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Does his part in a rough loss
July 5, 2018
Nifty went 70/62 in Renegades' 2-1 loss to BIG on Thursday that eliminated them from ESL Cologne.
From start to finish in this series, Nifty was a heavy contributor to Renegades' offense at every moment. He led the team to a win on Dust2 with a 26/19 KD, and stayed hot with KDs of 18/18 and 26/25 in Games 2 and 3. Even in the losses, he was following up jkaem with some solid plays that gave Renegades a fighting chance here. In the end, though, there wasn't enough help from the rest of his team in this one and then were bounced without a thought from BIG.
Secures the win on Mirage
April 19, 2018
Nifty earned a 22/19 KD on Wednesday with a 16-12 win over TyLoo in the Group C elimination match at DreamHack Masters Marseille.
The match on Mirage was a highly contested battle across both halves as Nifty did what he had to go through the first half to remain in the competition. The two sides traded rounds before TyLoo went on to secure their eighth round of the half, but Nifty didn't let the Chinese-based team off that easy. Nifty came out on top in Round 14 with a triple-kill clutch in the post-plant to secure the round, which led Renegades to complete the half with an 8-7 deficit. The second half saw another contested start and the two sides once again traded rounds, but this time it was Renegades to retain the lead and the map, thanks to Nifty sniping down three on the A-bombsite hold.
Unable to best Na'Vi in loss
April 18, 2018
Nifty posted an even 16/16 KD on Wednesday in the 16-4 loss to Natus Vincere in Group C at DreamHack Masters Marseille.
Nifty got off to a comfortable start on the CT-side to secure the pistol and the following two anti-eco's. However, his parade was quickly rained upon as Na'Vi came right back to tie the game and eventually secure the lead. From there, Na'Vi claimed their dominance as Nifty fired back with everything he had. As a result of the 11-4 half, Nifty continued his struggles in the second half as he was unable to claim a single round in the loss, posting a 92.6 ADR.
Secures the sweep on Inferno
April 15, 2018
Nifty posted a firm 40/29 KD on Tuesday in a 2-0 sweep over NRG in Week 6 of ESL Pro League Season 7.
Nifty started the week leading his team through a contested beginning on Train after taking the 3-0 lead on the CT-side. Eventually, his team managed to break the economy of NRG which allowed how him and his squad to take the first half 10-5. Nifty continued to press on into the second half, winning six straight to take the series lead. However, Nifty got a taste of his own medicine at the start of Inferno as he was faced with a 6-0 deficit right from the beginning. Only four rounds were claimed on his T-side as he faced a huge deficit going into the second half, however, when the sides switched so did the momentum. Nifty found the momentum needed to pick up eleven straight to reach match point, but NRG contested with four of their own to force overtime. Nifty started the overtime rounds with two straight before NRG responded with two over their own, but Renegades outlasted NRG to secure the last two for the series sweep.
Leads the way in sweep
April 7, 2018
Nifty posted a 30/21 KD on Tuesday in a 2-0 win over compLexity in Week 5 of ESL Pro League Season 7.
Nifty was perfect through the first half of Mirage on the T-side as he led his men for a 15-0 lead going into the second. A small glimmer of hope came to coL in the second half but Nifty kept his marbles together to secure the 16-3 win. The series then went to Inferno on the T-side for Nifty as he continued his passive-aggressive approach to secure the first half, 10-5. Despite a slow start in the second half, Nifty was able to flip the rounds with a stable economy to pick up the remaining sixth round to claim the series sweep with a 16-10 win, posting a 15/14 KD and 65.4 ADR in the Inferno win.
Late surge in Game 2 not enough for the win
October 22, 2017
Nifty finished Renegades' 0-2 loss to BIG with a 40/38 KD in the semifinals of DreamHack Denver.
NIfty had plenty of flashy plays in this series, but it was never enough to really keep moving towards a win. He was hitting snipes through walls in the first game, but it didn't give them far enough consistency to lock up the win. The second game was more of the same as he was dominating early on with his AWP. Much like the first game, however, these big plays weren't nearly enough as BIG stormed back from the win.
Snipes down CLG
October 20, 2017
Nifty earned a solid 26/21 KD on Friday, Day 1 of DreamHack Open Denver with a 16-14 win over CLG.
Nifty would start the series on Cobblestone for the defense and take a 3-0 deficit early on. However, in the buy round Nifty got the AWP and picked CLG for the Round 4 win. From there, it was a massive defensive hold for the remainder of the half as Nifty would shut down the B-bombsite for the 11-4 lead. Going into the second, Nifty would start slow but managed to pick up the early offensive rounds to come close to map point. Although CLG picked up ten defensive rounds on the shattered Renegades economy, Nifty would then come back to help close out the remaining rounds for the 16-14 win, posting an 84.4 ADR.
Nifty plays in Game 1 win
September 30, 2017
Nifty posted a solid 50/32 KD on Thursday in a 1-1 split with OpTic Gaming in ESL Pro League Season 6.
Nifty started the series with a rough first half appearance on Cache for the offense in a 7-0 deficit early. However, in Round 8 the game turned around as Nifty contributed to the first round win. From there, Nifty got the opening kills with the AWP to have a strong comeback to settle the half with an 8-7 deficit. In the second half, Nifty dominated with the AWP picking up kills after kills to lead the team with a 24/14 KD and 107.4 ADR to win nine straight to claim Game 1 16-8. A repeat from the start of Game 1 resulted in a 3-0 deficit early on, but a Round 4 win helped the team get on the board. Nifty struggled to pick up the AWP as OpTic's offense was too much to handle with a 7-2 score. Finally, Nifty got the AWP in hand to hold off OpTic to settle the half 8-7. A solid start on the offense didn't last long as OpTic came right back to break Nifty's economy. With little utilities to help, Nifty managed to get two key opening kills on the A-bombsite to take the lead 14-13. However, the team came up short giving up the last three rounds for a 16-14 Game 2 loss.
Starts slow, finishes strong
September 5, 2017
Nifty finished with a 29/26 KD in Renegades' 2-0 win over compLexity Gaming in the ESL Pro League on Tuesday.
Whereas jks was at least consistent in his quietness in this series, Nifty was pretty much all over the place. He had no kills in the first seven rounds of Game 1 even though his team was up 6-1 at that point in the game. Even when he started to put kills on the board, they were pretty inconsistent, to say the least. To his credit, he had a couple nice rounds, such as his double on the AWP in Round 24 of Game 1 that put them closer to victory and some nice rotates in Game 2 to contribute to the 15-round streak. When they face more formidable competition, however, he'll need to step up his game a bit.
Quiet in first-half sweep
September 1, 2017
Nifty contributed the 16-7 win over Virtus Pro with a 12/13 KD on Day 1 of DreamHack Masters Malmo.
Nifty got off to a clean start, picking up the post-plant kills to secure the 3-0 lead. Then, picking up the AWP in Round 4 paid off with an entry and a post-plant hold to secure the round. For a majority of the half, Nifty picked up several opening kills to help weaken the bombsites for easy access. His Round 12 double entry kill into the A-bombsite shut down Virtus Pro's momentum after winning its first round of the half, breaking the economy of the Poles. Nifty then cleaned up the final round of the half with a kill in the 2-vs-1 on the B-bombsite to secure the 14-1 half. Nifty had a slow start to Cache in the second half but eventually got the AWP to shut down the B-bombsite execute with a frag in the 16-7 win.
Not enough to force the draw
June 8, 2017
Nifty composed with his 48/42 KD on Wednesday in the final week of the Esports Championship Series Season 3 with a 2-0 series loss to NRG.
Nifty had a quick start to Cache but quickly showed signs of frustration as he was unable to win rounds that should have went his way. Nifty did help contribute to a few rounds won here and there, but the offense was exhausted as the offense of NRG took the first half up 10-5. The second half belonged mostly to NRG, who kept their lead solid throughout the half. However, Nifty did have a short run on the defense to hold off the offense for a few more rounds, but NRG closed out the half 16-11 earning a 16/19 KD and 59.7 ADR. Nifty had a terrible start to Game 2 on Cobblestone, unable to get past the defense of NRG for a 6-0 deficit early. However, Nifty had been just a tad quicker on the rifle taking out his opponents in the late rounds for the odd-man advantage, which eventually led to an offensive comeback up 8-7. The second half was all NRG until the late rounds once again until Nifty pounced and forced overtime. Unfortunately, the overtime rounds weren't enough for the draw, and Nifty earned a team-leading 32/23 KD and 76.6 ADR.
Uses AWP to boost Renegades to win
May 3, 2017
Nifty ended Renegades' 16-5 win over Vici Gaming on Wednesday at IEM Sydney with a KD of 12/7.
Nifty took a bit to get going in this series, but he contributed fairly well once he got into a groove. He got no kills in the first six rounds of the game, but then notched a double kill in Rounds 7 and 8 to get Renegades on the right track. He picked up his AWP in Round 10 and secured the round with a ridiculous double kill in a 1-vs-2 clutch. An entry frag in Round 11 kept Renegades moving right along in what ended up being a 13-0 run that spanned both halves. In that second half, he showed some great resolve and patience to secure a frantic retake in Round 17. He wrapped up the map with a double in Round 20 and 3k in Round 21 to wrap up the 16-5 win. Renegades live to see another day and will play in the next round of this Swiss group stage.
Slow start dooms Renegades in loss
May 3, 2017
Nifty posted a 9/17 KD in Renegades' loss to FaZe Clan at IEM Sydney on Wednesday.
Nifty got off to a slow start in this game against FaZe Clan to open up their IEM campaign. He didn't tally a single kill until Round 10 where he picked up a double kill to give his team their second round of the game. That ended up being just one of three rounds that Renegades picked up in the first half. While he did manage to pick up some more kills and not end up at the very bottom of his team, he still never found much of a groove in the loss as the Australians were dismantled.
Nifty joins Renegades
April 1, 2017
Former Selfless Gaming member has announced via Twitter that he is now a member of the Australian roster.
Just a day ago the organization trailed Uber and was there for their final appearances in the ESL Pro League for Renegades in a split 1-1 versus SK. Now, former Selfless Gaming member Nifty has been announced on stream by the owner, Ryu, that Nifty has been successfully transferred to Renegades as the main AWPer. Selfless is now left with three active players on the roster. Renegades member USTILO tweeted that the team will travel to Serbia to boot camp soon, though the team has yet to announce their fifth.
Scorching hot with the AWP
October 16, 2016
Nifty put up a 35/35 KD against Liquid in a 1-1 split on Thursday.
Nifty wasn't able to get rolling with the AWP on Train, since Selfless' economy quickly faltered, but his AWP was one of the biggest reasons Selfless were able to pull off the upset on Mirage. He poured in a ton of entry frags, constantly earning Selfless the numbers advantage, and a lot of his shots were high degree-of-difficulty looks, too. The first map was a massive outlier against a stronger opponent, however, so it would be ill-advised to bank on Nifty to suddenly become the next kennyS for the rest of his career.
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