to finish in series loss
May 24, 2017
FNS only managed a 25/43 KD in CLG's sweep at the hands of SK Gaming on Tuesday.
FNS was all over the place in this series against SK Gaming to open the week in the ECS. He opened up with a poor 11/19 performance in Game 1 that saw him only notch a 40.1 ADR. That was a game where all of CLG kind of fell apart though, so it's not too surprising. His 14/24 KD and 57.5 ADR in Game 2 were where it got a bit puzzling. While CLG did start out with a 9-6 deficit in the first half, they stormed back in a major way during the second half to actually take a late 14-12 lead, but FNS was no part of that. He never seemed to be able to land shots with consistency, which ended up being his team's ultimate downfall, as they fell 19-15 in overtime. He certainly needs to step it up in the last few weeks of the ECS in order for CLG to keep its spot towards the top.
Carries CLG to rout of 5Power
April 6, 2017
FNS played well in CLG's win on Wednesday, posting a KD of 18/7.
FNS had a fantastic showing on Cobblestone, picking up kills throughout CLG's CT-side. A triple kill in Round 7 gave CLG a 6-1 lead, immediately taking a win after 5Power got one of their own. A second triple kill in Round 10 put the finishing touches on a 12-3 CLG half, where FNS played a huge role in stopping 5Power pushes. FNS didn't quite pop off as hard in the second half on the T-side, finishing with a KD of 18/7 but it was short lived, as CLG took four straight rounds to close out the 16-3 stomp.
Falls flat in loss to Astralis
April 4, 2017
FNS only managed a 10/21 KD in CLG's loss to Astralis on Day 1 of the StarSeries Season 3 Finals.
With CLG getting off to such a nice start to the game, it seemed as though they were poised to get the win here. But then FNS happened. Throughout the later parts of the game, he couldn't seem to keep himself together as CLG were picked apart. He posted a game-low 44.3 ADR, showing that he really didn't even have a hand in much of this game. If CLG has any hope of making it out the round-robin, FNS needs to step up at least a little bit.
Leads team to series split
March 9, 2017
FNS earned a 36/45 KD for CLG in a series split versus Misfits at the ESL Pro League on Thursday.
FNS got off to a great start in Game 1 with an early lead over Misfits in the first half until the comeback from Misfits shortened the lead to 8-7. Much like the first half, FNS led his team to a soaring second half until Misfits thrashed for an overtime comeback. FNS remained confident on the defense and closed out Game 1 19-17 with a 16/26 KD followed by a 47.6 ADR. Game 2 FNS had a slow start on the offense, unable to penetrate the Misfits defense for a 10-5 deficit. However, FNS sparked for a quad kill on the second pistol round defending the A bombsite. FNS sparked the momentum for seven rounds won before being stopped 16-12 with a 20/19 KD and a team-leading 87.6 ADR.
Leads the 1-1 split
February 23, 2017
FNS led his team to the 1-1 split Tuesday versus Luminosity earning a 35/37 KD at the ESL Pro League.
FNS got his team off to the right start on cache with the high-powered offense that was able to cleanly open the sites without many casualties. FNS' defense was not up to par as he struggled to hold off the offense for a 16-10 loss. Map 2 seemed to be promising despite the early deficit; however, FNS came alive late in the second half to hold off the offense for another 8-7 lead. FNS was a big contributor in opening up the sites and giving his team as many rounds as possible, although the early second half was highly contested. Eventually, FNS and team busted out for a four-round win streak to take Map 2 16-14, contributing a 24/15 KD followed by a 76.6 ADR.
Rejoins Counter Logic Gaming
January 11, 2017
FNS has rejoined Counter Logic Gaming, the organization announced earlier today.
After TSM signed two new players to their roster, two players were let go. One of those players was FNS, who was left teamless after playing for the organization for some time. His departure from Team SoloMid came at a good time for him, as Hazed had just left CLG, leaving a spot on the team's roster open for him. As a result, he has rejoined his former home, bringing a veteran presence to the young talent of CLG. FNS is excited to join the team and stated that he is confident that he can "help make this team more dangerous than it was with our original roster."
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