Yassine Taoufik 
Ghost Gaming
Joins Ghost Gaming
February 10, 2018
The organization has announced the completion of their roster with Subroza.
Ghost Gaming has completed their roster in due time for ESL's roster lock for the upcoming ESL Pro League Season 7, which is set to start February 13th. Subroza has been seen playing for several North American teams, such as ACE Gaming and CLG. His time with CLG was rather short, as he joined in August of 2016 but exited after just six months with the team, only acquiring a first-place finish in the IEM Oakland qualifier over NRG. Since CLG, Subroza has been flying the FRENCH CANADIANS banner, who recently qualified for the latest North American Minor, but was unable to attend after all. Now, Subroza will gear up as the team will be taking on the ESL Pro League starting on Tuesday.
Leaves CLG
February 14, 2017
Subroza has decided to leave Counter Logic Gaming, reports Preston Dozsa of theScore esports.
After joining CLG six months ago, Subroza has taken his leave of the team. Citing personal reasons, Subroza said that he hopes to return to the professional scene as soon as he can. CLG saw mixed success during Subroza's tenure with the team. They didn't make it to many high-profile tournaments, and their best result was a 5th-place finish at ECS Season 2. Former team captain hazed will be filling in for Subroza while the team seeks out a replacement.
Quick start to bad finish
December 19, 2016
Subroza posted a 23/22 KD in CLG's loss to Vega Squadron on Day 1 of the ELEAGUE Major Qualifier.
Subroza started the day with a double entry kill onto the A-bombsite that secured the pistol round. He then gave his team the 3-0 lead after a double kill to secure the third round. Although they lost three straight rounds, Subroza got his team a bomb plant in the seventh round to boost their economy for the following round. However, the team failed to capitalize on the bomb plant round but managed to break the tie once again thanks to Subroza's double entry onto the A-bombsite with the AWP to allow for another bomb plant. He then followed up the next round with a double that gave CLG two rounds over Vega Squadron 6-4. A couple rounds later, Subroza further extended that lead to 8-4 after a triple kill early in the 12th round. Subroza managed to secure three rounds for CLG in their late comeback on Mirage in the second half, with two or more kills in each, closing the match with a 16-14 loss.
Tries to carry in loss
December 19, 2016
Subroza posted a 17/21 KD in CLG's loss against Cloud9 on Day 4 of the ELEAGUE Major Qualifier.
Subroza had himself a nice pistol round in this game, as he got a double that eventually led to a bomb plant to keep their economy somewhat stabilized. He added in another double in Round 3 and a big quad kill in Round 5 to take a 3-2 lead. As the game progressed, Subroza certainly did his part. The only problem was that they had three players who were in single digit kills after 18 rounds. Accordingly, they lost the game and are now eliminated from the qualifier.
Continues to struggle in loss
November 10, 2016
Subroza ended CLG's loss against EnVyUs in Group B of Northern Arena Montreal on Thursday with a 9/19 KD.
Subroza was the best player on CLG for most of the first half, but that wasn't really saying much. His team could never seem to get on the same page and looked to be a step off when compared to the well-oiled machine of EnVyUs. He posted the second-lowest ADR of the lobby in the extremely lopsided loss.
Regresses in split with Selfless
August 31, 2016
Subroza posted a terrible 25/43 KD in a 1-1 split with Selfless on Tuesday.
Subroza was unable to do much with his pistol in the first half, which was to his disadvantage since the economy was heavily shifted towards Selfless in the first half. He was still pretty poor on into the second half. It didn't help that they were forced into a bunch more eco-rounds in the half. His aim just wasn't quick enough to stop the almost full buys from Selfless all half long. Regardless of his start, he notched a double kill to force OT and played really well in OT to take all four rounds and win 19-15. CLG really managed to put themselves in a big hole in the first half since they were far too predictable with their rotations and strategies on the T-side. Subroza didn't do much to help, as he fell victim to the same problems the rest of his team did, as they were downed 10-5.
Still not gelling with CLG
August 26, 2016
Subroza went 30/43 in Friday's 0-2 loss to C9.
Early returns on Subroza are worrying. He had a couple sloppy peeks punished hard, and he challenged Skadoodle's AWP several times for no apparent reason, getting picked off cleanly every time. He should get the benefit of the doubt, seeing as how CLG only just brought him on, but it's worth monitoring if his poor play continues. It seemed like he was constantly CLG's mouse caught in C9's trap, stranded in tactical crossfire. Hopefully, his game sense and team chemistry improve.
Joins Counter Logic Gaming
August 17, 2016
Subroza has signed with Counter Logic Gaming, Sasha Erfanian of theScore reports.
Subroza makes his way to CLG after battling through a two-week gauntlet during the team's tryouts. He comes to CLG after just recently helping ACE Gaming come out on top at DreamHack Montreal. CLG Captain, Hazed, is very confident that the addition of both Subroza and nahtE will be a huge boon to the team's future prospects. Everyone will see exactly what this new CLG squad is made of when they take on OpTic Gaming in the qualifying stages of SL i-League NA.
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