Ethan Arnold 
United States
NRG eSports
Splits on Inferno
April 15, 2018
nahtE picked up a 43/33 KD on Wednesday in a 1-1 split against OpTic Gaming in Week 6 of ESL Pro League Season 7.
The first half of Mirage saw nahtE and his men earn the pistol and the following anti-ecos before OpTic rallied back to secure six straight for the 6-3 lead. nahtE remained red-hot on the frag as he picked up several holds and retakes through the first half to edge the first half with an 8-7 score. He then pressed on through the second have to win eight straight, leading the team with a 24/13 KD and 108.0 ADR in the 16-7 win. A smooth start on Inferno gave NRG majority control on the T-side where nahtE extended the lead 9-5 coming out on top of a 1-vs-3 post-plant situation, which led to the 10-5 half. A rather slow start from nahtE, despite winning three straight to open the second half, began to turn sour as OpTic came back with eleven rounds to secure the split with a 16-14 win on Inferno.
Unable to clinch the split in OT
April 15, 2018
nahtE went 36/44 on Tuesday in a 2-0 loss to Renegades in Week 6 of ESL Pro League Season 7.
nahtE had a rough start to the week with a poor performance on Train with only five rounds to show in the lackluster first half. The second half wasn't any better as nahtE was unable to serve a round for his team in the 16-5 loss, posting an 11/18 KD and 79.5 ADR. The series moved on to Inferno where his defensive abilities helped pick up six straight, including his Round 4 quad kill to hold the line on the B-bombsite. The first half was dominated by the defense, who took an 11-4 lead going into the second. However, the second half was all Renegades who won eleven straight against nahtE and co. to reach match point, but nahtE wouldn't go down without a fight and came right back to force overtime. Unfortunately, nahtE couldn't come out on top in the extra rounds only gain one round in each of the overtime halves for a 19-17 loss.
Unable to edge out Renegades
October 20, 2017
nahtE went 25/20 in a close 16-14 loss to Renegades on Day 1 of DreamHack Open Denver.
nahtE would start the series on Cobblestone for the offensive overhaul in the early rounds to pick up a 3-0 start. Renegades would pick up a couple of rounds, but nahtE would make sure to take Round 6 to keep a two-round lead. However, the offense ran out of momentum as Renegades would close out the first half on a massive defensive push to win nine straight and close the first half with an 11-4 score. nahtE had a slow start to the second half as Renegades contested early, getting the B-bombsite control to pick up a few rounds early. However, nahtE put up a strong performance on the defense in the second half to pick up 10 rounds over Renegades. Unfortunately, Renegades would pull away and eventually edged out Cobblestone with a 16-14 win. nahtE would put up a team-leading 92.7 ADR in the loss.
Playing on top his game
September 28, 2017
nahtE posted a 46/27 KD in CLG's 2-0 win over Immortals on Wednesday in the ESL Pro League.
nahtE was on top of his game in this series against Immortals on Wednesday. They smelled blood in the water against this struggling team and capitalized in a big way. nahtE never managed to top frag in either game, but he was still playing some his best Counter-Strike here. He led the game in HLTV rating in the first game with a 1.67 and stayed relevant all throughout the second game. More of this and CLG will be on their way to the playoffs.
Does it all for CLG in loss
May 27, 2017
nahtE managed a 49/35 KD in CLG's 0-2 loss to Immortals in the ECS on Saturday.
nathE was the only member of CLG to actually get anything at all going in the first game of this series. After 17 rounds, he was the only player on his team with double digits in the kill column, as he had a 19/14 KD at that point. With that in mind, it's no wonder that they were trounced 16-4. Game 2 was much closer, with nahtE once again playing on top of his game. He started off a bit slow with just two kills in the first three rounds of the game, but came on strong once the gun rounds went into effect. He ended the half with a massive quad kill in a round loss. A late double in Round 19 gave his team some hope, but they ended up coming out a bit short in the 16-13 loss.
Does it all for CLG in loss
May 24, 2017
nahtE picked up a 52/44 KD in CLG's 0-2 loss to SK Gaming on Tuesday in the ECS.
nahtE was on top of his game against SK on Tuesday and was the only reason why his team even got as close as they did in this series. He started off with a barely even KD of 21/20 on Overpass in Game 1, but he had the second-highest KD in the lobby at 9-6. He picked up multi-kills left and right in the game, including a nice 3k in Round 6 to keep his team even early on. He added in back-to-back triple kills in Rounds 14 and 15 to keep the score at the half fairly close. Even his strong play wasn't enough to stop the 16-10 loss, though. He was even better in Game 2 on Cache, even though his team lost. He tallied a stellar 31/24 KD, but it wasn't enough alone to get the win. He opened with a double in the pistol round as part of CLG's 3-0 start to the game, and then continued to pour in the kills even as SK started to stabilize. Even when his team went dark in the later rounds of the second half, he was right there racking up the kills. His 3k in Round 18 tied the game at nine rounds each and started an extreme back and forth from there until the end of regulation. Picking up more double kills in Rounds 23, 24 and 26, his team took a 14-12 lead late in the game. Despite his constant fragging presence, SK managed to bring it back and force overtime on their way to a 19-15 win.
Solid performance in big win
April 6, 2017
nahtE posted a KD of 16/7 in CLG's Wednesday win vs 5Power at StarSeries Season 3 Finals.
nahtE had a solid performance on Cobblestone, wracking up most of his 16/7 KD on the CT-side in the first half. While all of CLG excelled at shutting down 5Power's pushes, nahtE showed great positioning and awareness, tying teammates koosta and FNS with the fewest deaths in the game at seven. While an ADR of 69.2 was the lowest on his team, a big quadra kill in Round 14 stopped the brief spurt of life that came out of 5Power late in the first half, giving CLG everything they needed to dominate the game with a 16-3 win.
Quiet in loss to Astralis
April 4, 2017
nathE ended CLG's loss to Astralis on Day 1 of the StarSeries Season 3 Finals with a 10/18 KD.
nahtE continued his trend of playing pretty mediocre during CLG's opening match against Astralis. While it is true that they were up against arguably the best team in the world, they still need to be a bit more cohesive in their approach. The 6-0 start was nice, but then Astralis woke up and CLG had no answer. It's never good when four of your players end the game with negative KDs. Luckily CLG is up against 5Power Club on Wednesday, so they should be able to turn things around.
Quiet in split
March 9, 2017
nahtE posted a 46/47 KD against Misfits Thursday in a 1-1 split at the ESL Pro League.
nahtE was rather quiet in the doubleheader series against Misfits Thursday, earning his team a 46/47 KD and 147.8 ADR in a 1-1 split. Game 1 nahtE contributed to the early lead before Misfits penetrated his defense late in the first half for an 8-7 lead. nahtE managed to string together a few rounds, contributing with a 26/26 KD followed up by an 82.6 ADR. He managed to help his team overcome over time and take Game 1 19-17. Game 2 had a rocky performance from the start unable to get past the Misfits defense. Down 10-5, the second half seemed promising after a string of rounds played out, but fell short 16-12 after a 20/21 KD and 65.2 ADR to end with a split.
Unable to find momentum
February 23, 2017
nahtE struggled to earn his team a 27/42 KD in a 1-1 split against Luminosity at the ESL Pro League on Tuesday.
nahtE had a rather frustrating afternoon especially on Map 1 with the only contribution to the early win streak. He was unable to open the site up any longer as Luminosity came back for a round deficit in the first half 8-7. nahtE struggled on defense as well, able to hold off the offense for only two rounds as Luminosity took Map 1 16-10. nahtE came alive late in the first half of Map 2 to save the lead at the half 8-7. nahtE's offense proved to be worthy in the second half with a big contribution to the four rounds won to take Map 2 16-14 with a 17/21 KD as well as a firm 80.6 ADR.
The closer could close for CLG
December 19, 2016
nahtE earned CLG a 23/21 KD in their loss to Vega Squadron on Day 1 of the ELEAGUE Major Qualifier.
nahtE had a stellar first half starting in the third round with a double kill spray through mid map that gave the team an early advantage. After losing the fourth round, nahtE came back in the following to plant the bomb on the A-bombsite, but lost the round to a defuse. The team faced a crucial tie as nahtE capitalized for CLG securing the seventh round with a single kill. He also secured one more round in the half with a single kill that resulted in a 8-7 lead for CLG. After giving up four rounds in the start of the second half, nahtE won five rounds for CLG's comeback, including the final round CLG would close out. nahtE earned two or more kills in each of those five rounds despite the 16-14 loss on Mirage.
Never recovers from poor start
December 19, 2016
nahtE tallied a lackluster 7/23 KD in CLG's loss against Cloud9 on Day 4 of the ELEAGUE Major Qualifier.
nahtE got off to a pretty poor start in this game, as he only had a single kill in the first 10 rounds, while he managed to die in each one. He never found his groove and made it very hard for CLG to do much of anything in this game. He died in almost every single round as he always seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He picked the worst time to turn in a bad performance as CLG was eliminated with this loss.
Falters late in loss
November 10, 2016
nahtE finished CLG's loss to Team EnVyUs in Group B of Northern Arena Montreal on Thursday with a 11/18 KD.
nahtE got off to a pretty poor start to this game against EnVyUs. The pinnacle of his poor play in the first half came in Round 7 when CLG grabbed three early kills to make it a 4-vs-2. Not content to let his team have things easy, nahtE headshot his own teammate, hazed, which threw off their rhythm and led to a round loss. It was plays like these that plagued this lopsided loss that CLG took at the hands of EnVyUs. There are definitely some changes to be made before CLG plays in the elimination match of Group B.
Puts out major damage in win over TSM
November 8, 2016
nahtE posted a strong 45/26 KD in Counter Logic Gaming's 2-0 win over Team SoloMid on Tuesday.
nahtE didn't start out very hot against TSM in this series, but he certainly ended on the right foot. He grabbed four early kills in the first few rounds as CLG took a bit to get rolling in Game 1, but once they got into a groove, they handily took the game 16-10. He continued his consistent play into Game 2. He was never flashy, but just consistently great. His ADR in Game 2 of 109.2 was the highest across both games and just a testament to his staying power in this big sweep by CLG.
Still struggling to adjust with CLG
August 31, 2016
nathE posted a lackluster 35/43 KD in Tuesday's 1-1 split series with Selfless.
nathE had a pretty quiet first half in Game 1 on Cobblestone against Selfless. While he managed to die the least of everyone on Selfless, that was just due to his lack of aggression. He lost a poor 1-vs-1 in the second half where he just shot and shot at the enemy and couldn't find the kill. He then picked up a key kill to start off Round 30 that ended up forcing OT. CLG dominated the OT rounds and took the map 19-15. nathE had a much worse time on Dust 2, but then again, so did all of CLG. nathE's troubles started when he made a weird push to try and 1-vs-2 from a pretty disadvantageous position. He did have some singular shining moments, though. He grabbed matching doubles with koosta in Round 15 to somewhat salvage the half and also got a 3k in Round 16, but still lost the round to a mitch jump shot with his pistol. Their game on Dust 2 was just flat out bad, as they lost 16-5 to split the series.
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