Maikil Selim 
Officially signs with Cloud9
August 9, 2018
Golden is the newest member of Cloud9, the team announced Wednesday.
After standing in with Cloud9 during the ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier a couple weeks back, Golden has officially joined the roster full-time. He was last seen playing with Fnatic where he led the team to plenty of top finishes as the in-game leader. With Cloud9 looking to defend their title at the FACEIT Major in September, Golden is coming into the fold at the perfect time.
Moved to substitute role
June 18, 2018
Golden has been ousted on the active roster, following the addition of Xizt and draken, the Swedish organization has revealed.
The news comes as the team has been updating their roster with familiar and newer faces as Xizt and draken are now plugged in. After nearly a month after switching from the in-game leader role to entry-fragger, Golden has fallen off of his pedestal as a result from Fnatic's group stage exit at the ECS Season 5 Finals. Now, Golden will be assessing his options to find a new home as Fnatic are helping the 24-year-old back to action.
Defense crushes OpTic in win
December 17, 2017
Golden posted a 19/6 KD in the 16-2 win over OpTic Gaming on Friday at the ECS Season 4 Finals.
Golden slipped up in the opening round as OpTic took the pistol right from under him, however, the anti-eco rounds went in his favor to take the early lead. Golden remained composed on the defense of Cobblestone with several defensive holds on the B-bombsite to help with the 9-1 lead. Although OpTic did put up a fight to win one more round in the first half, Golden stayed strong to take a huge 13-2 lead. He then went into the second half with a fast offense to pick up a few entry-kills to sweep the second half of the win, posting an 84.2 ADR.
Nothing but golden in the loss
December 9, 2017
Golden tallied a 22/40 KD in the 2-0 loss to FaZe Clan in the semifinals of ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals.
Mirage started with Golden helping with the entry-kills to pick up the four-round lead after giving up the pistol. However, FaZe rallied back to even the score twice in the first half as Golden took the 9-6 deficit going into the second. Unfortunately, Golden had little defense that could put in a dent in the FaZe offense as he could only muster up one round in the 16-7 loss. Another contested start on Overpass came as FaZe Clan kept the score close but Golden stumped the FaZe offense in the late rounds to settle for an 8-7 deficit at the half. In Round 19, Golden broke the tie to earn Fnatic's last round win with an anti-eco ace on the A-bombsite as FaZe won seven straight to take the series sweep.
Stomped in loss to HR
December 9, 2017
Golden picked up a 17/19 KD on Tuesday in the 16-5 loss to HellRaisers in the ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals.
A 5-0 deficit on Inferno was the start Golden received on the defensive side as Fnatic struggled to hold off the well-executed HellRaisers. Finally, in Round 6 Golden contributed to the A-bombsite hold on the late rotation to earn the first round of the half. However, the HellRaisers offense proved to be a task to hold off as Golden was only able to pick up three more rounds throughout the remainder of the half for an 11-4 deficit. Another slow start in the second half resulted in only one round won for the 16-5 loss as Golden contributed an 86.2 ADR.
Struggles in win over Liquid
December 6, 2017
Golden tallied a 14/28 KD in Fnatic's double-overtime win over Team Liquid on Day 2 of the ESL Pro League Finals.
While Golden managed to help lead his team to a close win from his in-game leader role, he didn't help much when it comes to the kill department. He ended up going double negative in this marathon of a game, as he simply looked a bit unsure of his rifle the entire time. He was the only player on his team to field a negative KD, showing just how much poorer he was playing in this game from that standpoint. At the end of the day, however, he did lead them to a win with his solid strategies, which is certainly what matters most.
Unable to adapt against Astralis
October 10, 2017
Golden finished Fnatic's sweep at the hands of Astralis in the quarterfinals of the ELEAGUE Premier 2017 with a 28/38 KD.
Golden has been doing an admirable job trying to lead this Fnatic squad since he was brought up from the Academy team, but this was simply a tough matchup for him through and through. Astralis is one the best teams in the world, and dupreeh is an impeccable in-game leader. The Danish IGL brought out some fresh looks all throughout this series that Golden was simply unable to account for. He tried his best, but this team that is still looking for some cohesion couldn't stand up to what Astralis was putting out. Fnatic will no doubt get better as time goes on, but this was simply a rough matchup that they can certainly learn a ton from.
Led to first sweeping loss
October 3, 2017
Golden posted a 27/45 KD on Tuesday in a 2-0 loss to Ninjas in Pyjamas in ESL Pro League Season 6.
Golden had a rather rough start to the series with a 5-0 deficit early on the offense. However, Golden finally got things turned around in Round 6 and never looked back, with an explosive offense to win five straight to tie the game 5-5. Golden continued the streak to nine in a row, including his Round 14 triple kill on the A-bombsite to secure the last round of the half with a 9-6 score. In the second half, Fnatic had a better start winning the pistol, but NiP came rallying back and forced map point. With a three-round window, Golden closed the gap and forced the extra rounds but then failed to come out on top after winning just two rounds in the 19-17 Mirage loss. In Game 2, Golden struggled to keep his team together in the first half on the defense, suffering a dismal 12-3 score going into the second. The second half consisted of one offensive round won as NiP swept for the 16-4 win.
Quietly makes his mark in win
September 1, 2017
Golden set up the team with a win over EnVyUs 16-13, posting a 14/21 KD on Day 1 of DreamHack Masters Malmo.
Golden had a slow start on Cobblestone but gradually started to progress as the rounds continued. He was able to hold off a few rounds on the B-bombsite, controlling the drop area; even on the eco rounds, his single frags helped Fnatic win rounds. After the 9-6 deficit at the half, Golden picked up a few entry kills in the second half, but mostly stood strong on the post-plant scenarios. With a 3-0 start, Golden began to play looser, picking up a few more frags for the offense to win some rounds. Despite nV coming back to contest, Golden pushed through the defense to win three straight to end the game 16-13.
Rude awakening for the rookie
August 30, 2017
Golden finished Fnatic's defeat at the hands of Immortals on Day 1 of DreamHack Malmo with a KD of 17/21.
While Golden looked pretty strong last week during his first outing with Fnatic during the ESL Pro League, he looked a bit shakier here in a LAN setting. Immortals came out the gates hot, and Golden simply had no answer to the Brazilians' aggression. He stabilized in the second half and led his team to some nice strategies to come storming back to force a 30th round. In the end, they were just a bit short, however. They'll have another shot to stave off elimination later on Wednesday against Team EnVyUs.
Calls a great opening series for Fnatic
August 22, 2017
Golden finished Fnatic's win over BIG on Tuesday in the ESL Pro League with a 34/35 KD.
From the outset of this series, Fnatic simply looked like a different team. Whereas they have seemed to lack a certain level of cohesion over the last few months, they had it in droves here in this series. His strategies on the CT-side to open the series were something of a marvel, as they only allowed four plants by BIG for the entire first half. Things continued like this in the second half as Fnatic picked up the easy win. Going into the second map of Cobblestone, Golden didn't let up with the picture perfect set pieces and executes. They continued to basically do whatever they wanted in the first half of the game. BIG found their footing a bit in the second half with a few wins, but Golden still kept Fnatic on course and on the way to a 2-0 series victory. This was Golden's first showing as the leader of this squad, and he passed with flying colors.
Promoted from Academy roster
August 20, 2017
Golden has been bumped up to the main Fnatic roster, the team announced on Sunday.
With olofmeister transferring to FaZe Clan, a hole had been created in Fnatic's roster. It was a pretty large hole, as well, since olof was the in-game leader for the team. They've decided to give one of their Academy members a shot at the big time with the promotion of Golden to the main roster. This will be a perfect time for the young player to prove himself, as Fnatic is looking to breakthrough after some tough results of late.
Tries, but fails, to bring Fnatic back
January 14, 2017
Golden finished up Fnatic Academy's loss to LDLC in the losers match of Group A at DreamHack Leipzig with a 60/64 KD.
Golden put up consistent frags in the first few rounds of Game 1 in this series against Team LDLC. He snagged a double in Round 5 and a triple in Round 6 to tie things up. They would only win three more rounds in the rest of the half, but Golden surely did his part. One of his best moments of the game came in the second pistol round where he got two kills despite being left with just one HP. It was these kind of plays that helped Fnatic bounce back and actually take a 12-10 lead going into the later rounds of the half. Despite almost letting LDLC back into this one, Fnatic recovered to take the map 16-14. He didn't take too long to get back into the swing of things in Game 2 on Overpass, picking up a double in Round 3 to put his team up 3-0. He got a few more multi-kills throughout the half, but far too many of them came in round losses as LDLC came storming back. He made it a personal mission to try and bring his team back in the second half with some strong kills with great positioning and aim, but he just couldn't get much help from his teammates as they lost 16-8. Golden was a secondary character in the massive performance that Fnatic put on in the first half of Game 3 on Cobblestone. They would get a 12-3 lead in the half, with Golden being consistent enough to help his team. He was always there to rotate well and pick up the key kills needed. The cracks started to show in the second half, though, when LDLC won nine straight before Golden and Karus finally showed up again with matching doubles to inch closer to match point. That just wouldn't be enough to hold off LDLC though, as they continued to push and took down Fnatic 16-14.
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