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Completes active roster for YeaH!
June 8, 2018
YeaH! have picked up young Brazilian talent shz to complete their roster, the Brazilian organization announced.
The 20-year-old had a short stint with Immortals, where he helped the team through ESL Pro League, ECS, and WESG Brazil. shz has been on the lookout for a new home to represent after being left without a team following the departure of three teammates to Virtue. Now, shz will continue to help YeaH! compete through ESL Brazil Premier League with the season coming to a close in the coming weeks.
Wears white and blue once more
December 22, 2017
The North American organization has announced the return of shz to the active roster.
The Brazilian will make a return to his former team after a brief time on the Immortals roster, which later announced at the start of the year that the organization is temporarily dropping out of Counter-Strike to "evaluate [its] position in the scene." The last notable offline appearance by shz was the semifinals at iBUYPOWER GameFest in Costa Mesa in early August. He then went on to place 7-8th at DreamHack Open Denver two months later.
Officially signs with Immortals
November 7, 2017
Immortals have revealed on their website the signing of shz from Tempo Storm.
Immortals have now confirmed the signing of shz to replace boltz on the active roster, who recently joined SK on a loan-term basis. With boltz future more than likely signing with SK Gaming after helping the team win EPICENTER, and seen actively practicing with the SK squad. Although no official statement has been made regarding this situation, shz will make his first debut for the team in the Brazilian qualifiers for WESG Americas, which will conclude on Friday.
Likely to sign with Tempo Storm
August 7, 2017
shz is now set to join Tempo Storm along with the former members of paiN Gaming, reports Jarek "DeKay" Lewis of Slingshot Esports.
After just joining the paiN Gaming roster five days ago, shz is now set to join Tempo Storm along with his teammates. The news comes after the paiN members finished 5-6th at the Americas Minor, however, unfortunately losing two of its players to Luminosity Gaming. Since then, shz and teammate destiny have filled the void giving the team some more fire power up front. It is uncertain if shz will have to drop back to ESEA Open or be granted a Premier spot to qualify for the ESL Pro League Season 6 immediately. shz has not made an official comment.
Inconsistent in loss
June 7, 2017
shz posted a 19/38 KD in Luminosity Gaming's sweep at the hands of Team Liquid in the ECS on Wednesday.
shz was off from start to finish in this series on Wednesday. He started with a poor performance in Game 1 where he went just 6/17. This was more due to his team's overall poor play than anything he did wrong, though. They looked lost all game long, which showed with their 16-1 loss in the game. He was a bit better in Game 2, but even that was short-lived. LG started with a 3-0 lead, but once the gun rounds came into play, LG fell by the wayside. shz tried to help, but he only managed a 13/21 KD in the 16-9 loss that sealed their fate.
Strong Game 2 isn't enough for series split
May 27, 2017
shz put up a 27/36 KD in LG's sweep at the hands of SK in the ECS on Saturday.
shz was at the bottom of his team in the tough Game 1 loss that LG took to open the series. He started off with a double kill in Round 3 for his first kills of the game, but put up just four more kills in the rest of the first half. While LG did try and mount a comeback in the second half, it was marred with small miscues that ended up being their doom. One such miscue came in Round 20 where they took far too long to get their setup going, which led to the time running out without getting the bomb down. SK made the most of these mistakes with the 16-14 win. Going into Game 2, shz was actually at the top of his team early on, but that wasn't saying much since they basically limped coming out the gate here. He did get a quad kill in Round 4, but that was pretty much it as far as nice plays for him in this game that SK took handily 16-4.
Solid day against CLG
February 23, 2017
shz earned his team a 32/36 KD in a 1-1 split against CLG on Tuesday at the ESL Pro League.
shz had a slow start on Map 1 looking to flight back from the large 7-1 deficit. shz didn't find his groove until late in the first half with a defensive comeback down just one round 8-7. His performance in the second half rose to the occasion as he put up a 19/15 KD followed by an 83.4 ADR to close Map 1 16-10. Map 2 started well for shz, getting the opening kills to an early lead but quickly getting shut down for an 8-7 deficit at the half. shz defense was strong in the second half until the last four rounds where CLG rolled for a four-win streak to take Map 2 16-14.
Thorn in side of SK Gaming
November 11, 2016
shz went 44/49 on Friday in a 0-2 loss to SK in NA ECS group stages.
shz had a decent Dust2. He punished fer for pushing carelessly through a smoke at Mid Doors in Round 5, and shut down a rolling fnx in Round 14. In Round 17, caught out by a Molotov that pushed him to 4 HP, shz miraculously found a 2k peek onto the A site when all of SK were in position to deny him. shz had a decent showing on Dust2, but a terrific performance on Cobblestone. His three fast kills in Round 8, all headshots, put SK in full eco mode and pretty much guaranteed that LG would make the half tough for SK.
Joins Luminosity
September 12, 2016
shz has signed with Luminosity Gaming, reports Annabelle Fischer of theScore esports.
Not content to continue with the recent subpar results at big tournaments, Luminosity has picked up shz and SHOOWTiME to try and change their fortunes. shz will be a bit of an unknown addition to the team, as he has yet to play for a team of Luminosity's caliber. He last team, Remo Brave e-Sports, was much, much smaller. He did lead that team to victory at the most recent Brasil Game Cup 2016, though. In the grand finals of that tournament, he posted a 70/45 KD, showing that he's got some great potential to help right the ship for the Brazilian squad.
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