William Sundin 
Officially joins Fnatic
June 18, 2018
Fnatic has completed the signing of Ninjas in Pyjamas backup, Draken, the Swedish organizations have confirmed.
The 22-year-old will step into the void left by Golden, who was sidelined from the team nearly a month. The changes come following the disappointing run at the ECS Season 5 Finals in London, where the team was sent packing in the group stage. draken has been venturing the market for potential options as the AWPer helped NiP secure wins at DreamHack Open Valencia as well as IEM Oakland in his 15-month tenure with the team. The new Fnatic lineup will make their first appearance at ESL One Cologne, which is set to run from July 3-8.
Open to offers for contract
June 8, 2018
draken's contract is now up in the air as Ninjas in Pyjamas are open to offers, HLTV.org reports.
Ninjas in Pyjamas will not hold back on the potential transfer of draken's contract, who, after departing the active roster, "has expressed his wish to continue playing soon in another team," HLTV.org has learned. It is unclear if NiP has already received offers for the Swedish AWPer, who helped NiP advance to the playoffs at IEM Katowice and at StarSeries i-League Season 5, his last event with the team. draken's contract is still tied to NiP and will be released from his duties when his contract has been bought out or until it expires.
Moved to substitute role
June 7, 2018
draken has been moved to the team's substitute role, the Swedish organization has announced.
The move comes as a result of differences within the team, and in a statement, the team's coach pita explained that NiP has been unable to "find the right mix" regarding specific roles within the team. It is unclear what the future holds for draken; however, a recent report from DBLTAP suggests that the 22-year-old will remain with the team to potentially return. draken will miss the upcoming CS:GO Asia Championship in Shanghai, and very well may not participate in the Europe Minor Closed Qualifier for the FACEIT Major.
Perfect on Inferno
April 15, 2018
draken went 36/36 on Thursday in a 1-1 split against North in Week 6 of ESL Pro League Season 7.
The series started on Nuke where NiP picked up the first half with a 12-3 lead, however, a rather quiet performance from draken began to get worse as the second half was all North to come back and contest the lead. Despite NiP reaching map point, North fired back to for the overtime rounds, where draken was unavailable through the four rounds in the 19-15 loss. draken saw a much better improvement on Inferno where the first half was all draken getting the entry-kills needed to take the 11-4 for the T-side. The second half was a slower start but draken eventually reach map point by sniping down three on the B-bombsite hold, which led NiP to the series sweep on the back of draken's 23/13 KD and 97.4 ADR.
Finishes the day with split
March 21, 2018
draken sniped for a 39/35 KD on Tuesday in a series split for the Ninjas in Pyjamas against Heroic in Week 4 of ESL Pro League Season 7.
draken made Inferno his playground after his CT-side featured him hitting his shots with ease as a result of an 11-4 half. Draken continued his reign with his 1.31 rating to help NiP secure the series lead and the map 16-6. The series moved on to Train, where draken was on the wrong side of the 7-0 start for Heroic. He began to get his whits together towards the end of the first half that resulted in an 11-4 finish; however, the momentum carried over in the second half, where draken had a stronger economy. The economy allowed draken to have the AWP in hand more often to help reach match point, but Heroic fired back to force the extra rounds. Unfortunately, draken was unable to win more than one round in overtime, and as a result, Heroic took the split with a 19-16 win.
Late on the comeback
December 9, 2017
draken gathered a 27/19 KD on Tuesday in a 16-14 loss to NRG in the ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals.
draken started on Overpass on the other side of the 3-0 deficit early on. However, a Round 4 triple kill with the AWP finally got the team on the board, but NRG continued to apply the aggression and shut down draken for four more rounds against. Finally, draken was able to pick up the AWP once again and win a few rounds in the first half to settle the score 9-6 going into the second. The second half started well for draken, who picked up several entry-kills on the fast offense to win the pistol and two anti-eco rounds. Although NRG contested and advanced into map point, draken didn't give up and marched back on the offense for three straight before being outlasted in a 16-14 loss, posting an 83.3 ADR along the way.
Snipes down the Danes in win
November 14, 2017
draken gathered a 20/17 KD with a 16-11 win over Astralis on Tuesday in Group A of IEM Oakland.
Down 3-0 to start on Overpass, draken finally got on the board in Round 4 with a post-plant hold to secure the first round of the half. He continued to dominate the entry position and eventually getting his hands on the AWP. From there, he would lead the first half 5-3 until Astralis decided to create chaos up front. draken then picked off Astralis one-by-one to get the bomb plant, but the Danes came back to steal a defuse. The first half ended with an 8-7 score in their favor. Going into the second half, draken finds himself in a 1-vs-3 post-plant situation and manages to pick up a double and smoke-off the defuse to secure the second pistol round. The second half was dominated by the defense giving draken plenty of money in the bank to hold on the AWP to secure the 16-11 win.
AWP shut down in Game 2 for the win
September 28, 2017
draken went 41/39 on Wednesday in a 2-0 win over G2 Esports in ESL Pro League Season 6.
After a dismal first-half lead lost late in the half 8-7, draken picked up his game and got the entry frags to help win rounds in the second half. Gaining ground over G2, draken picked up a double entry frag with the AWP on the B-bombsite in Round 20 to ensure the two-round lead. However, G2 took advantage of a broken NiP economy and took some rounds back to come close to overtime. Nevertheless, draken pulled away with the win after picking up the opening kill to take Nuke 16-14. Game 2 draken had a very slow start that eventually turned into a couple of rounds won, including his Round 10 double entry frag into the B-bombsite to secure the round. Down 12-3 at the half, draken held down the A-bombsite with the AWP to win thirteen of fourteen rounds to silence G2 16-13.
Lights out on AWP in series win 2-1
September 2, 2017
draken superb on the AWP posting a 70/57 KD on Day 2 of DreamHack Masters Malmo with a 2-1 win over Gambit.
draken started the series on Cache with a blitzing first half on the offense to rip the Gambit defense for a dominating 13-2 win. However, draken couldn't get anything doing on the defensive side with a broken economy to give up 11 rounds before reaching map point. With Gambit forcing overtime, draken closed out Game 1 with a triple entry kill on the A-bombsite to secure the 19-16 win. draken then had a solid Game 2 start on the offense with a Round 11 deny on the defensive retake on the A-bombsite with a triple kill. draken contributed to the 9-6 score at the half, however, Gambit had momentum in the second half to take a 14-10 lead. Although in Round 25, draken saved the NiP economy in a 1-vs-2 clutch to secure the round to spark the comeback and force overtime. draken struggled in the extra rounds being out-played for a 19-17 Game 2 loss. With a slow start to game 3, draken had a hard time finding the frags in the first half despite taking the lead late 9-6. The second half was all dominance on the defense with draken's AWP to secure the series 16-7.
Release the Kraken
August 30, 2017
draken tallied a 19/11 KD in his team's 16-8 win against FaZe Clan on Day 1 of DreamHack Malmo.
draken was consistently one of the strongest players in this game. He never seemed to really dominate rounds, but instead was always there with kills in most rounds. His main claim to fame in the game was his opening kills. He picked them up pretty easily from start to finish and it was such a huge boon for NiP the whole time. His performance would have been even more impressive had f0rest not been playing out of his mind in the game.
Slow starts doom NiP
July 8, 2017
draken put up a 45/53 KD in Ninjas in Pyjamas' loss to Cloud9 on Friday at ESL Cologne.
draken's slow starts in the first two games of this series ended up being a bit of a detriment to his team in the end. While they managed to grab the win in Game 2 despite his anemic early game performance, the slow start contributed to their downfall in the first game. That initial game ended up being a big deal since all of NiP simply failed to show up in the final game of the series that sent them packing. NiP will certainly feel proud about the quarterfinal appearance, but will have things to work on going forward.
Strong finish in Game 2 vs G2
June 8, 2017
draken earned a solid 49/40 KD in the final week of the Esports Championship Series Season 3 on Wednesday with a series draw with G2 Esports 1-1.
draken had a slow start on the defense of Cache, taking a 5-0 deficit early; however, he finally got some momentum going with a Round 6 win. After contributing to a few rounds won, draken was then able to get his hands on the AWP to help close out the first half 8-7. draken had a firm start in the second half of Cache, winning the pistol and the two anti-eco's up 11-7. However, draken's offense began to get contested, and he was unable to get past the G2 defense for a dismal nine rounds loss in the second half 16-12, posting a 28/19 KD and an 85.4 ADR. Game 2 draken remained composed throughout the dominant 6-0 start on the defense, though draken fell off once later in the first half as the offense of G2 overran draken's AWP for an 8-7 lead at the half. draken then got back into form in the second half to take down G2 16-11, posting an even 21/21 KD and 94.1 ADR.
Strong display on the AWP vs Astralis
April 20, 2017
draken earned a 39/36 KD in Tuesday's draw with Ninjas in Pyjamas in the ESL Pro League Season 5.
draken picked up a few kills in the early 2-0 lead over Astralis before the Danes took the second anti-eco 2-1. draken then sniped down three on the A-bombsite for the defense to take the 3-1 advantage. draken remained consistent on the AWP to hold off the A executes for a 9-6 lead at the half. However, draken was shut down in the second half, only able to contribute to three rounds won for a 16-12 loss, earning the team a 17/18 KD and 73.6 ADR. draken put up a big display in the first half of Cache on the offensive side, opening the A- and B-bombsites to take a massive 6-0 lead early. Astralis came back to shut down draken and his AWP to take the lead 8-7. The second half draken had a slow start but pulled some rounds together on the defensive side to regain the lead, shutting out the offense in the late rounds for a 16-12 Game 2 win. draken earned a solid 22/18 KD and 89.5 ADR on Cache.
Unable to edge G2 in loss
April 12, 2017
draken posted a 33/40 KD on Wednesday in a 2-0 loss to G2 in the ESL Pro League Season 5.
draken had a great start to Game 1 on Cobblestone, taking the first two rounds; however, the Frenchmen came back to corral the first half for an impressive 11-4 lead. The second half draken was able to work some rounds against G2 on the AWP, holding off for six rounds in the second half but falling short of a win. draken earned himself a 15/22 KD and 56.9 ADR in the 16-10 Game 1 loss. Game 2 draken started well on the defensive side, shutting down the offense for a quick 4-0 lead. G2 managed to scramble some rounds out late in the first half for a 9-6 lead as draken was stumped on the eco rounds. draken tried to pierce through the defense in the second half; however, the team was unable to gain ground on G2 for a 16-9 Game 2 loss on Train. draken earned an 18/18 KD and 66.9 ADR during the Game 2 performance.
Solid on AWP over VP
April 8, 2017
draken earned a 15/9 KD on Thursday in a single series won over Virtus Pro in the StarSeries Season 3 Finals.
draken started on the defense for NiP on Nuke, crushing his opponents to a commanding 16-5 win on Thursday while posting a 15/9 KD and an 80.4 ADR. draken started off fighting back to take the pistol round after the offense fled to the B-bombsite for a plant that was later defused in the smoke thanks to draken's fighting off VP with a kill. Draken racked up a few more rounds on the anti-eco by stopping the A-bombsite executes. Once the economy was stable, draken picked up the AWP to shutdown VP playing outside to prevent any pushes to A or the lower B-bombsite. Draken held off VP for an explosive first half up 11-4. In the second half, draken contributed to opening up the A-bombsite as well as gaining quick access to the lower B-bombsite picking apart VP one-by-one outside. Draken surged on the offense for a 16-5 win to close Nuke 2-1.
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