Nikolaj Kristensen 
Falls out on Cache
April 7, 2018
niko went 32/32 on Wednesday in a 1-1 split against Natus Vincere in Week 5 of ESL Pro League Season 7.
Train was an awkward start for niko as the young Dane was faced with a task to come back from a 6-0 deficit. The buy round did wonders for Heroic to get back into the thick of things when niko picked up sever key kills to stop the Na'Vi aggression on the A-bombsite. He also served well on the information gained on the B-bombsite to prevent several plants. His efforts allowed Heroic to turn the lead in favor of the Danes' to edge the half, 8-7. niko seemed comfortable through the second half as he picked up a 15/13 KD and 73.8 ADR in the eight straight for the 16-7 win. niko trailed at the start of Cache but the rounds began to become more contested as both teams traded rounds. niko helped Heroic stay within contention in Round 9 by sniping down three to sweep the A-bombsite. However, that would be most of niko in the first half when Na'Vi sailed away 10-5 going into the second. The second half was once more contested but niko was unable to find more pixels and settled for a tough 16-14 loss in the series split.
Quiet in series split
March 21, 2018
niko went 30/42 on Tuesday in a series split against the Ninjas in Pyjamas in Week 4 of ESL Pro League Season 7.
The series start on Inferno did not go well for niko and co. as the first half was dominated by NiP with a 6-0 start. Despite the slight comeback towards the end of the first half, the momentum did not carry over, as niko's 10/17 KD and 57.3 ADR was all he could put in the 16-6 loss. The series flipped, and so did the momentum, as niko exploded in the first half of Train on the CT-side as the Danish lad contributed to seven straight. niko began to lose a few rounds towards the end of the half, resulting in NiP gaining confidence and carrying it over to the second half. niko struggled to hold off the defense of the Swedes, who forced match point; however, niko followed the fast pace to force the extra rounds. He then continued to hound the CT-side of NiP and pick up two rounds in both halves to take the split 19-16.
Unable to conclude in second half
December 2, 2017
niko posted an 18/19 KD on Friday in a 16-11 loss to Natus Vincere at DreamHack Open Winter.
niko contributed to the quick offensive start on Overpass picking up several entry-kill through the pistol and anti-eco rounds to solidify the 4-0 advantage. Na'Vi finally got on the board in Round 5 and continued to pounce to cut the lead 4-3, but once the economy returned to niko, the rounds went the other way. Four rounds were picked up by niko with the slow play and post-plant holds to take the 8-3 lead. However, Na'Vi picked up four of their own to bring the game back 8-7 at the half. Going into the second half, niko struggled to hold off the aggressive offense by Na'Vi to only pick up three rounds against in the 16-11 loss, posting an 87.6 ADR along the way.
Strong defense to hold SK
September 30, 2017
niko earned a solid 21/10 KD on Friday with a 16-5 win over SK Gaming in Group D of ELEAGUE Premier.
niko had a blitzing start in the first half of Train for the defense taking a massive lead over SK Gaming 7-0. Crushing SK's uncharacteristic peeks and miscommunication, niko continued to thrash the SK offense in Round 12 with a quad kill clutch on the B-bombsite to take the lead 10-2. SK managed to pick up two more rounds after, but niko closed out the first half with an 11-4 score at the half. The second half was all the offense as niko ripped through the SK defense only giving up one round in the second half for a 16-5 win on Train, posting a team-leading 104.7 ADR.
Game 2 dominance in sweep
August 23, 2017
niko gathered a 38/36 KD in the 2-0 win over HellRaisers on Tuesday in ESL Pro League Season 6.
niko started Game 1 with a 4-0 start on the defense with an opening double-kill hold on the A-bombsite. From there, the first half was all defense as niko's accuracy was keen in holding off HellRaisers' attempt to take either bombsite. There were several rounds where niko picked up two or more kills, which gave the team the early advantage in most rounds. After the 10-5 lead, the second half was controlled by entry kills and post-plant holds that elevated the team to a 16-8 win, posting a 16/17 KD and 90.4 ADR. Game 2 niko got the entry kills during the mid game, which allowed the team to crawl back into the action, finishing down 8-7 at the half. An active start to the second half with a triple-kill hold on the A-bombsite in Round 18 tied the game early on; however, HellRaisers brought the heat on the offense. Down several rounds, niko stepped his game up and held off the offense with multiple kills in each round won to edge HellRaisers 16-14.
Consistency isn't enough to lock up win
May 7, 2017
niko ended Heroic's 2-1 loss to Misfits on Sunday at DreamHack Tours with a 61/57 KD.
niko had his moments in this series against Misfits, but it just ended up not being enough. He got off to a nice start with a 4k in the pistol round that Heroic used to push out to a nice early lead. As the game progressed, he peppered in kills here and there, but in the end it wasn't enough as Misfits forced overtime and stole this game away. In the quick Game 2, niko got his team off to another nice start with a quad kill and bomb plant in Round 3. This time, his team was able to fully build upon that lead and pick up the win to take this one to a Game 3. That Game 3 ended up being a bit of a nightmare for Heroic, as it could never take much control over the game. niko did his best to try and push Heroic ahead with doubles in Rounds 5 and 9, but Misfits held a lead the entire time and simply outlasted Heroic to take the game 16-12.
Fails to bring the thunder in loss
May 1, 2017
niko was subdued with a 55/58 KD in Heroic's 1-2 loss against Immortals in the semifinals of DreamHack Austin.
niko was the low-man on the totem pole in this opening game against Immortals on Sunday. He got a double kill in Round 7 and Round 18, but that was about the extent of his positive contributions in the game. He never seemed to find his footing, but his teammates were on top of their game to allow Heroic to still pick up the 16-14 win. niko had the most kills for his team in the Game 2 whooping they received from Immortals, but it wasn't enough to get a win. They looked strong on the T-side, but their CT-side needs some extreme work. They only won two rounds in the half as Immortals picked up the 16-6 win. He was strong again in Game 3 with the most kills in the game for the second map in a row. He picked up a 3k in Round 3, but his team still lost the round, an omen of things to come. He did his best in the second half, posting a double on the M4 in Round 27 to bring his team within one round of tying things up, but Immortals recovered to take the map 16-13.
Strong performance in sweep of VP
April 20, 2017
niko posted a 38/21 KD in Heroic's 2-0 win against on Wednesday.
The lesser-known CS:GO player also named niko had a strong showing in this easy win over the formerly great VP. He started off a bit subdued in Game 1 on Nuke, where his team wiped the floor with their opponents. He only put up 13 kills in the game, but he managed to only die a game-low seven times, showing off some extreme survivability and resiliency. He also tallied a nice 3k to pick up the second pistol round and put Heroic up 15-1 in this very lopsided 16-1 win. He was much stronger and much more vocal with his kills in the next game on Train. He put up the second-most kills on his team with 25, while putting up some nice damage as well with a 96.5 ADR. His 3k in Round 14 helped push his team up to a 12-2 scoreline in the first half of the 16-9 win. While this would normally be seen as a big tentpole win, VP have been playing like shells of their former selves, which takes away a bit of the luster in this win.
Starts fast, but finishes slow in win
January 13, 2017
niko finished Heroic's win over LDLC in the Group A winners match at DreamHack Leipzig with a 16/18 KD.
niko did his part early on in this game against LDLC, but they got almost no support from valde and Friis in the first few rounds. This led to an 0-4 deficit early on. Once the team started putting some wins together, however, niko was nowhere to be found. He had just two kills between Rounds 6 and 12. He snapped out of his slump a bit in the following round with a double to take a 7-6 lead. The second half started off as a nightmare for Heroic, as they lost six straight before finally stabilizing a bit. But even once they stabilized, niko couldn't add much to the equation. He did get a nice clean up kill in Round 26 to help tie things up, which was all that Heroic needed to eventually push for the big win.
Strong play nets upset win over SK
November 18, 2016
niko ended Heroic's win over SK Gaming in Group B of IEM Oakland on Thursday with a 24/18 KD.
niko was pretty strong overall in this game. He started off with a double kill in Round 2, and then grabbed another double kill to make it a 4-vs-2 for Heroic in Round 5. In Round 12, he could have gotten a big triple or quad kill, but he only managed to get one kill before getting taken out. That was probably the lowest point in what was an all around great showing for the Dane. Should they be able to keep up this play through the rest of the tournament, Heroic could certainly do some damage.
Puts out some consistent damage in win over G2
November 12, 2016
niko finished up Heroic's win over G2 in the Group A winner's match at Northern Arena Montreal with a 22/24 KD.
niko was a bit subdued early on here on Nuke. He only picked up three kills in the first five rounds of the game, but he came on much stronger as the first half progressed. His 3k in Round 11 helped his team secure the round and take a 7-4 lead. He snagged a double in Round 13 in another big round win. While it was nothing too flashy for the rest of the half, niko still was a consistent presence for his team, picking up a kill in most rounds. It was just enough for Heroic to secure the 16-14 win.
Strong performance in win
November 10, 2016
niko ended Heroic's victory over Liquid in Group A of Northern Arena Montreal on Thursday with a 21/11 KD.
niko grabbed a double kill in Round 2 to help Heroic get off to a nice 2-0 start over the strong North American squad. He didn't do anything too dominating or flashy for the rest of the first half, but he put up enough kills to help his team go into the half up 9-6. He picked up the occasional double kill in the second half to grab a 16-7 win for his team.
Signs on with Heroic
October 24, 2016
niko will join Heroic after the team sold gla1ve to Astralis earlier Monday.
Heroic quickly pivoted after losing one of its co-founders, gla1ve, opting to bring in the newcomer, niko, who was playing with Tricked prior to the transfer. Despite being just 18-years-old, niko has shown some promise in his young career and has the potential to be a critical player in the coming years. The team will have just a few days to prepare, as they are expected to compete at the PGL Minor which takes place November 5-6.
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