Aaron Ward 
Troubling performance in elimination loss
July 5, 2018
AZR picked up a 56/64 KD in Renegades' 2-1 loss against BIG on Thursday at ESL Cologne.
AZR started things out well enough in this series but just couldn't keep up the production. On Dust2, he had a couple blistering rounds where he picked up a 3k and stopped BIG dead in their tracks. This was enough to get a 16-13 win in Game 1, but then everything fell apart. BIG came alive and Renegades simply fell apart. They pushed the game into OT on Inferno in Game 3, but that was about the only thing they could do in this series during the final two games.
Stumped in 2-0 series loss to Fnatic
April 22, 2018
AZR posted a 38/46 KD on Friday in a 2-0 series loss to Fnatic in the Group C decider match at DreamHack Masters Marseille.
AZR quickly saw the dark side of their 3-0 lead in the first half go in the hands of Fnatic, who won ten straight before Renegades could respond. AZR then was able to secure the remaining two rounds to secure the 10-5 half, but a slow start in the second resulted in a Fnatic four round streak. Eventually, the streak ended and Renegades pressed on for seven rounds, thanks to AZR's Round 26 triple kill hold on the A-bombsite, but it wasn't enough to force overtime in the 16-13 loss. The series then landed on Cobblestone where AZR had a great 5-2 start but then gave up round in the mid rounds for a 9-6 deficit. The momentum killer still lurked in the second half with only two rounds against in the 16-8 loss, handed an early exit in France.
Edges Mirage for the win
April 19, 2018
AZR posted a 26/18 KD on Wednesday with a 16-12 win over TyLoo in the Group C elimination match at DreamHack Masters Marseille.
The Group C elimination match was a rather hefty start for AZR on the T-side of Mirage, as the two teams traded rounds in a highly contested manner. AZR helped stay hot on the trail of TyLoo, who reached their eighth round of the half, but AZR was quick to settle with an 8-7 deficit, thanks to his triple kill to secure the half. The contest continued through the second half, where the Renegades economy was stable for AZR and co. to secure the remaining three rounds for the win, posting a 90.0 ADR and 1.38 rating.
Lights out on Train
April 15, 2018
AZR picked up a 40/37 KD on Tuesday in a 2-0 series sweep over NRG in Week 6 of ESL Pro League Season 7.
The week began on Train where AZR led his team through both halves with a 22/11 KD and a 111.1 ADR to claim the series lead 16-5 in the opener. However, NRG came to play on Inferno as AZR's offensive first half saw a 6-0 deficit right out of the gates. A few rounds would go the way for AZR but it wasn't enough the reduce the deficit in the 11-4 half for NRG. AZR's CT-side was much better has he contributed to 11 straight to reach match point. Although NRG came rallying back to pick up four straight to secure the overtime rounds, AZR, and co. went on to pick up tow round in each of the overtime halves to secure the 2-0 sweep, despite posting a team-low 18/26 KD and 58.2 ADR.
Lights out on Mirage
April 7, 2018
AZR gathered a 40/24 KD on Tuesday in a 2-0 sweep over compLexity in Week 5 of ESL Pro League Season 7.
AZR had a brilliant performance in the first half of the CT-side to sweep the half with 15 rounds, including his quad kill in Round 9 for the retake to continue the dominating lead. AZR lead the leaderboard with a 19/8 KD and 93.7 ADR in the 16-3 win. The series moved to Inferno were AZR continued his reign on the T-side to help pick up the 3-0 lead. compLexity contested but AZR kept his composure and continued to push through the defenses for a 10-5 half. Despite a little bit of a hiccup in the second half, AZR further extended the lead in Round 21 with a crisp triple kill. compLexity contested with everything they had but AZR walked away with a 21/16 KD and an 85.1 ADR in the 16-10 win.
Edges CLG for the win
October 20, 2017
AZR would go 30/18 on Friday, Day 1 of DreamHack Open Denver with a 16-14 win over CLG.
AZR had a slow start with a 3-0 deficit early on, but the tides would turn soon enough. In Round 4, AZR would help pick up the first defensive rounds of the half on the Renegades buy round. Both teams would trade rounds, but ultimately AZR would punish CLG for the remainder of the half to shut down the B-bombsite and take the 11-4 lead at the half. Another slow start to the half would go in favor for CLG, who would win 10 rounds on the defense to put AZR and the team on their toes. Although AZR couldn't get past the defense of CLG for the majority of the half, a few entry kills would help his team have wiggle room to edge out five rounds in the half to take Cobblestone 16-14. AZR would contribute a team-leading 88.3 ADR in the win.
Solid performance in 1-1 split
September 30, 2017
AZR topped Thursday with a 53/31 KD in a 1-1 split with OpTic Gaming in ESL Pro League Season 6.
A 7-0 start for AZR didn't phase him as he got the ball rolling in Round 8 with a double kill to pick up the first round on Cache. From there, OpTic managed to get one more round for the defense, but AZR got the entry kills needed to settle the half 8-7. AZR had a blitzing second half for the defense to win nine straight to close out the 16-8 Game 1 win, posting a firm 24/11 KD and 97.8 ADR. In Game 2, AZR started off with a 3-0 deficit but only a couple of rounds could be in return as OpTic took off with the lead 7-2. AZR came rallying back holding off OpTic's offense for several rounds won getting the aggressive kills for the early advantage. Down 8-7 at the half, AZR got the entry-kills needed to stay alive in the second half, taking the late 14-13 lead, however, the team came up short of a win with a 16-14 finish. AZR led the team with a 29/20 KD and 95.1 ADR in Game 2 of Train.
Leads the way with blistering performance
September 5, 2017
AZR finished Renegades' win over compLexity Gaming on Tuesday in the ESL Pro league with a 52/24 KD.
While USTILO was the solid jab, AZR was the haymaker right hook in this series against compLexity. He had a huge hand in continuously resetting compLexity's economy in the first game of the series with very strong overall play. He had a 23/5 KD in the first half of the game alone before finishing with a 30 bomb. He started off somewhat slow in Game 2, as they were down 5-0 at the start, but then things turned around in a big way. He and Nifty came on strong and started to shut things down with a 15-round streak to eventually come away with a 16-7 win.
Unstoppable on the offense
September 1, 2017
AZR gained an impressive 22/12 KD on Day 1 of DreamHack Masters Malmo with a 16-7 win over Virtus Pro.
AZR had a slow but clean start to Cache on the offense with a contribution to a 6-0 start. In Round 7, AZR followed the team with a late rotation to the B-bombsite and picked up a double entry kill and a bomb plant in a 1-vs-1 to come out on top with the round secured. In the following round, AZR forced a defensive save with a double entry kill into the B-bombsite followed by a plant to secure the 8-0 lead. The remainder of the half, AZR picked up several entry fags to help secure the 14-1 half lead. AZR had a rough start in the second half and a quiet one as well, but contributed to the two rounds won on the defense to secure Cache 16-7.
Quiet in series 2-0 loss to NRG
June 8, 2017
AZR contributed a 40/47 KD on Wednesday in the final week of the Esports Championship Series Season 3 with a 2-0 series loss to NRG.
AZR had a quiet first half in the only few rounds won, but he did contribute to the five offensive rounds won for the 10-5 deficit at the half. A slow offense couldn't get past the NRG defense, who continued their dominance in the second half. AZR began to pick up kills and rounds slowly, but the efforts weren't enough in the 16-11 Game 1 loss on Cache as AZR posted a 16/21 KD and team-low 51.9 ADR. A slow start in the first half of Game 2 resulted in a 6-0 deficit to start. However, AZR inflicted a lot of damaged taking the bombsites by storm late in the first half to retake the lead up 8-7. AZR seemed to find his groove as he started the second half on the slower side but snapped back to reality to force the overtime rounds. The overtime rounds were not enough for AZR to carry his momentum as he fell 19-17 earning a 24/26 KD and an 82.8 ADR.
Does nothing in second half of lopsided win
May 3, 2017
AZR posted a 15/10 KD in Renegades' 16-5 win over Vici Gaming on Wednesday at IEM Sydney.
AZR was fairly consistent in this game, even if he didn't contribute a ton in the second half. He started things off with a double kill and bomb defuse in Round 5 to stop an early run from Vici Gaming. Defusing seemed to be his main goal, as he notched another double and defuse in Round 12. He closed out his somewhat strong first half with a 3k in Round 13 that included a nice 1-vs-2 clutch. Moving into the second half, he only managed a single kill. Despite his lackluster performance, Renegades were able to lock up the 16-5 win to keep their tournament hopes alive.
Winning duels doesn't lead to win
May 3, 2017
AZR put up an 11/18 KD in Renegades' loss to FaZe Clan on Wednesday at IEM Sydney.
AZR didn't manage to put up any consistent play at all in the first half, which is why they went into the break down 12-3. He did pick up a 3k in Round 13 to get his team that third win, but it was far from enough to do anything to stop the roll that FaZe was on in this game. Moving into the second half, AZR showed some nice patience in Round 17 to win a 1-vs-1 against kioShiMa to pick up a fourth round. FaZe went on to win the next three rounds, though, giving Renegades its first loss of the group stages.
Series of miscues leads to loss
December 15, 2016
AZR put up just a 13/21 KD in Renegades' loss against Ninjas in the Pyjamas on Day 1 of the ELEAGUE Major Qualifier.
AZR didn't put up the best of performances here against NiP. He started off respectably with a big 3k in Round 3 to get Renegades on a small run, but then they fell apart in the rest of the half. However, when the second half started, they got back on track a bit. AZR contributed with a double in Round 17. His worst moment of the match came when he had two players of NiP flashed, but seemed to walk into the area far too casually and was easily killed. It was moments like these that would ultimately define his series in the worst light possible. There was a clear disconnect between the team and they couldn't stop NiP.
Leading the team to map win
November 26, 2016
AZR helped lead his team to a win over Cloud9 posting a 15/23 KD in Group B of DreamHack Winter 2016.
AZR had a great first half performance in Renegades' win against Cloud9. He secured the seventh round with a double kill to extend the lead to 6-1 in favor of Renegades early on. With a few major trade kills in the first half, AZR helped his team secure an 11-4 lead going into the half. However, a slow start in the second half resulted in Cloud9 getting six rounds on the Aussie defense. AZR quickly got the momentum for Renegades started as he took Round 22 with a triple kill on the B-bombsite to secure the 12-10 lead. Cloud9 came back with a few rounds of their own getting Renegades to a tied record 13-13. However, Renegades came back on map point to close out the map due to AZR's double kill on the A-bombsite to force Cloud9 to run out of time and take the map 16-14.
Poor play dooms Renegades in second half of Game 2
August 30, 2016
AZR put up a poor 38/51 KD in Renegades' two losses to Cloud9 on Monday.
AZR just seemed to be a bit flatfooted all series long against Cloud9 on Monday. His rotations were off and his sprays never really found their target most of the time. He did manage to outgun autimatic and Stewie2k in the first game, but was sorely outgunned by the other three members of C9. His entry frags also left much to be desired, as he was just 2/4 on those. His lone highlight in that opening game was a double that he picked up in Round 10. He started off the second half of Game 2 pretty strong with the SMG as Renegades rattled off six straight to take a 14-7 lead. But then C9 remembered what they were doing and went on an overall 12-2 run to take the game 19-16 in OT. During those last rounds, AZR was just flat out bad, getting picked off left and right almost every round.
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