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Sidelined due to injury
May 12, 2018
Mo has been sidelined due to an injury outside of the game with bottle taking his place in the meantime, according to a report from
After placing top-four at IEM Sydney, the 28-year-old unfortunately injured himself on his electric scooter, receiving a femoral neck fracture from the accident. Doctors have notified Mo that he will likely need surgery, which meant he would be absent from any upcoming matches for an indefinite time.
Does what he can in tough loss
July 4, 2017
Mo tripped his way to a 10/17 KD in TyLoo's loss against North on Tuesday at ESL Cologne.
Yet another tough loss for the Chinese underdogs. They got off to a nice start, with Mo pushing them ahead in the early rounds. He picked up a double in the opening pistol round that kicked off the 5-1 start for his team. Once they got there, however, things began to go downhill in a hurry. North started to wake up, and Mo was unable to help his team stop the Danes. He had no contributions to speak of from Round 13 to 20, which just crushed his team and eventually left them with a 16-6 loss and an 0-2 record on the week.
Early spark not enough to close over MVP
April 9, 2017
Mo earned a 24/24 KD on Thursday in an OT loss to MVP Project in the StarSeries Season 3 Finals.
Mo had a slow start on Thursday against the Koreans of MVP Project in a tough loss in overtime, earning a 24/24 KD and 67.3 ADR. After losing the pistol round, Mo came back in the second round picking up a kill and an assist to hold off the offense for a 1-1 tie. However, Mo struggled to hold off MVP's offense in the following five rounds for a 1-6 deficit. Mo's 1-vs-2 clutch in the next round sparked the life in TyLoo, who went on to win six rounds in the half down 8-7. After being down three rounds in the second half, Mo contributed to a comeback of five rounds to edge the lead over MVP 13-12. Mo put up five kills in the next two rounds to reach map point, but MVP came back to force overtime. Mo contributed to one overtime round won in the 19-16 loss.
Big in Key rounds despite loss to Gambit
April 6, 2017
Mo posted a 15/21 KD on Wednesday in TyLoo's loss to Gambit in the StarSeries Season 3 Finals.
Mo had a solid start to the day picking up the pistol round with a quick push into the B-bombsite. Mo followed the next two rounds with similar play, picking up an opening and trade kill to give TyLoo the early 3-0 lead. However, Gambit struck back for a massive six-round win streak to take the lead 6-3. Mo was unable to get past the defense, getting shut down in 1-vs-1 situations and misplays. Mo came back to even the score with a change of style towards the A-bombsite, holding the post-plant with ease. But TyLoo came up short of an 8-7 score at the half, and the momentum began to fall early in the second. Mo found himself unable to hold off the offense of Gambit with only a few kills picked up in the first three round deficit. Mo contributed to the comeback that came up short of a map win as TyLoo fall 16-13, earning a 15/21 KD and 61.0 ADR.
Mo deaths, mo problems
April 4, 2017
Mo only put up a 15/23 KD in TyLoo's loss to SK Gaming on Day 1 of the StarSeries Season 3 Finals.
Mo put on a pretty lackluster performance in this series against SK Gaming to open up the week. Particularly, he struggled to get out of both TACO and felps' way all match long. He was 1/4 against TACO and 4/7 against felps in the game. This is especially alarming due to fact that those two SK players can't seem to string together strong performances to save their lives. If Mo can't outplay those two, there's a problem. It's one that he will surely want to solve soon, as TyLoo needs to start winning to make it out of the round-robin.
Lackluster in defeat against Immortals
November 17, 2016
Mo earned a poor 18/29 KD in his team's defeat at IEM Oakland.
Much like many of the other members on TyLoo, Mo had a rather poor performance against Immortals. Throughout the entire match, he seemed to struggle to find his aim, resulting in multiple round losses that should not have occurred. After being dominated during the first half of the map, somebody and AttackeR began picking up the slack for TyLoo, but Mo remained at the bottom of the scoreboard. Even though his team was able to carry him to overtime, he couldn't find his shot, resulting in a 17-19 defeat to start off their IEM Oakland run.
Tough day as the AWPer
November 17, 2016
Mo posted a 16/21 KD in TyLoo's group stage loss to Na'Vi at IEM Oakland on Wednesday.
Mo had a rather roller-coaster day against Na'Vi on Overpass. He picked up a few entry kills with the AWP in the first half, contributing to the 6-9 deficit at the half. However, in the second half, Mo helped get his team the early lead of 13-10 with a double entry kill onto the A-bombsite with the AWP to secure the 21st round. Mo was simply out-aimed in the following rounds, as they fell to Na'Vi 14-16.
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