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Falls apart as Renegades crumble against BIG
July 5, 2018
USTILO tallied a 50/69 KD in Renegades' 2-1 loss against BIG on Thursday at ESL Cologne.
USTILO started well enough in this series with a 19/20 KD when his team picked up a win on Dust2. He even managed a couple nice plays, featuring a 3k to shut down BIG at the end of the first half. They went on to win 16-13 before the wheels completely fell off the wagon here. BIG completely took over and picked up wins in the next two games to take the series. They did well to take out B.O.O.T.-d[S] on Wednesday, but against formidable competition, they simply couldn't stand up.
Leads team in loss
October 22, 2017
USTILO tallied a 42/40 KD in Renegades' sweep at the hands of BIG in the semifinals of DreamHack Denver.
USTILO tried his best to get his team the win in this series, but it just wasn't enough. He came up with some sneaky flanks to win a few rounds in the first game, yet they didn't fine the wins needed to lock up the win. He was quiet for some of the second game, but he found a nice 3k in Round 20 that helped them stabilize after losing a bit of ground. They simply fell apart as a team in this second half that ended up losing them the series.
Comes up big for Renegades in sweep
September 5, 2017
USTILO tallied a strong 41/34 KD in Renegades' 2-0 sweep of compLexity on Tuesday in the ESL Pro League.
USTILO was always in the conversation during this series against compLexity. He may have had some less than stellar moments, such as when he died to a well-placed Molotov early in Game 2, but he was strong as a whole. He locked down sites with relative ease and used his AWP to find some icy kills throughout the series. He had some help from AZR, but make no mistake about his guiding hand during his team's 15-round streak in the second game on Train.
Quick on the entry
September 1, 2017
USTILO picked up a solid 25/17 KD in a Renegades win over Virtus Pro 16-7 on Day 1 of DreamHack Masters Malmo.
USTILO contributed to the pistol round win with a double-kill hold on the post-plant to secure the A-bombsite. He then went on to win the following round with a flawless A-bombsite triple entry kill to secure the 2-0 lead. A few entry frags and rounds later, his quick triple kill on the B-bombsite crushed the economy of his opponents with a 5-0 lead. The following round, USTILO picked up two entry kills through the middle to claim the 6-0 lead. USTILO continued to pick up frags to create odd-man situations early to allow his team to pounce on a bombsite, which resulted in a 14-1 lead at the half. USTILO finally secured the map win for Renegades in the second half with a huge 1-vs-2 post-plant situation to grab the double kill and defuse 16-7.
Short of a win in sweep
June 8, 2017
USTILO posted a firm 49/39 KD in the final week of the Esports Championship Series Season 3 on Wednesday with a 2-0 series loss to NRG.
USTILO earned the first pistol-round win of Cache, but the celebration quickly ended as USTILO couldn't find the firepower in the early stages of the first half to keep the team in the game. He did manage to pick up a few rounds for the offense but closed the half down 10-5. The second half was a bit slow at the start, but USTILO began to earn his kills and hold off the defense for six rounds, although the offense dominated for the 16-11 Game 1 loss as USTILO posted a team-leading 25/14 KD and 93.3 ADR. Game 2 USTILO had a dismal start, unable to penetrate the defense early. After a 6-0 deficit, USTILO came back swinging on the offense to overrun the defense of NRG and take the lead at the half 8-7. USTILO then struggled in the early rounds of the second half but began to slowly pick up the pace and eventually force overtime. The extra rounds never favored USTILO and he came up short of a win as NRG closed the series 2-0, with USTILO posting a 24/25 KD and 76.4 ADR.
Incredibly dominant in desperation win
May 3, 2017
USTILO posted a ridiculous 31/9 KD in Renegades' win over Vici Gaming on the final day of the group stages at IEM Sydney.
USTILO was on top of his game in this elimination game at IEM Sydney. He opened with a double in Round 2 loss as they got off to a bit of a slow start. Once they got into a groove though, there was no stopping him. His double entry frag on a crossfire in Round 10 was a big boost to his team in the round. He finished up the half with a 3k in the final round to end the half nicely. Going into the second half, he was even better. He started with a quad kill in the pistol round as he started creeping close to his 30-bomb. He picked up another 3k to keep Renegades moving right along in the win. While they took a few more rounds than they would have liked in the game, they still locked up the 16-5 win.
Gets no follow up from his team in lopsided loss
May 3, 2017
USTILO posted an 11/17 KD in Renegades' tough loss to FaZe Clan on Wednesday at IEM Sydney.
USTILO was a bit off in this game against FaZe on Wednesday, but he was still one of the best on his team. He opened up the map with a quad kill in the opening pistol round, but his team still lost the round. That was perhaps a sign of things to come, since a 4k from a player should be more than enough to win a round. Renegades went on to win just three rounds in the entire first half, which put them at a huge disadvantage and unable to really get into a groove. He added in another two kills in Round 17 to get a fourth round win for his team, but that proved to be the last one they got in the game.
Can't sustain early strong play
December 15, 2016
USTILO could only muster a 14/20 KD in Renegades' loss to Ninjas in Pyjamas on Day 1 of the ELEAGUE Major Qualifier.
USTILO wasted little time getting going here against Ninjas in Pyjamas with a double in Round 2. As Renegades started to falter, it became hard for anyone on the team to get many kills against the strong front of NiP. USTILO still pitched in some doubles even in round losses to show that, at the very least, he was trying his best to help his team in it. But as the game went on, his contributions fell off a cliff. He only had one kill in the final five rounds of the half as Renegades just seemed to lose all sense of cohesiveness. NiP just played an overall better game that eventually downed Renegades 16-9.
Offensive power proves win
November 26, 2016
USTILO earned Renegades a win over Cloud9, posting a 28/19 KD in Group B of DreamHack Winter 2016.
USTILO had a great performance against Cloud9 in their best-of-one series, putting up a team-leading 100.8 ADR. USTILO rocked the first half for Renegades as he contributed to their 11-4 lead at the half. He managed to pick up a double entry kill onto the A-bombsite as well as a bomb plant in the fifth round securing a 4-1 lead early. He then picked up a triple kill in the 11th round playing aggressively in mid to take map control and the round. However, USTILO had a slow start on defense in the second half before taking Round 23 with a kill and defuse to give Renegades a 13-10 lead. He contributed to Renegades breaking the tie in Round 27 with a double kill on the A-bombsite retake to put the team within two rounds of a win. However, Cloud9 had poor time management as Renegades close out the map 14-16 by running Cloud9 out of time.
Very strong with AK in losing effort
August 30, 2016
USTILO finished Renegades' 2-0 sweep at the hands of Cloud9 on Monday with a 47/47 KD.
USTILO was very strong for Renegades despite what the final scoreboard says for this match. He started off the series with an amazing highlight play early in Game 1 during Round 4. He secured a huge ace in that round, which included a clutch 1-vs-2 that saw him pick off the final two members of C9 as they were actively defusing the bomb. He fell off a bit towards the end of this game, though, as Renegades were taken down 16-12. Game 2 was USTILO's time to shine. He ran with the AK almost exclusively in this game, and was incredibly strong with it. He posted game-highs in KD (29/25), ADR (92.6) and HLTV rating (1.19). Only problem was that he and Renegades let C9 storm back with a 12-2 run in the second half to force OT and win 19-16.
Doesn't help much in series split against OpTic
August 26, 2016
USTILO posted a 27/40 KD in Renegades' 1-1 split with OpTic Gaming on Thursday.
USTILO had a bit of a quiet series against OpTic Gaming on Thursday. It was incredibly telling that his best game was in the loss they took to OpTic in Game 1. There, Renegades had a terrible T-side, finishing the half down 2-13. While they did mount quite the comeback in the second half, the lead for OpTic was just too large and Renegades lost 16-13. USTILO ended the game with a 15/21 KD. The second game was even worse for USTILO, as he ended with a subpar 12/19 KD. Outside of a nice flank play in Round 5 to secure the 5-0 lead, he couldn't provide much help for his team. In spite of his lack of contribution, Renegades still took the game and split the series.
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